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  1. everyone buy 5 copies. keep one for yourself and give the other 4 to others with young children. please do this.
  2. slavery. simple as that. the jathedar is a slave. what a disgrace.
  3. sick. ordered it. got all the others. this is what we should support and distribute worldwide. funny though as i emailed vismaad a few weeks ago and they said it wasnt out on dvd until october
  4. cisco singh. where do i make "strange observations" ? please clarify. you personally may have not come across any but evidently there are hundreds of thousands of sikhs who support congress all over the world.
  5. rebel singh - not all ramgahrias support congress but many do. cant really explain it easily. honestly cant see why any sikh would support congress. really cant.
  6. cisco singh. i do not have an agenda. i have personal experience and knowledge of this gurdwara hence why i am qualified to make such statements so please do not make sweeping statements against me. very simply the people wanting to reverse this decision are paid up congress party members and indian workers union members. if you want evidence of this, i am more than happy to give you names and addresses and details. i have no issue with naming and shaming people who have openly been drunk in this gurdwara and then been elected president. there is no agenda to this. the very few gursikhs (and
  7. this is good but no doubt the various congress supporters (mostly bansal families in particular) will wait for the next elections and try to gain back control
  8. WOW AMRIK SINGH AJNALA MUST BE A PROPHET. THE BELOW IS EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID WOULD HAPPEN IN A YOUTUBE CLIP. Waraich gurdwara land was swapped with dera: Report Perneet Singh/TNS Amritsar, July 20 The SGPC sub-committee constituted to probe the alleged demolition of a gurdwara at Waraich village by the followers of a dera has stated in its report that the panchayat’s move to “shift” the gurdwara was justified and no sacrilege was perpetrated during the process. In its report, a copy of which is with The Tribune, the sub-committee said after the Army acquired land at Waraich
  9. i cannot give details but i myself have seen rssb in the uk buy investment commercial property - sole purpose to make money. i am not a rssb fan by any means but i have also heard (but not seen) that many uk gurdwaras do the same.
  10. rural education needs to be stepped up to another level. agreed some foreign born/edcuated singhs need to enter punjab politics but as said above, 3rd party politics is but a dream. generational change is needed. freedom will take 50 to 75 years and only if education is improved.
  11. jathedar of akal takht should NOT be touching or even attempting to touch someones feet or even bowing down to anyone or anything but guru granth sahib ji. this video shows slavery.
  12. watch from 9.25 Am I dreaming or does he bow down and go to touch his feet but is brought back up ?
  13. by implication therefore the meat and sharaab party will take place before the meeting doesnt surprise me given that former presidents of this gurdwara have been convicted of drink driving and have also been found guilty of mis-using european funds. the list is endless yet the sangat seems to forget this and it is more like a social club than a place of worship
  14. i am in the legal profession and have dealt with mr bal and his law firm. i can safely say he is not making a penny from sikh channel and is in fact putting in alot of his own money. stop spreading false rumours. i am not his friend or supporter but have any of you had the balls to start a sikh tv channel ? have any of the countless rich sikhs and gurdwara across the uk had the balls to do this ? the answer is no. if you dont like it, go watch glory tv on 832.
  15. interestingly nagaland (another high drug using state) is also in rebellion
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