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  1. i found this to tell people what this granth is.. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=n2VE5fSamvU&...feature=related
  2. it was written by guru gobind singh, il giv u a link, but can any1 do any katha? http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Sarb_Loh_Granth
  3. i wish to learn more about this granth, can any1 help with any katha? pama
  4. i kno bhai harjinder singh nager wale hav done kirtan in the past from the sarbloh granth, but hav other people done kirtan from this granth? pama put up links if u kno...
  5. this is great Sikh's like this do exist, but i also learned sant jarnail singh bhindranwale knew it all aswell..
  6. i kno the sangat on this forum will download kirtan and shabads from the video web sites so am telling people how to then burn to dvd.. its proppa basic and simple i learned in a few days, with common sense.. first download save2pc.. http://www.save2pc.com then convert your download to dvd using sothink.. http://www.sothinkmedia.com/movie-dvd-maker ALL FREE.. fateh
  7. yes bruv, it does help as i wish to go, and get the strength from the guru jee as i got a bit ill b4 but hav got my 2nd chance through my treatment but need spiritual help.. fateh..
  8. dis sikh gyal knows wot she is talking about and it does help, so thank u very much, will try 2 quit.. fateh
  9. bruv iv had close family die 2 from drinking and i do go against that but i drink after every few months? is der a problem with that? fateh
  10. what happened to the sikh brother hood? no wonder we aint got our own homeland? my illness is no joke.. fateh
  11. ok am not guna chat <mod cut> but iv had the biggest blow 2 my life already (multiple sclerosis) where my own immune system was attacking my nerves by mistake and hav had my treatment and asked the main doctors if am fit to drink and these guys made the drugs and they said its safe..
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