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  1. It's good that Mahapursh have clarified the matter openly for all to see. Some major doubts have been cast on the credibility and (lack of) good faith of the editors of panthic.org - their journalism matches that of News of the World. Are they going to post a reply to explain their perspective or even apologise? Waheguroo
  2. From what I heard, it's 22, 23 and 24 July this year.
  3. OhTwadi is the funniest, but Mental Singh is the most notorious! He got numerous mentions on Sikh Channel by the RST committee, who were threatened by his posts - lol!
  4. It's time for UK Sikhs to show on 28 May that they won't allow Beadbi to happen.
  5. I had the good fortune of "chilling" with him once outside his normal keertan programmes. Very humble person, and I learnt a lot from him. He also inspired a mona friend of mine to do Japji Sahib Paath every day, and that person is now on his path to Sikhi too. He was always able to capture the average Punjabi's attention and motivate them towards Sikhi. Indeed, he really was a legend and will be greatly missed.
  6. Will do Ardaas for your sister jee. Anything in the world can happen, with Guru Jee's kirpaa. Waheguroo
  7. Hanji - Pardip Singh Dhadi (UK Wale) - an inspiration to Dhadhi lovers worldwide!
  8. The Jathedaars attending the UK programme in Gravesend this weekend must be told in no uncertain terms that Sikhs worldwide are absolutely outraged and disgusted at the lack of Sikh rights in Punjab, and as our leaders, the Jathedaars must stand up to Badal to ensure Sikh rights and the 2007 Hukumnaama against Joothae Saudae-wala are enforced.
  9. What is the big deal? Don't make it anything bigger than it really is. Dhesi and Rana decided to switch channels. Happens all the time in the world. Heck, Torres left L'pool for Chelsea, Tevez left Utd for City, and Ant and Dec left BBC to go to ITV. People sometimes develop differences of opinion over time, often when nothing sinister is involved. No need to read too much into this, unless someone brings up clear evidence of anti-Gurmat activity going on.
  10. Good idea. I for one would appreciate that kind of help.
  11. I've been following this thread, but not posted before on it. I got a text today to say that the Gurudvaara are denying that they run the hall with the phone numbers of the Gurudvaara. I called the Gurudvaara number to check as even I thought they wouldn't be so stupid to deny that they own the hall. To my surprise, when I called, the person answering denied that the Gurudvaara even owned a party hall and they knew nothing about this. Given that this issue has been in Panjab Times, Sikhsangat, Sikh Channel and, from what I gather from Gursikh friends living in the area, the talk of the town, t
  12. I like Sangat TV - it has limited programming, but their output is QUALITY!
  13. Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Jammu is definitely coming. :D
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