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  1. to the internet "taksalis" could you pls tell me why you are against people sayin shabadh.. i.e addn the bindi, but its ok for you guys to add bindis wen u want mango.. in sohila sahib??... hypricricy
  2. :cry: HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP poor amrit leads too kaam problems!!!
  3. gurfateh jeee!! i was at 1984 march last week, i was just wondering why some of the singhs had really big jureh?..(gutiaan) and why they mke the soo big...the practicality in them (if there is some) and how they do it...with them still being secure... beacuse to me they looked like they would fall of quite easily? ?? and also point of the little weapons in the dastaran...? thanks? btw where they nihangs?
  4. what type of vitamens may i be lacking in? exampples.. and in what foods are they in?
  5. wjkk wjkf i get to sleep early, and wke up fine, but as soon i start my nitnem (listen to it, my punjabe is teriablle) i fall asleep, evn wen im holdin a gutka sahib, if i close my eyes...bang.. why does this happen? thanks
  6. do these work: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/part...CE+RECORDER.htm to record keertan...katha etc... please let me knw asapp!!
  7. fateh parvaan jio, i really want amrit dee daat...but i have serious kaam problems.. esp @ nite...if u get want him trying to say... its not even @ nite its weneva i sleep..if i have a ok nite slee nd sleep during the day cuz the lack of it... it happens... please help how do prevent this..? thanks sorry for the gandha dirty thread...! papee hee aan..
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