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  1. Chatanga Mainly there are anecdotes in texts stating that the Gurus kept a Baaj (Falcon) with them. Also see these links: http://www.info-sikh.com/PageBaaj.html http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/White_Falcon#Guru_Gobind_Singh_Sakhis Report on how the Baaj is on the verge of extinction: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2010/20101213/punjab.htm#16
  2. http://www.dasam.info/ http://www.searchgurbani.com/dasam_granth/page_by_page Sri Sarabloh Granth http://sarblohgranth.com/ http://srisarblohgranthji.com/ http://www.scribd.com/doc/28563324/Complete-Sri-Sarbloh-Granth-Sahib-Ji-Steek
  3. Also see this story about a Nihang keeping a Falcon: http://www.sikhnugget.com/2012/04/nihang-and-falcon-of-guru.html
  4. They are still finalising the plans when it has been been passed... it will be made public.
  5. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh When the British annexed the Panjab in the Anglo Sikh Wars many of the Granths and other relics were brought over the UK. Many of these are in Museums and Libraries across the world. None of these institutions will give back these relics to the Panjab or any Gurdwara. We have to make sure where we see Saroops and other items in neglect to preserve them as best as possible with these insititutions. Also thre is no Sikh museum based in the UK which has the expertise to look after these important works. But there is one being started in the Midlands
  6. Recently an article was posted on Sikhnet regarding the authenticity of Akal Ustat. This is a response to it: http://www.scribd.com/doc/81731415/The-Traditional-View-About-the-Sri-Dasam-Granth-Sahib-the-Global-Vision-of-Guru-Gobind-Singh-That-Is The traditional view about the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib.The Global Vision of Guru Gobind Singh that is.pdf
  7. information on the manuscripts on Sri Dasam Granth Sahib is all in the book: Sri Dasam Granth Sahib: Questions and Answers: You can get it from this link: http://archimedespress.co.uk/books
  8. Date: 25th January 2012 at Mullocks Auction House. Mullocks Auction house will be holding another auction relevant to Punjab and Sikhism. The house has for sale numerous important books, letters, drawings and other artefacts related to Sikh and Punjab heritage. Read more
  9. The website showcasing the first Sikh/Panjabi translations is now live and can be accessed at www.drleyden.co.uk The booklet is available at the following link:
  10. The lecture report from the exciting project focusing on the first Sikh/Panjabi translations of bani and texts. http://www.sikhnugget.com/2011/11/lost-british-accounts-of-sikh-texts.html
  11. Another Mulllocks auction of Sikh and Punjab artefacts shows the British motivations of manipulating the boy King Maharajah Duleep Singh. Read full story here
  12. Name: Dastar Day: Turban of the Sikhs Category: General Date Added: 25 September 2011 - 10:44 AM Submitter: GSMANN Short Description: Promoting the Turban of the Sikhs View Video
  13. Full review of the book by Dr Harpal Singh Pannu: After going through this book I felt it is first attempt in English to solve many riddles created by some critics/mischiefmongers against Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. English readers will find it easy to delve deep now into the spirit of this mysterious granth. Message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is simple, straight and clear: remember God, recite name, do good deeds to achieve salvation. This message is common to all religions, all traditions. A Sikh can never disrespect Islam/Hinduism, for baani if Baba Farid and Bhagats is present in SGGS. There a
  14. There is talks of a Punjabi version coming out next year.
  15. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib: Questions and Answers By Gurinder Singh Mann and Kamalroop Singh ISBN: 978-0956843500, Pages: 120, Images: 20 , Price: £8.99 -A new book on the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib reveals not only more about the history and compilation of this Sikh scripture but also shows rare images of the earliest manuscripts of the Granth. -The Q and A book reveals the purpose and reasoning behind why Guru Gobind Singh created a complimentary scripture to the Guru Granth Sahib. -The book was presented to the Jathedars of the Five Takhts in the UK, on 18th May 2011. .....................
  16. Name: Sri Dasam Granth Sahib: Questions and Answers Category: Question/Answers Date Added: 07 August 2011 - 06:56 PM Submitter: GSMANN Short Description: New book on Sri Dasam Granth Sahib View Video
  17. The Valiant Ones: A Journey Into The Mesmerizing world of the Sikhs by Gurbir Singh and Gagandeep Singh. The Nihangs, sometimes referred to as the Akali Nihangs, are the most colourful and truly remarkable people of India. These Sikh warriors have overcome tremendous odds to preserve and protect the true traditions of the Khalsa. However, more understanding is needed of their Bana, including their decorated Turbans, their personification of weapons, and their reverence to Sikh scriptures. Click here for the review
  18. Some important artefacts, documents and images relating to the Ranjit Singh period and beyond were up for auction by Mullocks Auctioneers , specialists in Historical memorabilia at Ludlow Racecourse in Shropshire, UK on the 19th April 2011. Full story here
  19. SikhNugget presents a round up of the Baisakhi celebrations 2011 in pictures. This year the Birth of the Khalsa was celebrated with great vigor at Takht Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo. Click here for the story
  20. The final articles celebrating the Nihangs and Holla Mohalla. Nihang Speak (bole) Holla Mohalla in Pictures 2011.
  21. Balbir Singh of Buddha Dal speaks on changing traditions of the Nihangs
  22. Sikhnugget will be putting a few articles related to Nihang Singhs in the run to Holla Mohalla. The first one is Nihang Singhs: The eduactional wisdom of the Warriors.
  23. New exhibition at the British Museum showcasing an Akali Nihang '(dastaar boonga)'. Visit: www.sikhnugget.com
  24. http://www.sikhnugget.com/2010/08/invitation-for-new-anglo-sikh-wars-book.html Invitation for new Anglo Sikh wars book A very warm invite to you for its launch at the Royal Geographic Society on the 7th September 2010. The book is a complete and comprehensive narration of the campaign including many new firsthand accounts and details that have surfaced since the last major book on the subject by Gough and Innes was published around a hundred years ago. The book also includes for the first time a detailed analysis of the battlefield sites of Mudki, Ferozeshah, Bhudowal, Aliwal and Sabraon an
  25. SikhNugget presents 406th anniversary of the installation of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of the Sikh religion in pictures. See full story
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