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  1. i totally agree with you! the people you hang around with play a big part in who you are, ill give you a personal example!, my best friends consume alcohol etc I go out with them to restaurants and ''have a good time'' BUT I dont drink, because I know whats right and what wrong is, if you want to become like most ''sikh youth'' carry on doing your eyebrows and carry on drinking and going to second base but remember your disrespecting your father (Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj!) when your hand goes to that alcohol, when you pluck your eyebrows and when you kiss a guy!) you wanted to become a khalsa, dont turn your back on the khalsa.. one of my fav shabads... kbIr mwrI mrau kusMg kI kyly inkit ju byir ] kabeer maaree maro kusa(n)g kee kaelae nikatt j baer || Kabeer, I have been ruined and destroyed by bad company, like the banana plant near the thorn bush. auh JUlY auh cIrIAY swkq sMgu n hyir ]88] ouh jhoolai ouh cheereeai saakath sa(n)g n haer ||88|| The thorn bush waves in the wind, and pierces the banana plant; see this, and do not associate with the faithless cynics. ||88|| just my view sorry if i offended anyone! caveman
  2. sorry to be a ''party pooper'' but im not a little kid and i did not know what second base was until i asked a friend then i was shocked what second base was lol its obviously not said that often but in my opinion it shudnt be said anyway i wasnt shocked when i found out on yahoo answers, lmao guessed it was something like that, still totally inappropriate to say on a forum where kids like me are getting into sikhi and then seeing things like this, to add more junk into their minds. indeed, i am old enough to legally drink (not that I do, just saying) , it was wrong saying it on this forum as there are kids from young as 13 and they would be shocked reading that crap!
  3. sorry to be a ''party pooper'' but im not a little kid and i did not know what second base was until i asked a friend then i was shocked what second base was lol
  4. YOU DONT HAVE SKILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. im not saying it like that! i meant it would give the tune a better edge if you see what I mean..
  6. yeah true! if it had sant jis words in it would have been much better but its alright.
  7. love it! makes me want to tie a desi style pugh but i wouldn't go that far lol
  8. just for some members who have said they should speak to the penji who did this, let me just remind all of you this topic was created in Dec 15 2006, 05:05 PM 3 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!
  9. i think 2010/11 because they have recently released in the master's presence. which the book signings of are just finishing. so you might have to wait for the next book. Also, the 2nd part to the masters presence will be out in November time.
  10. The website does not appear to have any details about the classes in london, neither does it have any contact details...? Can someone please provide me with some more information about the classes in london - hounslow it does! 5. Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW5 9PD (map) Saturdays 4.00pm to 6.00pm (adults, male and female) you have to go on to the website and find were ti says akara page.
  11. caveman


    dont watch gandh like that! im sure a female sikh came on it a few years back, forgot her name.
  12. indeed, whats what I thought, out of all the students no one is that good enough to teach as a gurdevs level. see the poster ''gurbarakaal'' posted up! thats for the akara which teaches unarmed fighting, sticks etc.
  13. serious???????? :S:S:S:S so he teachs the vidiya aswell :S:S:SS never heard of that, shall ask.
  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ''now i am one of the most popular girls in ny'' that is not a good thing! a girl bring popular can only mean one thing to me....im sorry if this is very wrong but bruv reading that line makes you sound like a who*e. ''i have friends that stand by me no matter what and who i can chill with whenever i want..'' do you think so? are you sure that they would take a bullet for you? i doubt it, friends arent there for long! only Mahakaal is! once you give your head to maharaj you cant take it back! think about it this way, your going out once a week having fun yeah its just short term fun, your friends your looks, your lifestyle wont be the same for ever! just my ''two cents''
  15. like gurbar akaal said : All aspects are taught, from stand up striking, grappling, ground fighting, weapons, fighting against multiples etc Best to turn up and have a look yourself, class times and locations are on the website. for example one week you may learn how to fight against 2 other opponents unarmed. then the enxt week you may learn how to disarm and counter weapons etc.
  16. wait the guy asked for shastar vidiya the real vidiya, not cussing down mr manmeet singh but he teachs gatka which isnt shastar vidiya no matter what anyone says!
  17. shut up! dont u dare leave this topic I NEED U GUYS! LOL
  18. i want that katar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soo nice
  19. yes little paaji LOL dont call me little, my pugh is bigger then yours! LOL
  20. what do akj kno... ur just a modern man made jatha with sum f*cked up views thats tru, akj's have distorted the nihang maryada. p.s. this isnt jatha bashing. I second that i ''third'' that if i could use that in this contest :S
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