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  1. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh soriT mhlw 5 ] hm mYly qum aUjl krqy hm inrgun qU dwqw ] hm mUrK qum cqur isAwxy qU srb klw kw igAwqw ]1] mwDo hm AYsy qU AYsw ] hm pwpI qum pwp KMfn nIko Twkur dysw ] rhwau ] qum sB swjy swij invwjy jIau ipMfu dy pRwnw ] inrgunIAwry gunu nhI koeI qum dwnu dyhu imhrvwnw ]2] qum krhu Blw hm Blo n jwnh qum sdw sdw dieAwlw ] qum suKdweI purK ibDwqy qum rwKhu Apuny bwlw ]3] qum inDwn Atl suilqwn jIA jMq siB jwcY ] khu nwnk hm iehY hvwlw rwKu sMqn kY pwCY ]4]6]17] Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl: We are filthy, and You are immaculate, O Creator Lord; we are worthless, and You are the Great Giver. We are fools, and You are wise and all-knowing. You are the knower of all things. ||1|| O Lord, this is what we are, and this is what You are. We are sinners, and You are the Destroyer of sins. Your abode is so beautiful, O Lord and Master. ||Pause|| You fashion all, and having fashioned them, You bless them. You bestow upon them soul, body and the breath of life. We are worthless - we have no virtue at all; please, bless us with Your gift, O Merciful Lordand Master. ||2|| You do good for us, but we do not see it as good; You are kind and compassionate, forever and ever. You are the Giver of peace, the Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny; please, save us, Your children! ||3|| You are the treasure, eternal Lord King; all beings and creatures beg of You. Says Nanak, such is our condition; please, Lord, keep us on the Path of the Saints. ||4||6||17|| :wub: Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh this is a gorgeous old recording done by Bhai Santa Singh Heavenly ... everyone should listen in Hum tay kachoo nan hovay dev Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Awsw ] bwip idlwsw myro kIn@w ] syj suKwlI muiK AMimRqu dIn@w ] iqsu bwp kau ikau mnhu ivswrI ] AwgY gieAw n bwjI hwrI ]1] mueI myrI mweI hau Krw suKwlw ] pihrau nhI dglI lgY n pwlw ]1] rhwau ] bil iqsu bwpY ijin hau jwieAw ] pMcw qy myrw sMgu cukwieAw ] pMc mwir pwvw qil dIny ] hir ismrin myrw mnu qnu BIny ]2] ipqw hmwro vf gosweI ] iqsu ipqw pih hau ikau kir jweI ] siqgur imly q mwrgu idKwieAw ] jgq ipqw myrY min BwieAw ]3] hau pUqu qyrw qUM bwpu myrw ] eykY Twhr duhw bsyrw ] khu kbIr jin eyko bUiJAw ] gur pRswid mY sBu ikCu sUiJAw ]4]3] Aasaa: My Father has comforted me. He has given me a cozy bed, and placed His Ambrosial Nectar in my mouth. How could I forget that Father from my mind? When I go to the world hereafter, I shall not lose the game. ||1|| Maya is dead, O mother, and I am very happy. I do not wear the patched coat, nor do I feel the chill. ||1||Pause|| I am a sacrifice to my Father, who gave me life. He put an end to my association with the five deadly sins. I have conquered those five demons, and trampled them underfoot. Remembering the Lord in meditation, my mind and body are drenched with His Love. ||2|| My Father is the Great Lord of the Universe. How shall I go to that Father? When I met the True Guru, He showed me the Way. The Father of the Universe is pleasing to my mind. ||3|| I am Your son, and You are my Father. We both dwell in the same place. Says Kabeer, the Lord's humble servant knows only the One. By Guru's Grace, I have come to know everything. ||4||3|| .... Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  4. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh http://akj.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=184&s...559888182bfff6c First post is a mix .. and second is of Giani Amolak Singh jee ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- try right clicking on the link, copy shortcut, and paste url in winamp ... wait a while, and it'll work :TH: vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
  5. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh heres a tiny attempt to blend two gurukh jeevans through memorable pics Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  6. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh if you're ever sad BYrau mhlw 5 ] qau kVIAY jy hovY bwhir ] qau kVIAY jy ivsrY nrhir ] qau kVIAY jy dUjw Bwey ] ikAw kVIAY jW rihAw smwey ]1] mwieAw moih kVy kiV picAw ] ibnu nwvY BRim BRim BRim KipAw ]1] rhwau ] qau kVIAY jy dUjw krqw ] qau kVIAY jy AinAwie ko mrqw ] qau kVIAY jy ikCu jwxY nwhI ] ikAw kVIAY jW BrpUir smwhI ]2] qau kVIAY jy ikCu hoie iD|wxY ] qau kVIAY jy BUil rM\wxY ] guir kihAw jo hoie sBu pRB qy ] qb kwVw Coif AicMq hm soqy ]3] pRB qUhY Twkuru sBu ko qyrw ] ijau BwvY iqau krih inbyrw ] duqIAw nwsiq ieku rihAw smwie ] rwKhu pYj nwnk srxwie ]4]5]18] Bhairao, Fifth Mehl: We should feel sad, if God were beyond us. We should feel sad, if we forget the Lord. We should feel sad, if we are in love with duality. But why should we feel sad? The Lord is pervading everywhere. ||1|| In love and attachment to Maya, the mortals are sad, and are consumed by sadness. Without the Name, they wander and wander and wander, and waste away. ||1||Pause|| We should feel sad, if there were another Creator Lord. We should feel sad, if someone dies by injustice. We should feel sad, if something were not known to the Lord. But why should we feel sad? The Lord is totally permeating everywhere. ||2|| We should feel sad, if God were a tyrant. We should feel sad, if He made us suffer by mistake. The Guru says that whatever happens is all by God's Will. So I have abandoned sadness, and I now sleep without anxiety. ||3|| O God, You alone are my Lord and Master; all belong to You. According to Your Will, You pass judgement. There is no other at all; the One Lord is permeating and pervading everywhere. Please save Nanak's honor; I have come to Your Sanctuary. ||4||5||18|| ... there's a reason not to be, stay in chardikala Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh :doh:
  7. simran_kaur


    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Vahe (wonderful/wow) .... Gu ( darkness ) Ru ( Light ) Vaheguru i'd die for the silence vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
  8. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maalee Gauraa on Pannaa 986 maalee gourraa mehalaa 5 || aiso sehaaee har ko naam || saadhhasa(n)gath bhaj pooran kaam ||1|| rehaao || booddath ko jaisae baerree milath || boojhath dheepak milath thilath || jalath aganee milath neer || jaisae baarik mukhehi kheer ||1|| jaisae ran mehi sakhaa bhraath || jaisae bhookhae bhojan maath || jaisae kirakhehi baras maegh || jaisae paalan saran sae(n)agh ||2|| garurr mukh nehee sarap thraas || sooaa pi(n)jar nehee khaae bilaas || jaiso aaa(n)ddo hiradhae maahi || jaiso dhaano chakee dharaahi ||3|| bahuth oupamaa thhor kehee || har agam agam agaadhh thuhee || ooch moocha bahu apaar || simarath naanak tharae saar ||4||3|| Maalee Gauraa, Fifth Mehl: This is the sort of helper the Name of the Lord is. Meditating in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one's affairs are perfectly resolved. ||1||Pause|| It is like a boat to a drowning man. It is like oil to the lamp whose flame is dying out. It is like water poured on the burning fire. It is like milk poured into the baby's mouth. ||1|| As one's brother becomes a helper on the field of battle; as one's hunger is satisfied by food; as the cloudburst saves the crops; as one is protected in the tiger's lair;||2|| As with the magic spell of Garuda the eagle upon one's lips, one does not fear the snake; as the cat cannot eat the parrot in its cage; as the bird cherishes her eggs in her heart; as the grains are spared, by sticking to the central post of the mill;||3|| Your Glory is so great; I can describe only a tiny bit of it. O Lord, You are inaccessible, unapproachable and unfathomable. You are lofty and high, utterly great and infinite. Meditating in remembrance on the Lord, O Nanak, one is carried across. ||4||3|| Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  9. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Ye Bhainji PLEASE share your sketch ... and making a sculpture must me hard work :wub: @ i've thought of doing that ... but thats a lot more work than putting a couple of lines on paper .. Props for trying <_< heheh Gurpreet bhainji ... that sketch is like WOH! ... Pure craziness!! i think i've seen someone who looks like that ... and veerji .. sorry i took so long .. jus neva got the time .. but uhh ... i Can't draw limbs or any other sort of complicated sketch .. but i drew a singhnee and TriEd drawing a singh ... let me kno how i can improve cause i definitely suck ... oh and btw.. i only have two crayons heheh
  10. Bhai Bharpoor Singh Ji is SOOOOO coool <_< close up
  11. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh ummm.. i'm not good at drawing... so i think u should hand the fate of the other thread into a professionals hands .. i jus think the simplicity and chardikala of that singhnee is inspirational ... i've always wanted to see someone like that ... oh and ... since i'm good at doing this ... i couldn't prove that her limbs weren't cut of ... she just has a "shawl" around her ... heheh .... thankyou very much for all the viewpoints <_< Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  12. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Ang 10 Trilochan awoke early daily just to have sight of Namdev, Together they would concentrate on the Lord and Namdev would tell him the grand stories of God. (Trilochan asked Namdev) “kindly pray for me so that if the Lord accepts, I may also have a glimpse of His blessed vision.” Namdev asked Thakur, the Lord, as to how Trilochan could have sight of the Lord ? The Lord God smiled and explained to Naamdev; “No offerings are needed by me. Out of my delight only, I would make Trilochan to have sight of me. " I am under the total control of the devotees and their loving claims I can never reject; rather I myself also cannot understand them. Their loving devotion, in fact, becomes mediator and makes them meet me.” <_< Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  13. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh we can love him together... maybe we can gather more dhoor that way. Two is always betta that one ... :TH:
  14. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh i was bored... so i drew this singhnee .... i think it looks better when its scanned ... so the original isn't that good ... anyhow... if anyone has a few pointers, pls feel free to share... Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  15. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Prabhaatee: Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false. You say that the One Lord is in all, so why do you kill chickens? ||1|| O Mullah, tell me: is this God's Justice? The doubts of your mind have not been dispelled. ||1||Pause|| You seize a living creature, and then bring it home and kill its body; you have killed only the clay. The light of the soul passes into another form. So tell me, what have you killed? ||2|| And what good are your purifications? Why do you bother to wash your face? And why do you bother to bow your head in the mosque? Your heart is full of hypocrisy; what good are your prayers or your pilgrimage to Mecca? ||3|| You are impure; you do not understand the Pure Lord. You do not know His Mystery. Says Kabeer, you have missed out on paradise; your mind is set on hell. ||4||4|| Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
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