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  1. Ure so right. Dunno whats wrong with me. I'm going and not coming back till I finish. Lets hope it works!!

  2. Lol, no. I'm gonna go now, I won't post again. I'm sorry.
  3. Actually I find it cool seeing different people and then looking at how they talk, wat words they use, which words they omit, what they mean, what they don't mean, its so fascinating...importantly its really rare to find people who can accurately reflect their words. This makes me think how Guru's must have had a hard time writing SGGSji...language has so many limitations and so many problems, we are limited by our knowledge yet at the same time the level of scrutiny we give lines and if we applied it to our own sentances...which i have....its very easy to lose context.....must have been so ha
  4. u liar. You're not related to my brother. And your not 47, i think your 17/18 maybe aww bhenji is he ure REAL brother??? I never knew dat..... Anyways I read u wanna learn how to sew kachera - u can learn off my mum over the summer. My mum is pretty cool and know's alot of stuff! I got exams but I will chat to u in may and we'll sort something out. I need to learn aswell so we can learn off her together.
  5. I cannot believe u went out and rented the movie. I wasn't recommending that! But am glad u liked it anyway. A movie I think u shud deffo rent is called Provoked. So amazing. Here is the trailer

    Polics station scene

    THIS IS A Good Movie make sure u watch this one!! Anyways back to work!! x
  6. Dass means servant. I believe its a sanskrit word. Normally people call themsevles Dass to show their humbleness.... eg. Dass benti karda hai guru ka langar sakh keh jana....ure servant wud like to kindly request that u eat langar.... Basically that sort of thing. You can apply it in different contexts eg It could mean ure calling yourself God's servant.
  7. But the actual fight scene is good yea...my friend saw it and thort the girl was sikh just cos she had long hair and a turban...lol...anyways me deffo getting back to work. Wasted so much time today!!

  8. I'm so sorry. I posted the wrong video!!! I take full responsibility cos its all my fault...

  9. I posted the wrong video!!! I meant this one -

  10. I posted the wrong video. I mean this scene!!!

  11. hmm okay maybe slightly better than that but similar!!!

  12. Yayyy!!! Ure in....this movie is gonna be the best :D We should have fight scene like this....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5S_Qr16dmQ

  13. cool Jiwansingh7072 is gonna be the cool nihang- I cannot wait...this will be the best movie ever!! I'm leaving all future recruitments to director sher-e-moreau.......he is now responsible for everything EDIT - I think we should have a fight scene similar to this but better ....
  14. I gave u the link. Here it's again - maybe we shud have a scene like that?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5S_Qr16dmQ Anyways Director Ji loadsa ppl wanna be in ure film. I will leave all role allocations and recruiting to you!!! After exams we are gonna go somewhere big with this :D

  15. HAVE U WATCHED THE SCENE - what do u think of it???

  16. I liked it....its about the emperor Akbar who used to rule over India. Here is a scene u might like....reminds me of a singhnia fighting bit we wud do it better. lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5S_Qr16dmQ

  17. YAY I AM SO EXCITED NOW.... FILM = Sundri Director - sher-e-moreau Scriptwriter - Kaur93 Main male lead - Surinderjit Sundri - Sitargirl....tho I might change my mind cos I fancy dressing up as a Mughal. We shall see!! Anyways we need more people...this is gonna be fab!! Roles needed to be filled - Mughals - Little boy getting scared of the crow - Singh's on horseback etc
  18. YAY ure Director JI...now don't be too bossy on us!!! xxx

  19. Its awful I watched jodha akbar on youtube about 5 times and I keep listening to jashn-e-bahaara....such a beautiful song...OK ok ure right. I am going!!!

  20. we can go to sangat abraod for that.. 5 per person frome ach gurdwara around the world should do it Snap wikid.....so lets get our crew ready cos this is a huge project. Sher-e-moreau I appoint as artistic director as he is good at drawing (look at his singhni pic) and with us he will get us to do all cool shots....definately director material... We need to appoint some more people though....wat role do u want kaur93???
  21. yay and i can drafted as the actress!!! Who gonna give us the money to film??
  22. I could be...just need someone to give me the same clothes and hairstyle Btw today I was tinking.....I really want someone to make a movie on the Novel Sundri.....that wud be such a cool movie!!!
  23. Those pics are cool Surinderjit!! Here is me posing in a film poster...... AND MY FAV song at the moment.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5S_Qr16dmQ As you can tell I just watched Jodha Akbar.
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