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  1. Havnt heard from u in a while :p

  2. i pay £2 a month for 200mins and 100 txts
  3. truthfully if i was in a school run by a islamic trust and was asked to wear a hijab, i would also protest.
  4. awww the thread got locked I wanted to write more in it boohoo :( anyways maharaja ranjit singh reincarnated ji hello!!!

  5. its a good conversation

  6. fateh pajiiiii.

    im good, u

  7. Fateh Jio!!

    How we doing???

  8. Let's have a war with the Khalsa against the U.S. Army and find out!! one war at a time pls :D
  9. your already in the worlds greatest army. whats united states army compared to the khalsa
  10. buy a convertible let the top down let your kes down and drive like youve never driven before. once a week only tho
  11. jattan di tor vakhri hatersssss click here
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