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    W - Wonderfully recite the True Name within single mindedness
    A - Allow: Allow the Lord to lead the way forward
    H - Hail the True Guru, the Shabad Guru
    E - Eternity: this life is but a passing dream
    G - Grow by planting the seed of Service in the world
    U - Ultimate: see the World as His play
    R - Realise the purpose of life each and every day
    U - Understand, There is One Lord, May I never Forget Him
  1. WJKK WJKF Just wanted to pass on that Sikh Inspired Health forum is up and running with a fresh new look: http://sikhinspiredhealth.motionsforum.com/forum.htm WE encourage members to join for free training nutrition advice. New things to look forward to are: - Video Journals. - Real results from People I've trained: I have been training a Singh this last year and he went from a flimsy bench of 95lbs to 275lbs, and achieved a deadlift of 405lbs, and a squat of 315lbs all in 1 year! - New cardio information and log & Much more. * Please sign up and encourage anyone you know who is
  2. Neurological signs require Immediate Medical Consultation. If there is a viral attack on the bodily systems, you will need to determine this with Neurological examination. This is a common issue in certain STDs. Please examine this issue at the earliest, as there is potential permanent disability if not taken care of. Regards
  3. mskcan

    Sad & Lonely

    Dear Sir, Please find out about Rehabilitation for your issues. In particular Physiotherapy will give you a chance for improved mobility, and daily functional activities. Furthermore, please examine individuals who have the potential to motivate you to do something greater: http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/ There is not limits, even with disability or injury. The limitations are in our minds. Regards
  4. Gurfateh! Try changing your beliefs, and changing your life path... Leave all up to God, God knows what you can handle. Look for signs that your prayer is guiding you, because it will. Do not let past experiences dictate future results. Regards
  5. What a useless thread. I usually wonder why ridiculous articles get posted in Canadian Newspapers. I wonder twice why useless threads get posted on Sikh websites. We are filthy, and we do not recognize the vice of our own Egos. Edge God Out. See where it gets you
  6. Diaphoresis - excessive sweating due to an underlying medical condition, could very well be possible. It would not hurt to have bloods done, the treatment may simply be change in diet. It is always important to clear such things because the earlier anything is got the more successfully you avert dysfunctional pathways from being laid down
  7. If God opens your eyes, you have to decide to step forward. The thought, feeling, and emotion should guide you...
  8. Lol, thank you. The reason is that we switched forums, the old forum is now phased out. We had over 100 members. Check out the Daily Updated Video Journal: http://sikhinspiredhealth.motionsforum.com/training-journals-f3/canucks-journal-i-believe-t7-50.htm#291 Also, please feel free to discuss other health related topics... There is a bunch of MMA stuff that we are slowly bringing in.
  9. Bumpity Bump. Please see the new format, sign up, and share.... http://sikhinspiredhealth.motionsforum.com/index.htm
  10. Have you seen the fish with 'Darwin' in it? Darwinism is the number one reason that the west turned atheist. The Church was once used to be held as the position of knowledge. The facts of the Church did not meet with the facts of science, so the Lab Coat became the source of knowledge for us up until today. The future is in the fact that Darwinism does not explain biology. The new BIology --> "Epigenetics" is the answer. We have to incorporate the Spiritual Sciences, the modern interpretation of quantum physics into our interpretation of the the way of the world. Without them, al
  11. Men of Honour - starring Cuba Gooding Jr Patch Adams - Robin Williams What Dreams May Come - Robin Williams The Celestine Prophecy Rwanda Forrest GUMP! - probably the best movie ever
  12. Amazing! This is exactly in line with new epigenetics research in prenatal and peri-natal nurturing of children. What the mother, and father, expose the child to even while the mother is pregnant influences the GENEs that form the individuals psycho-social, and physical components of being! The most glaringly obvious type is that when a child is born with a disability due to the mother consuming alcohol or other toxic substances. But we rarely ever measure LOVE!. Love in the form of a calm, relaxed mother can help improve the child's development by 33%! A classic study is that in a Roma
  13. It is high time, we need to make an active effort to stop the 'gay-bashing'... ageism, discimination against disabled, and any other minority group that is constantly discriminated against for being different. Pornography is a far greater disease than the few non-straight individuals that are out there. We live from Lower chakra levels, and are raised in lower chakra levels. It is not genetic, else how can it be explained that some people have spontaneous remission from straight-non-straight to straight. Here is an example of someone who has overcome the public misperception: http://www
  14. So whats the point? Is it meant to convey something? Why just say God, God. I feel like I am not getting something here... Tanks for the reply though All the best, Wales There are various articles that define and break up the VV H G R of Vaheguru explaining how in each age, a different name was primarily usef ro God, such as Har, Ram, I can't recall the article by heart. These aspects have been explored in Gurbani, and no specific Name is mentioned or used therein. However, Gursikhs have time and again proclaimed the power of the True Name of God when chanted.
  15. Well on you, but just remember, a lot of people show dark ugly faces on the internet they wouldn't otherwise some are just lurkers looking to push buttons, and some dare I say it, are fanatical in their atheism, scientific materialism, etc. Some people are just plain brainwashed, but that can be said about pretty much everybody to some extent If one is informed, let others choose to, or not choose to make informed choices themselves. For example, we all know Phama has an agenda to make money, but that doesn't mean we sway people away from Pharmaceuticals completely, we just offer alterna
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