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  1. pambo!!!!

    wanna know what my dad read all of ur video comments and pic comments on youtube and flickr

    and for some reason he said he thought u were really nice girl lol

    he was like she seems like nice girl lol



  3. If anyone took part in the nagar kirtan and also took photos, can u please contact me as i need loads photos or videos from the nagar kirtan :D ..something surprising will be on the way then :D if someone has photos and feels lyc sharing them..please pm me..thankss
  4. awesome videooo :D inspirational to us :D nufin weird lol
  5. hahhaaa...u tryin to be funny ??? how can u say that, wen i started listening to bhai sahib, i understood every word of gurbanniii :D keep ur opinions to urself :D
  6. u ave answered your own question..lol..yeahh think about akaal ..repeat banni inside your mind :D
  7. hey thanks for the wishes... yeh it was on the 1st..how r u anyways...

  8. how do u stay so super anonymous all the time :-? :-P....... meinu vi sikha do lol

  9. lol.... i ve been anonymously more anonymous lately lol.... u tell me ...never been that anonymous ever before in my life lol..... so anonymous lately that sometimes I even find myself in a different class in my school :-s

  10. how r juu anonymous ?? LOOOL

    provide me wiv a goood answwaa LOL

  11. lagda anonymous daa :P

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