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  1. My sister learns tabla at bebe ki gurdwara, hockley in Birmingham...its near Soho Road gurdwara below the flyover going to the city centre. The Gurdwara looks kinda deserted and has unfinished building work...but I like to think of it as being like the freezing cold Namdhari gurdwara - the building might need more work but there is excellence in music. You didn't say if you were from Birmingham but if you are then this is the best place to learn. Its taught by Narinder and the teaching is all classical. They are actually trying to do gurmat sangeet how it was in the olden days with sarangi an
  2. The answer to this is that no two people following the same religion will follow it exactly the same. Also in general its accepted that we incorporate things into our life once they start makin sense to us. Ie just because our faith says do not remove ure hair: this does not mean people follow it. Infact suprisingly the majority of Sikhs actually cut or remove their hair. But we must remember that someone might cut their hair and later on they may start keeping hair. This is cos they understood/had the belief and hence they incorporated it into their life. Likewise someone will keep this reh
  3. I don't mind questions and no question is ever naive. I think you people are confused. From what I can gather your thinking its cos non gursikhs are untouchable and so anything nongursikhs touch becomes impure. This is absolutely not the reason. It's not about looking down upon anyone; the people concerned only want their food made a certain way. I have about 8 mins to explain this before I have to go and catch my train home so please excuse me if my explanation is short. So let me begin explaining - This rehat involves the belief that you are what you eat. The society we live in already be
  4. I think we should respect people's lifestyle. As people may or may not know there are group of Gursikhs who only eat food cooked by Gursikh people. This is actually part of their rehat. Shopping for raw things like potatoes, vegetables from shops such as Sainsburys is okay as its not cooked food. As is being served by people at Sainsburys for these raw goods....but you see the actual cooking has to done by fellow Gursikhs. Since it is part of their Amritdhari Rehat then I think we should stop trying to force them to break it. Anyways to bring the thread back to topic: sher_punjabi did u fin
  5. This problem came about due to huge public scrutiny of superbugs like MRSA. The hospitals in essence responded by introducing all these policies however no one knows if they make a signnificant difference ie do we actually know whether wearing kara increases infection rates? In my opinion they need to conduct more studies before writing everything off as being infectious. Also as msckan said I too refuse to take my kara off when people are allowed to wear wedding rings. Anyways enough of my opinion: I think msckan you should google for the sikh doctors medical association and see if they hel
  6. In the olden days it was mother, father, then mummy, daddy, then mum and dad. Likewise language is always changing. Veer actually means warrior. In the olden days girls would call their brothers warriors ie veerji.....then people started calling brothers bhai ji....and from BHAI JI people shortened it to PAJI. Likewise people shortened the word BHEN JI to PENJI for girls. Personally I prefer to say Veer Ji rather than Paji since the word Veer has heritage and a deeper meaning. But each to their own.
  7. My mum is a Gursikh and she works in catering - she can make Barfi and Samosa. Let me know number needed or give me a call
  8. ooooo HaPpY BiRtHdaY Veerji...I hope all ure wishes come tru and u continue to have a blessed Gursikhi jeevan.
  9. Hey penji. Sorry I got the wrong person. Haven't spoken to you in ages so got the wrong user name. I hope all is well and ure both my fav so I will deffo invite both of u!! xx

  10. Detective A I am leaving!!!! I asked them to ban me from the forum...Hope they do it. We'll still be friends tho. I just have alot of negative energy i need to sort out!

  11. I'm leaving. I asked them to ban me. I hope they do it. So much negative energy around...its not good for my karma!

  12. 'Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More' Cranial Nerves. S for sensory. M for Motor and B for Both. Also the B's also give Brancial arch nerves in order:

    But (CN 5): 1st arch Brother (CN7): 2nd arch

    Big (CN9): 3rd arch Boobs (CN 10): 4th arch

  13. Stop Letting Those People Touch That Cadaver's Hand

    (Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hammate)

    Carpal bones, bottom row first from radial to ulnar side

  14. Doctor Sahib hor ki haal ha?. Do u read ure comment box? lol...:P

  15. Munna Bhai MBBS....lol...

  16. ah thats really interesting. I'm gonna ask u more questions but later on!
  17. I find this really interesting. Would you be able to list all 36 please??
  18. Hey detective number 2. :D

  19. ooOOoo I see a new game forming... Amritsaar Singh btw I am not going to post anymore!!!!!
  20. This doesn't sound gd...anyone wanna answer my question???
  21. Cool post....this stuck out for me....anyone know what this refers to??
  22. aww thanx. Slight problemo - I don't have my punjabi to english dictionary with me and thats gonna take me half an hour to read one line! If I were to guess 5 chor and 10 gates....but what are the three whirl winds? I wud guess thats in reference to the realms...but there are 4 realms not 3.... If u can explain please cos I am feeling lazy today.
  23. By reading this and the inconvenience caused I don't think we should allow bollywood filming at all. I don't understand how this article leads to the conclusion that the golden temple had no control over what scenes were to be shooted. Normally you have a contract and its within ure right to know what is going to be filmed and how etc so if something goes wrong u can ask for it to be deleted. When I was little I had a film made of me and in my contract it had notes about my rights. It covered everything from how I can change the editing if I did not like it down to little details like storage
  24. I just came across this thread. This is going to be offtopic but in this hukamnamma it talks about 5 tigers and 10 wolves....does anyone know what this is in reference too, I've never come across this before.
  25. I dunno if its me but I think sikh names are easy to work out. Most people have one of these in their name - deep/dip - jot/jyot - preet/prit - jit/jeet - vir/bir - inder/vinder - sharan/charan - there are more but cannot remember them! Anyways I wanna see real pics.
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