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  1. http://www.sikhsanga...ser/5990-freed/ one of the Dhadha's of the forum, namaskar to Freed for his amazing topics and pictures he's uploaded over the past years.
  2. Cheers for that, yesterday was like a shikar game, everyone after me. I totally agree with you, its very biased hence I dont use this site much. Chall everyone has their own opinions on him but singling a man out just because of his beliefs and when he is doing soo much to preserve what he can, thats just wrong.

    Cheers for that once again

  3. I just came across a very good post, I hope you guys read it. 'To the average Sikh their weapons are mere religious symbols without edges. For a nation which was created for the purpose of military ex...ploits and warfare we have become a castrated community which looks for pity rather than becoming the soldiers that were created by the great warrior gurus. Every Sikh lives off the glory of past great warriors, who lived and died gloriously on the battlefield, there is no reason why we can't put the effort and time to achieve even 10% of wat they were. In recent years nihang niddar Singh has promoted shastarvidiya to the wider martial arts world who actually can appreciate the arts more than our community, which are too busy in gossiping and slandering Niddar Singh due to ideological differences. Those who have a real desire with sincerity to uphold the traditions laid down by our gurus will devote their lives in the worship of the sword in order to master it's use, the rest will just waste their lives in bad mouthing the name of someone who has sacrificed everything in order to keep this dying art alive. ' Akaal.
  4. I go to his akhara, though I havent been in many many months due to other commitments? and what? I have nothing to hide? most people here know I do, so what is the big deal mate? niddar on the payroll on the indian govt? dont make me laugh in pity.
  5. The book is actually on my book shelf, not besides me...I am not that sad. name calling? is that what you have been resulted toooo? calling me names? nice.
  6. Have I got your kashera's in a twist? I am sorry.
  7. Whatever is said in the book has been cited at the back.
  8. lol Do members get banned because they go certain places or believe differently? gosh I thought this was a non judgemental site :o :ph34r:
  9. I dont see whats wrong with that? Chall thats just me ey? If you have a problem with what is written do this....write to the publishers? go and see Niddar Singh explain how the book is wrong? better yet, why dont you do 15+ years of research(not just what you read on the internet thats not real research) and publish your own book . Provide evidence on what he said in the book is false? until then....what more can I say.
  10. slipped my mind....waiting for the ref for that part in the book, why are you twisting things only five? who said im a part of the Niddar crew? never said I was....putting words into my mouth? Mods : you guys are letting this topic go futher? when its been discussed 2 years ago when the book actually came out!!! if this was a pro chatka or shastar vidiya topic it would have been shut within hours.....shows how biased you lot are.
  11. I never said I agree or disagree, what I believe has nothing to do with you. Like I said still awaiting for the page ref. Mods close the topic, this is only causing tension when it isnt needed, there are more important things happening within the panth.
  12. explain what page exactly niddar singh 'dissed' Guru Tegh Bahdaur?.... Also what page he apparently 'dissed' as you put it, the Sahibzade? I am waiting for the page reference's.
  13. Why must you ask questions which have been answered over and over again?! you just want to create trouble with Niddar Singh, just because he is out of the picture you want to bring him back into this bakwas.... If niddar singh was seen with a bag full of booze why didnt you take a picture???? a clear one at least? what scared? so you did it on the sly? if your such a soorma pull your camera/phone out and take a damn picture what are you scared off? seriously dont half of you have anything else better to do? point fingers at people? go sit down and read some bani get peace with yourselfs rather trying to make yourself's feel better by slandering other's. caveman out.
  14. Nihang Niddar Singh demonstrates and expands upon the history and technique employed by Hindu Sikh Soldiers in Loh Mushti, a means of fist fighting whilst wearing an iron bracelet. This clip is intended purely for educational and informational purposes and it not meant to be an instructional video. Attempts to copy the techniques shown could lead to injury. Everyone should be able to see the video even if you dont have a facebook account. Note to Mods : I hope this topic is kept in this section and not moved to any other section.
  15. .....yes? whats the point of this topic?
  16. Warrior Saints: Three Centuries of the Sikh Military Tradition by Amandeep S. Madra, Parmjit Singh http://www.amazon.co.uk/Warrior-Saints-Centuries-Military-Tradition/dp/1860644902
  17. Whats wrong with it? people complain there aren't any sikhs in the media to promote the sikh image but when there is people point fingers for no reason?
  18. I am a follower of the guru no and none else. It matters? on what basis does it? what will it prove? How can gatka battle many men, when the guy is spinning and jumping around all you have to do is thrust forward at the right time and bang hits him.
  19. Yes I do know the vidiya has many sections to it. jung yudh = science of battle mal yudh = wrestling/maram yudh I think you should go on to my page and look at the previous topics I have made...then you will know that I am not a gatkabaaj. But one question I do have how is gatka apart of the training for shastar vidiya? are you on about little kids coming into the akhara and learning simple vaars? and progressing on to platha when they are old enough around? in that sense?
  20. so you still think gatka was used during thee 17th 18thC? if so your a fool. No one can physically wing a khanda weighing soo much for hours on end, get realistic. How long can you swing around do figures of 8 and jump around for ? If Gatka was used then why did guru gobind singh mention the word gatka? why did he write shastar vidiya? why did he write jung yudh? why did he write mall yudh? why didnt he just write gatka? seeing as thats what he practiced right?.
  21. To the gatka guys, how do you fight in battle formations? when your shoulder to shoulder? how do you spin around and do figure of 8's in formation's? good post Cisco_Singh
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