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  1. All flights from Uk are cancelled due to a Volcanic eruption in Iceland , therefore the UK sangat may not be able to attend this year
  2. Transport: Southall Bh Satnam Singh 07956 519256Manchester Bh Mandeep Singh 07791 775671Birmingham Bh Bhupinder Singh 07725 973836Coventry Bh Tarnjit Singh 07877 888874Hitchin Bh Harkamal Singh 07816 361811Derby Bh Ajeet Singh 07533 362911East London Bh Upkar Singh 07747 770156Bradford Bh Kamaljeet Singh 07971 185457Glasgow Bh Manjit Singh 07825 216379Southshields Bh Karnail Singh 07801 431855
  3. Fateh ji Pls email sharecharity@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Thank you , Jaap sahib will be corrected and any missign dalaama added thank you for your support and help
  5. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Thank you for all the above posts , a new release of STTM is about to be launched I am in direct contact with the sevadaars and can make sure that all the above mentioned amendments are actioned . If there are any other concerns or changes/correctiosn please email sharecharity@hotmail.co.uk Thanks again
  6. The translated english meaning is wrong.. In gurmukhi it meant different.. saying that we all human (manas ki jaat) should remember the ONE god. Though it is tough to say but i agree with proactive... Thank God that Bhai Kaneya never thought like you... Keep up the good work Khalsa Aid
  7. not many seats left on midland coach so if you wanna go get in touch asap
  8. Midlands coach is nearly full so phone to reserve your seat or miss out
  9. Transport will be arranged from Birmingham and Coventry , details to follow
  10. EVeryone please take the time to sign this petition
  11. May Guru ji inspire other youth in Punjab to rise up against these Fake sants
  12. Why are you sounding surprised, this is the state of the panth, we have once again fallen into the trap of the RSS like agencies who have successfully damaged and divided the Sikh Panth
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