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  1. no way we get land remotely close to the map. if khalistan was to be formed tomorrow, we would be lucky to get half of the remaining punjab. btw khalistan to me is the only possible outcome that will give the 1000's of sikhs that have suffered some form of justice.
  2. khalsa_lioness i might come as a rude person here but how about you make a video of yourself that thousands of sikhs will watch without any makeup on, talk about sikhi in the video and when you can do that you have every right in the world to be mad about the lady wearing makeup. have nothing but khalsa colors clothes then tell others about it. the next singhni you see thats wearing makeup tell her off, the next singh you see not wearing a khalsa color turban ask him why then criticize the one thats trying to do something good. if you cant then maybe you shouldnt be criticizing someone or focu
  3. about the makeup we gotta realise no one there is a brahmgiani, everyone here and there are struggling in one way or another. they are doing something you and me aint, so cut some slack people. btw no offense but if you are worried about what color dastaar someones has tied then maybe you got too much free time.
  4. red dastaar looks wicked. btw since when did colors became soo important????
  5. exactly, people here fail to realize that. they read whats in the newspapers and believe it without thinking twice.
  6. funny you believe white man wants to keep the country a free country where anyone can live...lol what has muslims done to you guys that you have got so much hatred towards them? acting like all muslims are evil, whatever happened to seeing god in all??? you realize after your white man is done with muslims your <banned word filter activated> is next? you dont have to be in uk to realize the hatred some sikhs from uk have towards muslims.
  7. british raj in india = slavery indian governments raj in india = slavery
  8. alot of strange activities go around us. all these people talking about seeing ufo's cant all be fake.
  9. 1. hang around with good sangat. you have no idea how much our mind and thoughts change depending on the type of people we spend time with. start doing seva at gurudwara sahib. this way you'll be spending more time listening to kirtan and you'll also meet some chardikala gursikhs who can help you with your sikhi. having good sangat around you is the key. if you hang around with drug users and the people that are trapped in the 5 evils then you'll become one of them(unless you are a brahmgiani). and if you hang around with gursikhs and people who want to become pakke sikhs then your mind will t
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