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  1. This Shabad is by Bhagat Naam Dev Ji in Raag Tilang on Pannaa 727 I am blind; Your Name, O Creator Lord, is my only anchor and support. I am poor, and I am meek. Your Name is my only support. ||1||Pause|| O beautiful Lord, benevolent and merciful Lord, You are so wealthy and generous. You are ever-present in every presence, within and before me. ||1|| You are the river of life, You are the Giver of all; You are so very wealthy. You alone give, and You alone take away; there is no other at all. ||2|| You are wise, You are the supreme seer; how could I make You an object of thought? O Lord and Master of Naam Dayv, You are the merciful Lord of forgiveness. ||3||1||2||
  2. Veer, as above posters have mentioned, just go to an Amrit Sanchaar, and tell the Panj everything. As far as parents, just explain to them you felt you made some mistake, and you would like to go pesh for it. But also, try to get as much sangat as possible. Staying connected with Gursikhs always helps one keep their nitnem and abhiaas going. Every Gursikh is an inspiration.
  3. AnonymousSingh jee, I am a college student and also from Michigan. PM me, if you'd like. Maybe we can talk.
  4. Like 'Kaljugi' Jee said, Why do you concentrate so much on kaam. Best way to control it is to keep your mind off of it. More you will think about Naam Simran, Nitnem, Gurmat Veecharaa, etc. It will automatically keep out the thoughts. [school, Work, Family are also things to think about but don't get caught up in these. Think about only the REAL goal. What is REAL, and what matters in sachee dargaah.] Its just like a child and parent. If the parent tells child something is wrong, child wants to be mischeivious and mess around. But if parent trusts child, and keeps him occupied elsewhere, there will be no oppurtunity for the child to misbehave. -daas' 2 cents.
  5. keski is round, many prefer to have ears out with keski. It is light. keski should be of usually basantee or kesree colours. Keski Dhamalla is usually the bigger dastar you see singhs wearing. Doesn't have to be huge, or with shashtars, but looks like this keski doesn't make anything bulkier. just work out appropriate turban size.
  6. yup. keski - underneath any dastar. usually small and comfy dhamalla is type of dastar. nok pagg is type of dastar. round dastar, etc. For keski, daas uses about 2.5 m length, kesree colour.
  7. any cloth for clothes. if you would like heavy cloth, for cold times, terricot is good cloth. if you would like thinner one, use something thinner.
  8. directions from the airport http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=ATQ,+Punjab,+India&daddr=31.575,74.767&hl=en&geocode=FYLS4wEdP1h1BClrluoH32UZOTEL5vNUasYfEg%3BFdjL4QEdmNp0BA&mra=ls&sll=31.641106,74.807281&sspn=0.187064,0.264702&ie=UTF8&z=12
  9. Naanak Naam Ratae Sukh Paaeiaa Dargaah Jaapai Saeee ||
  10. We are Vaheguroo Jee's children. A father always supports his child. No matter how the child acts. But if we do not act according to our Father, then eventually we will face consequence. If someone is a thief, and they get away with it, it is in hukam. But that thief, later on in Dargaah, will have to face the consequences. Vaheguroo is going to love us and give us food and take care of us, because we are children... But is it better to please your Father, so He loves you even more, or should we be the rebellious children that don't care about our Father, even though He will still care for us. Vaheguroo does directly help us with Sukh and Dukh. But, this is also based on our pishle karam, and current karam. We can't avoid those. Moreover, this 'duniaavee sukh' isn't real sukh. Sukh comes when you jap naam. "Naanak Naam Ratae Sukh Paaieaa, Dargaah Jaapai Saaee" Piyaaro, don't keep it just to paath. Baani gives us lots of knowledge, but the MAIN point of baani, is telling us to jap naam. Naam Japo. The best way it can be described, is if you have a child's milk bottle. Baani is like the nipple on the bottle, and Naam is the milk. When the child suck on the nipple, it won't do him any good, unless he gets to the milk. Same way, if we keep reciting Baani, but we dont get the Ras of Naam, then whats the good in that? "Naanak Naam Ratae Sukh Paaieaa, Dargaah Jaapai Saaee" Guroo Saahib has made this VERY, VERY CLEAR. Naam Japo.
  11. In my opinion, Whatever Guroo Saahib Jee is doing is for the best of things. You know this kind of reminds me of a story. A family in India had bought a new truck. They took it to Hazoor Saahib to do ardaas for the new truck. Mistakenly, the Granthi Singh Jee doing the ardaas, did the ardaas that the family had brought the truck as a charraavaah. So the family ended up giving the new truck there, which they had bought with hard earned money. They took train back. When they boarded the train, in their compartment, they found a briefcase, in it was money, totaling double the value of the new truck. As if this wasn't enough, they turned this in to the Rail Police. The Rail Police said if no one claims it, in 30 days, then it is yours, and they will give them a reward for their honesty. In 30 days no one claimed it, and all that money was theirs. Lesson of the Story: Don't worry if it seems like your brother is taking all of the assets. Just keep faith in Guroo Saahib.
  12. Personally, I would say no, if other work is available, try that instead, but if its a dire situation where you are in need of the job, and no other job oppurtunity is available, you might want to ask the panj.
  13. this looks like a classical rca wire... (phono jack) your local electronic store should have some connectors that convert these phono jack to a regular 3.5mm Headphone Jack. Like we see in computers/laptops/mp3 players. just get that wire. it will have 2 female rca phono jacks on one end... leading up to a male 3.5mm Jack which will then plug into your CD player.
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