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  1. punjab is only for those who live in punjab. full stop. we do not need your help. instead you need help from us. do you think we ask you to send pracharak to punjab. it is YOU who want granthis and ragis from punjab. if you can help us, then do stop anti-punjabi-sikh people. SIKHS OF PUNJAB ZINDABAD
  2. I am a sikh of punjab. I am proud of it. So far as Punjab's politics is concerned, sikhs living outside of India have nothing to do with it. Punjab politics belongs to people of Punjab. Weither someone likes or not, Parkash singh badal is the biggest sikh leader. no other leader has such number of suppoters. it is fact. it is up to us if we like this or not, but this is true. Every point by amrit bha ji is accepted. well done bha ji. we are not blind. we know what game these people are playing. they just hate us because we are now prime minister. they hate us because we are now army chief.
  3. Sanatani website itself mention that the term 'Gatka' is derived from persian word 'Khutka'. Khutka and kutka is same. Bha ji is very clear. He wrote in his article: - The term 'Gatka' is adapted even by the Budha Dal. This was the main objective of this thread. If Sanatani thinks that 'Gatka' is not a proper word, it means Budha Dal has used a wrong word. Again, Amrit Bha ji is proved right, when he said this: Budha Dal is agreed to Amrit Bha Ji.
  4. We know that the word 'Gatka' has been criticized by UK Sanatan Sikh Shastra Vidiya Gurdev Nihang Nidar Singh. Amrit Bha Ji has given reply to their points. (See http://www.amritworld.com/sanatani/index.html (articles 'Gatka' and http://www.amritworld.com/sanatani/realweapon.html) Budha Dal's stand is now clear, which is available on their official website: http://www.budhadal.com/sports.htm Now, what would Nihang Nidar Singh and his group like to say?
  5. Sant Nihal singh Hariavela was honoured by capt. Amarinder Singh: http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/khc/56.html Baba Harnam Singh Bhindrawale gets siropa from capt Amarinder Singh:http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/khc/43.html He also got a sword: http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/khc/44.html
  6. It is now not hidden: http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/khc/1.html
  7. http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read.php?f=1&i=79659&t=79659
  8. http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/charles/home.html
  9. Are you not surprised that Bhai Amrit Ji has posted posts which are full of insult towards himself? Read posts by Malwe da sher: http://www.amritworld.com/your_comments.html These posts say: If Bha ji can add insulting remarks against himself, what is there surprising if he has added intelligent post by Amardeep Singh? Sardar Balpreet Singh blamed Bhai Sukha Singh Ji falsely. If Bhai Amardeep Singh has replied proving Balpreet Singh wrong, how does it become sarcasism or disrespectful? In fact Sardar Balpreet Singh was disresprectful towards Bhai Sukha Singh. Don't you think Sardar
  10. Pictures of children added: http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/fatehgarh.html
  11. Even Nihangs put tilak: :T: http://www.amritworld.com/hola/m85.html
  12. Many more pictures of cute Sikh children will be posted on amritworld: http://www.amritworld.com/gallery/fatehgarh.html
  13. Picture on home page of this site: - http://www.amritworld.com/index.html
  14. The team on duty. Myself helping Gurpreet Singh Sandy. He is from Canada. An old student of Bha ji.
  15. The Amrit World team outside Gurdwara Sri Fatehgarh Sahib.
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