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  1. iam sorry. either iam birtney, or iam a tough guy. make up your mind. iam not gonna sit alongside anyone who guestions what our gurus did, or who questions his rehat. iam not waiting for any dumb qeustions to be answered. i really am sorry for causing all this trouble, on here, on discoversikhi, or any other web site i might have been on. i dont know why i even bother, honestly, but this is it. you all can sit here and keep discussing, keep finding your answers, iam sorry for interrupting..... Guru maharaj sanu samat bakshan, tey naam daan di daat bakshish karan... Waheguru Ji Ka Kha
  2. its pointless to act like we wanna make our father proud on the internet, and then we go home and have no clue where a gutka is. he doesnt care about the vichaar a person does, he cares about the rehat he/she keeps. which is what we should all work towards...rehat....
  3. exactly, nobody has the answers to these typs of question, and guru ji even tells us, if we try an answer em, we will get nowhere. "sochaa soch na hovai jey sochi lakh //"
  4. here is another big big big big problem: we worry too much about what the damn global community thinks, and that is what is distracting us from our panth. "oh what will they say when i walk in with a turban on? "dude that girl is not gonna like me any more if i grow out my beard" "omg, did u see that dude in the long dress-like thing he was wearing, and that freakin knife hangin at his side, he looked like a terrorist!" "look at this freakin nihang, all hes worried about is freakin paath"
  5. yea because we know what waheguru ji would really look for right? come on people! banda paji, your never going to find that answer.... "sochaa soch na hovai jey sochey lakh //" instead of doing all this, why dont we just try and be like our guru? why the heck we gotta bring in all this crap as excuses to not taking amrit or not waking up in the morning and doing nitneam? why? these kinds of questions are excuses used by people who dont wanna take amrit, keep kesh, do nitneam.......blah blah blah, the list never ends......
  6. fine, i dont wanna argue either. just go ask you grandparents, and the rest of your family, and see the answer you get. yea....waheguru and guru gobind singh ji are the same...... ....if we read the granths, we would know...... and his sons and daugters arent limited to just amritdharis? really? dammit, i wish you were around to tell guru gobind singh ji that before he made khalsa, cause man, now i gotta do all this crap like wake up in the morning and read this dang gutka. if somebody would have told guru gobind singh ji that^^^maybe we wouldnt have to do all this siapaa we do now.
  7. ^^i sure cant tell from his recent posts, lol.
  8. charchi chand tav parsad gobindey mukandey udarey aparey, haring karing nirnamey akammey
  9. my definition? go ask that same question that i asked you to your mom, to your dad, to your grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone. and they will give you same answer. (man i seriously wish parents would start sending their kinds to punjab more often) its the same question thats in dharam yudh morcha, sant ji askes sangat that same question many times. i never said i was at a higher level then you or anything like that. my point is that if we dont follow in guru ji's footsteps, and take amrit, we would have to call our selves haramjadaa, so tell me now, are we haramjadaa?
  10. before i tell you where i got that from, lol, i already kinda have, but maybe you missed that, but yea, do you understand now?
  11. haramjada! and you can call me whatever you want, its not that iam getting offensive over britney, heck i dont care about that, i was just saying, there is time and place for jokes.
  12. ok, sometimes we should be serious bro. you asked question, and iam trying to help you out. dont make jokes. do you know what they call that person, just answer the question, yes or no? if yes, then lets hear it....
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