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  1. Sorry mate. My mistake, it was CHARITROPAKHYAN and not CHANDI CHARITAR that wasnt included. Sorry again. I edited tht post.
  2. Well actually SGPC has banned Charitropakhyan/Tria Chariter... "The S.G.P.C. has called it a Puranic myth and not work of the Tenth Guru.." "The SGPC, vide its letter no. 36672 dated 3. 8. 1972, has declared to be a composition from Hindu mythology and not by the Tenth Master, could have been combined with sacred gurbani by any Sikh"
  3. These works are attributed to Dasam Patshah: 1. Dasam Granth 2. Sarbloh Granth 3. Puranmasi Katha 4. Mukt Marg Granth 5. Prem Sumarag Granth 6. Vidya Sagar Granth (never found after it was drown in river Sirsa) Now these works are attributed to guru Ji. The first 2 are quite known... But the other 3? What are the sangats view about this? And also Kam1825, you once said in a topic you would scan and post Puranmasi Katha... Please do it. It would be amazing seva and i would be thankfull to you. Wasnt Prem Sumarag Granth written somewhere near the 1800s? Is there any Brahmgyani Ji that s
  4. Shastr, I had asked the same question as u some time ago. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showtopic=37811&hl= So, from collecting info from various sources is that... The standard version of 1428 pages, doesnt include Charitropakhyan (793 pages), and some others like Sahansharnama and Malkus ki vaar. So could you please tell a bit more about Malkus Ki Vaar, and if possible also of Sahansharnama...
  5. Thanks Inder Singh... Can we also view the Hazuri Bir?
  6. Mr. Inder Singh. Can you please post pics of both the birs from 1697/1698? It would be a great seva...
  7. I've seen many Goreh wearing Karas... That too is sinister, isnt it? Many of them visited Darbar Sahib and bhought kara (kareh) there and wear them as a souvenire.. Is it wrong? I know many Hindus, Muslims, Christians in Punjab wear Karas... Thats normal.. Thats Sikh influence in the other religions of Punjab. In Indian Punjab you will easily spot a muslim saying Sat Sri Akal instead of their traditional Salam-o-Alaikum etc And in Pakistan, you will find that many Sikhs (and Hindus) use Salam-o-Alaikum instead of Sat Sri Akal. And also many Hindus in Pakistan eat beef, but don't eat pork. B
  8. All that i know is that Lakhi Jungle is a jungle with one LAKH (100,000) trees, hence LAKHi Jungle. During the times of the Mughals, when Sikhs were persecuted, massacred and what not, many/most Sikhs hid in the Lakhi Jungle. Another Sakhi I heard about is that Guru Nanak Dev ji recited one lakh paths of Japji Sahib in the Jungle, and therefore it became to be known as Lakhi Jungle. But as i aint some Gyani, I can't tell you the meaning of Lakhi Jungle in that tukk or explain that tukk. Bhul Chuk Maaf
  9. The city is holy because of Sri akal Takht and other (historical) Gurdwaras presence..
  10. Daas made a better readable of the above... 1.Do ardaas upon waking up in the mornings and ask for the boon of righteous actions 2. When adhering to the call of nature excercise hygene and cleanliness, and upon entering a city always procure water for such purposes 3. Cleanse your face with water (upon waking) 4. Bathe in cold water 5. When removing your kachera, your head and shoulders should be covered, and one leg should remain in the old pair as you transfer the opposite leg into the new pair 6.When tying your turban you must sit in the lotus posture (asan), your turban and kachera
  11. Well 1st question is not mine.. But a friend once asked me.. And i just couldnt answer him.. So criminals, rapists, etc can still go in the holy city of Amritsar? If i am not mistaken Bhai Rama SIngh ji has stated something like bad persons wont be allowed in Amritsar or something... Itz long time ago i read it... But i know.. This mentality exists where some/many Sikhs want to make Amritsar the second Mecca (but for Sikhs)... But 2nd question is mine..
  12. 1) Should non-Sikhs be banned for entering the holy city of Amritsar? 2) Should alcohol and tobacco be banned in the city of Amritsar?
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