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  1. omg ure gonna save my life - tell me the name of the school!
  2. Thanks so much. Please PM me and let me know the name of the school!!!!!!! I have a huge problem because I did AQA spec B English Language and Literature....and I cannot find any college which does the same.
  3. Sangat Ji. I really need help. Does anyone know of a school which does English Language and Literature? I have phoned a lot of colleges and they do only A2 English Language or only A2 English Literature......What I need is A2 English Language and Literature. Please if anyone knows of a 6th form or college in Birmingham which does this combination then please let me know asap because school has already started. Thanks!
  4. He will not get a place at a top uni. Top uni's want minimum 3 A levels and a 4th As with good GCSE (A* and A's). Also its not only about points cos it also depends on on the subjects he is doing a full A level in.....if its general studies then majority of Uni's don't count general studies.....not only do you have to think about the subjects he is studying but also the course he is applying to. If its a tough course where they have lots of students applying then no he will not get a place. But if its a course where they struggle to meet the numbers then he stands a chance. I know its not
  5. I think thats a productive idea - waiting for Admin might take long...create the thread now yourself. I'm sure you'll have lots of support.
  6. I agree with saint-soldier....I was gonna write it ages ago but then didn't wanna be the first and be blamed. Now I am not pointing at anyone in particular but it really annoys me is when people start posting saying why are you talking about this topic...who are we to judge and how we should leave everything to God....this has to be the most annoying thing anyone can say especially when you combine it with adding do naam simran. In all frankness this is a load of emotional blackmail.....its like when you say I want to cut my hair and then you get someone posting this 'OMG you don't love th
  7. One of my friends did that once, in fact he took my Pepsi can from my hand and said "one sip" and immediately sipped it. When he was going to return it, I said "You can have it. I am done". LOL!!! lol I do the same. The amount of times people ask for my drink....and then its rude to refuse so you allow them to have it and clearly u cannot have it back so ure forced to give it all away... Also its not to do with people being infidels....infidels play a ole in islam! For Sikh people its basic sucham. You don't eat off people's plate or drink their drinks. Even if the person was amritdhari I w
  8. The worst is when ure having ure drink and then the person next to you goes 'can i have a sip?' (
  9. WJKK WJKF Your battery is dead. Dont get ripped off by going to a high street store to purchase a replacement, ebays the place to go... WJKK WJKF fateh ji I was really upset when I read everyone on sikhsangat saying my battery died cos I love my laptop loads. Anyhoo as I was feeling miserable I started messing about. At first I used to check power settings thru desktop but this time I went to control panels and then checked my advanced power settings. I found out my battery was not being detected so in my moment of despair I pulled out the battery and re-did the AC wiring. I put eve
  10. just thot i wud add - best place to contact me is on facebook...but then again I am trying to get rid of my addictions!

  11. hey my lovely thanks for checking on me. I am all well now. Email address works but since I check my emails after 2 months etc - I activated vacation reply :)

  12. This reminds me. i have a problem with my laptop. Its used to run on batteries but over the last 2 months something happened. It no longer runs on batteries. eg. I plug my laptop in and it works. As soon as I take the plug out it shuts off......I must have messed with the settings....how do I get it to swtich and run on battery power?
  13. nah bhenji I am not at uni yet. i should start soon though. Its not only cough. I got an infection. Fever has gone now and my eyes hav stopped being watery. Just need a few more days rest!

  14. omg we used to have a moti Alison at our drs surgery too. She actually spoke punjabi and left our surgery about 10 years ago. What if its the same one!?! But good on her tho. This reminds me of something else. My cousin is 100% Punjabi but God made him naturally blonde haired and white skinned so he looks completely like a white person. Now when he goes gurdwara he hates how some punjabi people stare and start referring to him as 'a gora singh' and then to make it worse they chat about him in punjabi whlist he is standing there. Its really rude because he knows punjabi and there you have
  15. I liked you post. I think alot of people mistake khalsa to mean Sikh. Raj karega khalsa does not mean sikhs will rule.. Khalsa means pure one. This means it could be anyone of any belief but as long as they are representing the sach of dharam and God ie pure one. And the concept of raj is not ruling over land but its saying that those people who are pure (khalsa) are the true rulers. Although I don't mind the khalistan movement adopting this as their slogan I do think people should understand the real meaning of this phrase is not about land. its about being true to your dharam and God where
  16. awww that guy shudn't have sworn....I've met some white people who know Punjabi, one of Dad's friends is white but he worked in the army and therefore lived in India for some time where he picked up the language. Anyways this reminds me of another story which happened to me. I was going to India, Amritsar on that well known turk/uzbec plane. Anyways we had a stop in Arabia but it was an old style airport where you step down the stairs to go out from the plane. Normally all planes i have travelled on open into the airport on a ramp so that there is no need for stairs. So basically I got ex
  17. hmmm I know its been a long time since I posted but thats a quick change of members - I guess its okay - maybe I can convince the AS people to apply Imperial. lol. But on a serous note if any of u need help with ps/applications let me know.
  18. I don't think there is anything wrong with the Punjabi style....each to their own preference though.
  19. lol i kno....i was being lazy and asked here because I coudn't find the A level results thread... :BL:
  20. fateh ji. My bro gmb_sim is correct..
  21. aww revolutionary sounds like my mum except I always thought budi meant 'thinking' ie rakas budi, shudh budi etc. Anyways small point as its a very nice post ji :D
  22. aww thanks bhenji. health is the same. I am not getting better yet but I shud recover slowly. Hows everything with you? Are you back at work or are u still chilling around...

  23. awww which uni's are ppl going to?
  24. hey bhenji. hope ure well. fb is sorted now...:D

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