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  1. lol glad to know I am not the only one. hope all things are going well with u! x

  2. AKAAAAAAAAAAAL.........how is summer school? I feel so ill. Just sleeping all the time :(

  3. Doctor saab what are u doing? have u got the Job sorted? My sister is gonna be on radio 2mro- make sure u listen to her on Saty's show!!

  4. The comment box is not enuf so my babble got cut...basically 2 yrs ago he replied to me in 5 hours and now he is not replying to me. I don't think I will ever be able to log back in again....:(

  5. I got Dc on msn again! I forgot to tell u tht I got logged out of my facebook account. i emailed the owned Matt and he is not replying to me. I really wanna login cos thts how I keep track of birthday invites. I'm all confused now....and I don't think matt is gonna alllow me to log in...its been a week and he is not replying to me...last time I emailed him 2 yrs ago he replied in 5 hou

  6. fateh veerji You simply burn the hair as its the best way to get rid of them
  7. Fateh bhenji. My mum can make bana's, kachera's etc. If your from Birmingham UK let me know.
  8. fateh ji. If someone can post these two - jisda sahib dada hovai - thahee bhoo na lagey
  9. I've never heard of him either....and I haven't read all of this thread......but it seems like people had high expectations of him but then he went the other way. So whats happened - now everyone is hurt..
  10. Just to balance the family stories out.....my family is the complete opposite. Everyone was amritdhari. It was uncommon to find anyone who had not taken Amrit and most of the children had taken Amrit too. This is all from what my nana ji told me. He would have been in his 90's or 100's. He was from Pakistan Punjab (dunno if this makes a difference) but anyways he knew about the Guru's etc when he was young. His family used to tell Sakhi's at bedtime. And no girl was married into the family unless they had taken Amrit. But I also remember him sayin there was a lot more integration back in t
  11. I want to know that too. I am working so I might only be able to come and join the sangat for evening kirtan. Would I be allowed to come only for an evening?
  12. In all honesty I wouldn't bother saying your daughters do this.....it will just cause rift and you know how one little thing can sour everything. Ignore that bit and just say uncle ji I am much better now and so I am going home and add in a little bit about how ure mum wants you and how thankful you are for his company. Then just leave.....go home and rather than looking for role models become the best you can. Look inside.
  13. sitargirl


    aww saint-soldier thats cool to know. I will adopt you as my brother so when anyone tells me off they gots to go through the saint soldier first. Damn how cool does tht sound. lol. Anyways I have something serious to add to the topic. Firstly I don't think its nice to say personal things to the I sold out boy. But yes in response to the wedding pic comment your not supposed to be all over each other as doing so is considered a lack of respect since it places all the guests and little children in an awkward position. Its like how everyone will be disgusted and think u have no respect if you k
  14. I have no idea who these ppl are but I think thats what is wrong with us. We look for role models but we fail to see that we as individuals are the role models. By this I mean: I don't need anyone to inspire me. We should stop looking outside and instead we should look inside. I am my own inspiration and I think everyone should do the same.
  15. mai pare ta ha se....as Matheen says by asian they mean oriental asians. And tht obese thing made me laugh...punjabi ppl are slightly on the fat side of things. lol I am joking incase anyone gets upset! Plus soya contains estrogen and they know it reduces sperm count....but they don't know the mixture of factors like age, ethinicity which affect the overall fertility problem....but you see its deffo certain tht soya contains more oestrogen.... I guess the positive outlook on things is that the extra oetrogen hormone boost helps men not to be hairy...actually that might explain why chineese
  16. The easiest thing to do is to call the gurdwara ji. Search for their phone number in google.
  17. Soya and tofu lovers should read this cos they ruin male fertility. Paneer all the way. YAY :D http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...eandHealth/home
  18. I'm sorry ji. I read about 3 pages and came across this: It made me laugh. Also the context in relation to a facebook group for me is out of proportion but the serious comments like yours are respectable for making it a proper meaningful discussion.
  19. On the poll it seems like Medics are in the lead :D
  20. sitargirl


    The last time I wrote I found a thread hilarious I got told off. Anyways I am glad to know saint-soldier has found comedy value too...
  21. I use coconut oil for my hair.... Anyways for my body I use johnsons baby oil - does it really give white hair....you see sometimes when I am lazy I am not bothered to heat the coconut oil so I use Johnsons instead so I would like to know... Also another thing I was talking about this to my friend. Basically we both use oil. She uses oil before she showers. So she keeps it in her hair for an hour beforehand and then washes it out. I however use it after I have showered so I do not wash it out. Whats the right way?
  22. Oh go on do the honors! :lol: What about Sikhsangat veggie BBQ! :gg: I don't mind planning it. I would even make a poster for it and advertise it properly but I cannot do it on my own. I need a team. We will need to set up on the day, someone to pick people up, someone to organise the food stuff, someone to take care of the fun and games side of things. And then where do we hold it? What day? What time? I wish I was in California, we don't have any beaches in the UK unless we go to Cornwall but then thats gonna be expensive....where are we gonna get the money from
  23. If you want to get rid of the group then send Matt an email or send a message to the Creator of the facebook group. Make the message polite or alternatively direct them to this sikhsangat thread (by the way this thread is hilarious!). All I can say is that I am glad I do not belong to any Jatha because its evident that own jatha pride gets in the way and makes such a simple thing very messy!! Also another thing: facebook is a social network. Its not accurate and most things are light hearted jokes. I honestly would have not taken offence at that group....there's so many groups on there that
  24. i would love to go to one of these things. Maybe someone should organise a pinic for the Uk sikhsangat....who wants to plan it?
  25. sitargirl


    Basically you have to adjust it to your parent's personality. I am suprised they have never mentionned any rista stuff to you; I thought every asian got teased about rista and marriage. lol. Anyhooo I would do it like this 'so wat age did u get married?'.....then he/she says the age Then you say 'yea thats around my age *pause and do ure thinking face*...then say 'hmmmm if you got married around my age then do you think its about time I got married'......and wait. Personally I would do it with both of them in the room but if thats scary then target them one by one. I would go for the mum f
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