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  1. GRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! so much pyar in this topic, hard to fynd such topics on ss nowadays but this is true sikhi!, without pyar things r just rituals. GRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
  2. okok now please let me clarify something first. I have not posted this to make ne singhs or singhniya angry but hope that the gursikh tht use this forum having read bani can aproach this problem with a calm attitude. Remember - Gurbani tells us to control our krodh. On the otherside though we are gursikh and yes they are not exactly "sikh" (hence i put enfasis on the word in title) tht doesnt mean we should dismiss it. We cant just blame them for their behvaiour and say tht stuff is gnna obviously gnna happen to people like tht because then many more singhniya will also fall to same fate. The problem first arises from lack of knowledge of sikhi. Our parents, im sure of many gursikh tht use this forum also are nt always gursikh. They tell the children insted "y not go party?" etc and apne youngsters say "u dnt listen to bangra or rap? OMG" etc. So i believe the best way to tackle this problem is to educate our society, which is y i have posted the direct website. Im srry if it may offend ne1 by putting a link to a site with such content but thers no way to stop under 18s etc to access it neway, and i wnt people to have direct knowledge an c for themselves. as a last note coz im really late for college now........ plz plz plz, for those hu do nt read bani and have nt experienced the sweetness of gurbani...the true sikhi.....plz do nt think having hatred towards mislims is ryt etc, that is nt sikhi. pull chuk maaf :WW:
  3. question: Do our kakkars go with us to our next life wen this body stops, or with u to sachkhand? just thought this would be a good topic and plus I got sick of playing vaja to the point where i got a hedache so i thought id make a new topic on ss
  4. ive herd bout this but every link i found sed tht the kirtan has been removed so if ne1 has got it can they plz make a link to it plz or upload it if u can, make sure link works :3singh3:
  5. WaheGuru Jee Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Jee Ki Fatheh waheguru....amazing neway, i believe this is the website of the gurdwara just mentioned http://www.sukhsagar.ca/ ull fynd thier contact no.s here and aswell as upcoming events for u to be able to meet gursikh sangat. good luck on ur journey in sikhi WaheGuru Jee Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Jee Ki Fatheh
  6. wot programs do u guys use to make the posters? flash?
  8. "sant baba" paman singh glasgow vale (aka pronta champion) has finally managed to upload some pictures taken at khalsa camp, sikhi camp ones comin out soon! http://www.flickr.com/photos/24459455@N03/ btw i had to do for him coz hes lazy baba
  9. ny thoughts exaclty, i mean air blow kissies?, if thats such a prob in ur life ryt now tht u had to make a topic u must lead an ideal life
  10. the story 1978 had mentions goes summit lyk, this tho i dnt know ne of the people in story, i know the jist. so..their was a couple who had a child. They then had the baby, soon after being born take amrit. As a result soon after the baby had died. They then got very upset, however tried for another baby, wen this baby was born as before it was given amrit, and agen just like before it passed away. This actually hapened i think 6 times (6 of their children). So they went to see a mahpursh, of whose name i have forgotten. On meeting this mahpursh, and telling them wot kept happening, he asked, "did u giv the baby amrit?", they obviously sed yes. He then told them to not giv amrit until they reach a greater age. So their 7th child lived up to 18, an then the child decided to take the amrit, and then he too soon aftere passed away The couple so upset, went back to the mahpursh and asked then y this kept happening. smiling, he told them that are very lucky and honoured to have given birth to such children. They seemed confused obviously, as was i wen i herd this. But he tld them that these children were souls that in their last life had lived a good life however the only thing stopping them from reaching sachkand was taking amrit, this is why ur children leave this world so soon after taking amrit. Im sorry i couldnt tell the story a bit betta, i got a bad memeory lol, but the gist and message is still their, an as i writing this like how it is, its still very inspirational, an i guees it nswers the question in this topic. btw good topic
  11. Vaheguru jee ka khalsa vaheguru jee ki fatheh aaah man, o well, thnx for lettin me know Vaheguru jee ka khalsa vaheguru jee ki fatheh
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