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  1. back than we could have created a sikh country.
  2. pakistan is divided and weak. muslims are also fighting each other ...sunni v shia.... hindus are divided via the caste system.....but the sikhs can defeat all if we stay united. if we stay as one than pakistan and half of india could be ours. at the moment though i think we are a small population compared to muslims,hindus....
  3. dont know if u know it? http://www.whyichosesikhism.com .I thought it was an excellent and informative site. wjkk wjkf
  4. New Zealand got 5 thouz.France got 15 thouz. pakistan got 25 thouz. what about afghanistan,singapore,malysia and thailand??
  5. im told its Britian wiv an 700 000+ sikh population.
  6. 4m rainy england london.but its like punjab in southall,ilford,birmi,manchester..etc all over england.
  7. The b******* responsible.
  8. now your calling pplz opinions stupid .yeah getting our holyland is stupid.we can take attack on our holiest gurdwara with indian tanks,but we musnt mention even discussion attacking never mind actually doing it as a defensive measure.if you dont want our land back so be it.but let those that want our land,get it.how do you know the future,we will get it back.
  9. SIKH HOLYLAND??,its Guru Nanak Dev JIs birth place,some of our most important Gurdwara like Nanak saihb gurwara are there,we gave alot of hard work to get lahore.yet in our own land we are treated as 2nd class citizens and the gurdwara are not kept well,but when pak was ours we treated muslims justly. As for blowing up delhi,i did not say we should it for nothing but if they can attack our holiest shrine what else is a bigger insult than this.i merely offered the concept for discussion to prevent further attack upon our religion as it may be one solution/or the only one that prevents an outrage like 84.also i am talking of attacks on gurwara...84.
  10. its simple i want our holyland back,you dont. if someone attacked a sikh gurdwara i would attack them,you however would not.
  11. first khalistan map was punjab,himichal and uttar pardesh, and lahore pakland. but know its the whole world.wjkk wjkf.
  12. if they allow guns,why not the kirpan.just look at the state usa is in with its gun[ ]one culture.dont they know the wild west is over.... ancient history.
  13. top man.uk theres not that many sikh cab or taxi drivers,but some cab firms r owned by apna.my cuz was a black taxi driver,he told me the night shift has potential for customers who wanna free ride.hence a bit of trouble.
  14. so hindu government can attack our holiest gurdwara,but sikh cant even mention something disgusting as you put it which the hindu gov has already carried out in 84.Pakland is Sikhland and always will be.No1 gives up their HOLYLAND. -edited-
  15. it was on both sides,but we were been attacked and had to defend our holyland/gurdwara. my cuz got refused a visa.reason? some small gurdwara in pak are closed/ruins. isnt pak north of india/punjab?
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