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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Guru Paryaree Sadh Sangat, It is with great regret we announce that tonight's show has been cancelled. The show was the culmination of a 3 year ordeal of a once happy Sikh family who's world fell apart when they lost their child to grooming. The recording was done over 4 weeks going into great personal detail, which took an enormous amount of courage from the family. They did this for one reason and one reason only; in the hope it may protect someone else's child. Sangat TV had sponsored, recorded and edited the show. The show received enormous publicity though SMS, Facebook and other social media. 4 hours before the show was due to air, Sangat TV decided to cancel the program. Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) made it clear the program was clearly inline with ofcom rules and there was nothing questionable in it's contents. SAS will endeavour to bring you this program via an alternative route within the next few weeks. Our sincere gratitude to the family who allowed filming during a deeply traumatic period in their lives. We thank those who helped publicise this program and will notify the Sangat with an alternative time for airing. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. ^^^^^^the above was posted by SAS when you found out that sangat tv cancelled your show. WHY THE SUDDEN CHANGE OF ATTITUDE? the first post it seemed as though you were shocked and offended by what sangat tv had done, and now you STILL want to work with them????!!! How can you even think about working with the same people again after they went back on thier word? I suggest you choose the people that you work with very carefully; here it is clear that sangat trust has broken the trust between them and the sangat. The general public are disgusted with what sangat tv done. Sangat trust does not seem to have any regards for sikhi or even any pyar for sikhi they are simply using ‘sikhi’ as a revenue tool to see how much money they can make. They absolutely flopped it during the time of the riots by becoming a muslim community channel for a short while. Indecently I would not be surprised if Sangat trust was paid off by certain muslim leaders not to show the programme…………. Anyway SAS please stop being hypocritical like sangat tv! By teaming with sangat tv you will not get anywhere as they are full of cow dung.
  2. WHAT A DISGRACE! Again the panthic Sangat tv prats at it again. When will these behsharm dogs learn from their mistakes?! well all i have got to say is - "I hate Sangat tv knobs, brap brap" Ps Rana is annoying as hell......"brap brap" and also how come that cock eyed punjab radio wala doesn't come on sangat tv anymore? him and Rana were an award winning duo. anyway "brap brap"
  3. ^^^^^^ Shutup. WHY the hell is it that we as sikhs, only wake up to a problem when it comes and smacks us in the face?????? Why can't we try to sort out the problem as soon as we see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? your bhul chuk is not maaf my friend, because it is clear that there are many bhul chuks in your thinking. You should first get your head out of your own backside and start to think of the panth as a whole (like what the sikh channel is doing at the moment), then once you reform your thinking, ONLY THEN come back on here and ask for maafi for your Bhul Chuks. Because your statement of Bhul chuk maaf is a load of garbage.
  4. the following quote summaries the kind of person you are: 'if you scratch my back, i'll scratch your backside' As your that kind of person that likes to go that one step further, even if it means to give up your own dignity and self respect. Exactly like what sangat tv have done...................Being the Sikhs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, sikhs protected the mosques including their local communities that they belong to.....................This alone was enough for the UK if not the world to observe the high moral character of the Sikhs, but it wasn't enough for the sangat tv, lot so they decided to do a live broadcast................which initially was a very good and innovative move as they succeeded in being the first sikh channel to be recognized on an International level by people of all backgrounds. Again this still wasn't enough, Downinder went from brilliant to downright embarrassing, along with the highly unprofessional approach of sangat tv. However this still wasn't enough for sangat tv, they then go and put sonia deol on. The way she dressed to the muslim funeral was ridiculous, she should have wore a respectable suit, not skin tight jeans and shirt with high heels. Somebody said earlier that instead of posting on here people should contact sangat tv directly........which many did.......and one of the complaints was about sonia deol, but sangattv still put her on at the funeral. Do the people of sangat tv think they are higher than the Sangat? As i have said before initially i had nothing but praise for sangat tv, the camera quality and delivery of some programmes is very professional and of high quality, but all this has been dwarfed by the incredible mistakes this channel has made. It should forget being a SIKHI Channel and become more of a community channel or even a news channel, that way their actions will be justified. However under the banner of Sikhi they do not have any right to show anything other than Sikhi and there is nothing sikhi about allowing your presenter to shout allah hu akbar on the mic, some pakistani youth blatantly laughing at the fateh and jaikare, (where in defiance they shout their war cry) and allow verses of the Quran to be played live to every sikh home. Sangat TV you cannot please everybody, you should try to understand this concept..............instead try to please the sangat, a start would be to make sure that your presenters cover their heads, i have not seen downinder ever cover his head whilst on the channel. Again if the sikhi field is too vast for you, i suggest you become a community channel. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru JI KI Fateh.
  5. Sangat tv are leading the sikhs as a whole into to a very dangerous trap. This whole riot coverage thing has gone to their heads and they feel very proud of themselves............but obviously this pride will get smashed sooner or later, especially with their disastrous blunders ova the last week. What has sangat tv actually done for the panth that the other sikh channels haven't????????? The channel initially started off as a channel run by the soho road jatha.........but now it seems to Be more political. Sangat TV are a prime example of the the type of people who put the interests of others above their own. Sangat tv IS A SIKH CHANNEL......THEN WHY THE HELL WERE ALLAH HU AKBAR JAIKARE ALLOWED TO BE BROADCAST ON THIS CHANNEL......?????.......ALLAH HU AKBAR WAS SAID WHEN THE MOGULS CAPTURED SIKH WOMEN, ALLAH HU AKBAR WAS SAID WHEN BHAI TARU SINGH JI'S SCALP WAS REMOVED, ALLAH HU AKBAR WAS SAID WHEN THE TWO SAHIBZAADE WHERE BRICKED ALIVE. AND THAT IGNORANT DOWNINDER WAS REPLYING TO THEIR WAR CRY! When somebody shouted a jaikara NO musalman replied, yet this sell out downinder replied at almost every allah hu akbar. Then these same musalman where taking the piss by saying their war cry when somebody would say fateh aswell. I could understand if they did this on bbc or another channel BUT IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for it to be aired on a SIKH channel. And well what can i say about that mogul who was allowed to tell the whole world to become muslims, again on a sikh channel! yes sangat tv made history by being the first sikhi channel to be noticed on a worldwide level by people other than sikhs....................but it has also made history to be the first SIKH channel to allow another faith to openly preach on their channel...........well done for doing our behzti sangat tv............you should have thought about the sangat when you aired this. How can you be preaching unity with the same people who are bent on converting the whole world to islam, the forefathers of these muslims didn't even think twice about betraying Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj.............and yet sangat tv talk about unity.................this claim from the muslims is laughable. If somebody betrays your father, you have to be a shameless dog to stand shoulder to shoulder with that person. For a start downinder randhawa is a complete and utter disgrace to sikhs, his face just irritates me now and i feel sick when i see this sell out's face. His constant and embarrassing appeal for peace is getting annoying now, so Downinder please calm down. Thank god you do not include Singh in your name. and Sangat TV, do not ever think or feel that you represent the view of the whole sikh nation in the UK, you are merely a projection of the views of certain individuals who are out for a name. Other weak sikhs are joining with the UNITY appeal because they are too scared to face the muslims in their everyday life, they do not want to fight or have any tension with them so they'd rather bend over and obey the muslims. These people know of the things that muslims are doing, but they are using this whole community cohesion plan as a glaze to cover reality. Initially i had nothing but praise for sangat tv, but now with all this FAKE and forced community cohesion plan and the countless unforgivable mistakes by the channel, I have boycotted it. To the muslims of the uk: sangat tv is not representing the whole sikh community in the UK at all, it only represents a small sell out minority of the sikh communtiy. As a sikh of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj & Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj I will never unite with muslims, never. I'm not a racist nor do i hate muslims, but i have learned from my history not to trust muslims. The muslims that we see today are not walking in the footsteps of bhagat fareed ji and bhai mardana ji, they walk in the footsteps of osama bin laden, aurangzeb and the countless other terrorists in the world today. Sikh history is written with the blood of our Shaheeds, from this blood we are born and I wish to make one thing clear: I FOR ONE WILL NEVER STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH THOSE WHO BETRAYED MY FATHER. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA! WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH!
  6. quorn has egg in it...............wicked wonka
  7. ive removed my post (it would me nice if gurvah cud remove it aswell), i'm sorry if i offended anyone
  8. so according to this prostitution is ok if you are poor? i doubt it..............maybe you should do research on mehtab singh and see what he fought against. plus i wasn't calling random girls prosititutes......................being a prostitute is one thing, but looking like one is another.
  9. the sikhs who protested did well! nothing makes them extreme...................everybody who is against them r weak sikhs..........ie vampire...........bollywood makes a film singh is king..............SIKHS would expect it to be positive and religious......as lets not forget when guru gobind singh ji formed the khalsa the name SINGH was only given to those who took amrit.......ie gobind rai to gobind singh..............the lead actor looks nothing like guru gobind singh.....he hasn't even got a full beard..........he has probably got only one kakkar which is the karra...........yet he is a singh............he is dancing around with girls who look like prostitutes..............yet he is a singh?..........there is nothing singh about him. nowadays people haven't even taken amrit yet they already claim to be Singhs ! if simply by wearing a turban makes one a singh then i suppose profit mohammed was a singh?.......... this obviously is not the case.................... the so called sikhs, ie punjabis (vampire singh)would obviously love this film because for them a sikh is somebody who wears a karra and a turban..........it is the same for the so called kaurs who wear karreh but look like prostitutes. the girl dancing with akshay is the perfect example of the so called kaurs of today. when somebody says this to these punjabi's they get awfully angry and defensive and still say that they are 'representing'.......... anybody who is thinking and walking on this path needs to look further into themselves and really think as to whether this is right.....................if anybody adopts the name singh.....then they need to understand that they are guru gobind singh ji's child........and why would guru gobind singh ji's child do something which is tottally opposite to his father? i can't imagine dhan dhan sri guru gobind SINGH ji doing what this SINGH does is this film can you...............? if you can, only then you can say this film is acceptable but you will find that it is not. take a look at the person who gave us the name of SINGH................... would he be proud of this film.............?..............
  10. sunnybondsingh .................... from reading ur earlier posts it seems as though u are not even a sikh??????? there r certain 'clues' u left out ....ur most likely a hindu trying to pose as a sikh....................i will look forward to ur posts as i find them quite amusing.........hmmm if u r going to pose as a sikh just try to do it properly.
  11. r there any vids or recording of bhai amolak singh ji's talk?? it was amazing i'd luve to hear it again very inspiring! GURRRVAHHH!
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