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  1. just remember caveman makes the best topics oh yes
  2. if you look back on my post history i said '' i shall stop posting stuff about niddar singh as i have spent to much time arguing over nonsense like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now before i say what my repone is...first of all if you didnt like what he said why didnt you speak out!? if he said ''I am sanatan - hindu sikh not a sikh'' then you say good for you. hes not going to hurt you if you say something about what hes said which you dont like, heard of freedom of speech? the class is not a dictatorship its not stalins rule, there is no censorship there hes not going to say what you can or cant say! so speak your mind! this isnt relevant to this topic but as you insit i shall respond. and LOL to ''MR SV'' his name isnt Lord Voldemort, he wont came after you or nothing bad will happen to you if you say his name lool. 1.soo because of his ''beliefs'' you stopped going? nice 2. who cares what he does, its not like he is tellign YOU to eat meat and drink? hes said chatka is fine as per nihang rehit it says chatka is fine but that doesnt mean I am going to eat meat, i have my views everyone else has their own, he did not force a piece of lamb down your throat? then whats wrong with his remark ''i eat meat'' my family eat meat it doesnt mean im going to eat it with them! 3. reason why people take of their kareh is because if you see most student have a kara which is big etc so it would be logical to take it off as you wouldn't want to hurt the person! you can wear a kara just tell your sparing partner you wish to wear it but if it is a big one its likely he wouldn't like that as he may get hit with it. 4. lol, you should have asked him why he is saying that or tell the gatka teachers what hes saying so they can deal with him. 5. like i said you should have asked him why he is saying that instead of keeping your mouth shut in class. 6.he swears in his class? everyone swears! ive heard many ''panthic'' people swear apparently gursikhs and i dont mean the F word i mea hardcore gala just disgusting! hmm now to me ''he great Akali Baba Mohinder singh Ji'' that seems a bit sarcastic and i hope you arent being sarcastic! it was luck or fate as some may put it ''mr SV'' met him and learned the vidiya, i guess a gursikh should have met baba Mohinder singh at the mela... and I would absolutely love to see you call him a twat in his face now that is a sight to see, seeing as you cant even say his name what is it too much fear saying his name? but you can call him a twat :lol: show me proof hes sponsored by the indian government? im sponsored by the Kenyan government to infiltrate this country and spread my lies and propaganda well im glad you wont go back again ooooo soo the babeh could use the vidiya but niddar singh cant and he will crumble under the pressure? reminds me he crumbled under the pressure in the demonstration he had in Leciester when he showed many many people some techniques of the vidiya so you soo right my ''paji'' the vidiya woudlnt work in real life. and as for bad breath all i can say is LOL, you sound soo perfect i bet you dont even have a blemish or better i bet your dhari is soo nice. sorry if i sounded sarcastic at any point regards caveman
  3. soo i guess the bhujangis who used the vidiya, guess it never worked as they were in battle and under extreme pressure with swords arrows bullets coming from all directions :rolleyes: . May I just say what you put in to the vidiya is what you get return, you attended the bham akara, but for how long? how long did you train at home? i dont think that long because if you trained properly then you would be good and it will work! but under extreme pressure it wont work
  4. i would like to let everyone know, i have my alevel exams next week!
  5. indeed, niddar singh told me that. he also said he has taken a few off people as they wore them and only the ones who have mastered the vidiya can have these not some random singh. I agree most people would show off. and about knowing how to use the kara, i know some techniques... :cool:
  6. caveman dresses to girly also, caveman has been reported to be wearing a blue dress currently with nice flowers on it
  7. yes, niddar singh nihang wears one...i believe it is called a jamdhar kara? maybe satpunga singh or someone can confirm the name of it... i was told by niddar singh only people who know most of shastar vidiya are allowed to wear that kind of kara, sort of like a rehit for that kara, maybe someone could confirm this.. from this picture you can see the karas with the claws as you said.. and look closely my favorite one is the one with a erm 2 inch point coming out soo nice
  8. I think it went for about 400, if i had money i would have brought that truly amazing!
  9. LOL, yeah its one of my favs also soo wicked, steven is wicked hes a badass everyone loves the badass. fez is your typical punjabi munda whos just come to a western country and doesnt know how to act! LOl leo, ''hey man'' ''man'' Eric is cool, if i act like him i would act even weirder lol
  10. i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that 70s show! i soo love it! soo soo soo love it, the stash, yoo dude if you find any other photo huts let me know ( leo said that when hyde started working at the photo hut, leos forgotten where the other phto hut he owns are because hes soo stoned LOL)
  11. I saw this on ebay a while ago i was soo shocked the gora was selling this this shastar was used in ''Vajar Mushti'' and if anyone doesnt know what that is its basically... Vajra-mushti (Sanskrit वज्र मुश्टि) is an ancient Indian martial art and the name of a knuckleduster-like weapon used by its practitioners. It incorporates strikes, grabs and a study of pressure points (marman).[1] The word mushti literally means closed hand or fist. The vajra, a weapon with religious symbolism in both Hinduism and Buddhism, is translated variously as thunderbolt or diamond though the original meaning means something more along the lines of a needle. Vajra-musti could therefore be translated as "thunderbolt fist" or "diamond fist" or "grasping a vajra (thunderbolt)". The striking aspects of vajra-musti are similar to karate, boxing and Chinese martial arts[2] while the grappling aspects are similar to jujutsu, modern pankration and vale tudo.[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajra_Mushti Taken from the shastar vidiya website : ‘’Ritualistic martial boxing and wrestling sport that was founded in Gujerat around the tenth century. Two participants would drink hemp and put on a type of knuckle duster ‘Vajar’ on their right hand. Participants could only target face, chest and arms of opponent. Alongside striking ‘marman’, participants employed all manner of grappling techniques. The aim of this bloody contest was to incapacitate through striking or grappling an opponent and disarming him’’
  12. nice econ! thats good my friend thats good, NOO DO I LOOK OLD TO YOU!?!?! i study lol my degree is in history well American studies and history, so its mainly American history i shall be learning in September AHAHAHAHAHHAHA! ERIC FROM THAT 70S SHOW SAID TO DONNA ''WHY CUDDLE WHEN WE CAN DO IT'' AHAHA LEGENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  13. lol i was thinking they look very similar! what are you up2 jas? no college or work? wait do you go college? what is your major in?
  14. also sorry for this but i was flicking through the music channels and i came across this song and i cant stop singing it, i thought id share ti with you fellow weirdos ! allow, jassi sidhu is not a true massai or a zulu warrior, my kind is the pure Kenyan breed. and it doesn't take me long to tie it, around 2mins and it comes out SOO nice and im guessing you tie a ghol or a dumalla?
  15. i heard caveman is near extinction as he is the only caveman around, cavemans remains have been left in a garage.....this is all we found of caveman.. (the picture was taken a few months ago) AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! i bloody love leo! kelso is a legend a famous line he said ''why cuddle when we can do it'' kelso is a legend!
  16. refrain from using bad language!
  17. look what i said on that martial arts topic gatka is real yudh vidiya, and shastar vidiya is a khel tongue.gif


  18. http://www.thesundayindian.com/07062009/st...99&pageno=1 ''Picking up the fight to save Shastar Vidya Whether you like it mild (Gatka) or strong (Shastar Vidya), Sikh martial arts will floor you, and how! The indomitable spirits of the lion-hearted Sikhs are known to have instilled fear into the hearts of many a soul. Their power even helped the nation retain its cultural and religious identity. The secret to their martial prowess was Shastar Vidya. When the Britishers finally managed to constrain the Sikh army in 1849, they immediately did all they could to dilute the tenacity of Shastar Vidya. Yet, in the following years, the art that re-emerged was a watered down version that came to be called Gatka, but there were people who quietly continued to practice Shastar Vidya in its original form… Hardeep Singh Khalsa belongs to the oldest Gatka group in Amritsar. He says, “Many Sikh communities have changed the style of practicing Gatka. It used to be Shastar Vidya – hand-to-hand combat, basically fight to kill – but it’s now changed. Shastar means weapons and vidya – knowledge; Gatka was what it was called by the British. They saw that the Sikhs were fearless warriors who used guerrilla tactics. They changed a lot of things in our Indian culture and they made changes in Shastar Vidya too because in the army they didn’t want their officials to face such great fighters going at them. They made it look like a game so people start enjoying it. But it is still practiced in the old tradition in the older groups till now.” So the style that one learns depends on where he/she learns Gatka from. The milder version that was allowed to flourish under the British Raj has more practitioners and is thus more popular too. Shastar Vidya practitioners in UK, taught by Nihang Niddar Singh, believe that it is a myth that Gatka and Shastar Vidya are similar. “Gatka and Shastar Vidya are worlds apart,” asserts Nihang Teja Singh who has been learning Shastar Vidya for the past 5-6 years. Practicing Shastar Vidya helps a person stay fit, as well as fearless and tranquil from within. Back in time, women too were proficient at Shastar Vidya and several bibis are believed to have fought shoulder to shoulder with men in the battlefields. Says Teja Singh, “My main aim was to just keep up the heritage because I realise that the art is dying out… This art has been there for many thousand years and it’s our responsibility to keep it going, to keep it alive.” Wondering how difficult would this art be to master? “The basics are very easy to pick up but as you advance up the levels of Paenthra (footwork), it becomes more difficult. Once you’ve learnt the basics of different styles, it’s a matter of refining it, and that takes many many years,” says Niddar Singh. “We mainly use tiger step, Lord Shiva step, Hanuman step, bull step, crane, monkey, etc. Just as in Kung-fu, there are different kinds of steps,” explains Hardeep Singh Khalsa. The similarities in Shastar Vidya and other martial arts lead many to wonder if they have common origins. “In Punjab it is believed to be the grand daddy of all marital arts. The Chinese and the Japanese believe that in the 5th or 6th century, Bodhidharma took the Indian martial arts over to China and Japan. In most of Punjab, especially among the Nihangs, the traditional belief is that it is from Taxila where, after it was plundered around 6 AD by the Huns, the Buddhists took over the art. Instead of crediting Bodhidharma the individual, there is a word ‘Bodhidharm’ in Punjab that translates into ‘Buddhist faith’.” While many proponents of the art also attribute its origins to Sikh gurus, Niddar Singh has a theory which he has developed after extensive research, “The art can be traced back to Shiva. From Shiva it came to the Pashupatis (master of animals, the cavemen) then to Kapalikas, then to Taxila where Kshatriyas trained in it, and from them to Yogis and Sikhs. Sikhs are just the latest custodians of this art.” Niddar Singh recently demonstrated Shastar Vidya to masters of martial arts from China and Japan. “We showed the highest techniques, the Mahakal and Shiva Paenthra. The Chinese and Japanese from Jujitsu schools and Katori Shinto identified in the techniques, secret techniques that they themselves don’t teach anybody unless they’ve been with them for 40 odd years!” “If the Chinese, Japanese and Europeans can appreciate the quality of our classical arts, there should be no reason why Indians can’t,” says Niddar Singh. The Sikhs speak of the exploits of their ancestors with a lot of pride. Shastar Vidya was at the heart of their power. It is up to our generation now to ensure that this ancient art form does not join the lost and the forgotten… Anu Gulmohar '' gatka is real yudh vidiya, and shastar vidiya is a khel
  19. exactly singha!, its soo annoying to see ''drinking bhang'' use the correct term!
  20. ''HADD THOR CHALLENGE!!!! ''

    BRING IT ON! ill finish you off pure chatkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa then use your head as a cup and pour sukha in your head and drink out of your head :)

  21. what ever singh! everyone loves the zulu warrior :D.and yeah i read your posts lol, one of these days someone is going to cuss you down, i coudlnt stop laughing about the sukha is good for you i cant wait to read peoples reply LOL

  22. i dont want to open a can of worms as they say but look, what niddar teachs is the pure vidiya not watered down simple as, take what you want. I had a history teacher i hated him soooooooo much he could be a communist for all i know, i hate communism but doesnt mean i wont learn from him id take what i want from him and then apply it to myself. but since you dont want to buy any books on shastar vidiya in the future thats teek.
  23. there shall be books on shastar vidiya very soon most likely 2010 or 2011..the real shastar vidiya not a book on gatka!.
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