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  1. Feel free to voice your concerns to DA's office via email to:- KRRyan@queensda.org
  2. I got an email few days back that DiscoverISkhi forums were back online... I tried visiting the website but wasn't able to it just kept on loading and loading an dloading but i have tried at different times and was wondering if they are in fact online or is there something wrong my computer? So perhaps if you have been to log onto the website, please reply here or PM me with the tech email for discoversikhi.com, I deleted the email from my berry... NOTE TO MOD/ADMIN:- You may close this after a reply is posted. Thanks
  3. From my understanding, I think uni's are cheap compared to US/Can but apts can be mucho dinero but then again that would depend on the neighborhood/locale... My bf went to UK for LLM and he was able to find a nice share for about 500$/month though he did have to commute for about an hour... so you should look around... as the uni where you plan to study... Hopefully someone from UK will answer your ques here
  4. Fateh Veer/Bhen Ji :)

  5. WJKK, WJKF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. WJKK, WJKF!! Veer jio!

  7. It's not about arguments... It's the fact that youth come on here and read and i don't want them to just get one side LoL...
  8. Without order and discipline you can't have an army... Even guruji's army had order and discipline and followed and obeyed whatever came from up... Personally i believe that every sikh is a soldier, a good sikh stands up for those oppressed... you mention those wars were wrong... many of those not deployed say that... as someone who was... Having served in socom and having in touch with one on one basis with locals in both countires i realized how greatful the locals were for us being there... now their current govt is another story... When you see ppl run upto you and thank you and elders tell you that how they can move about freely, and how girls can go to school without fear, and how they can go to college without getting acid attacked or shot in head point blank... Evenmore i ran into a group of sikhs in kandhar and was greatful to help them move to pakistan from treachery on hands of taliban... It is how you see it... those who saw it firsthand think differently... some words said go through your heart nd words like those were said to me when i was deployed... things i saw, i wish i could go back again with a might to liberate those who i was not able to help... I will end this arguement with "Manas Ki Jaat Sabhai Akai Pehchanbau" and a war began with unjust views fought for just... in my eyes is a just war! Gur Fateh! and if you still like to discuss more please PM me, i don't like "ruining" or "hijacking" posts with "my" own views...
  9. And if you "THINK" about it you wouldn't have a war, hence the idea of "diplomacy"... "To wage a war for a purely moral reason is as absurd as to ravish a woman for a purely moral reason" and again no war is a moral war.. "We make war so that we may have peace" Not to mention your "avatar" is a war scene...
  10. Lest get this clear, I am not a Gora but a proud American/British sikh (yes, i hold both nationalities)... And yes, we are fighting ourselves... Both countries have a "voluntary" service and no one is forced to join... I don't see you on the front lines... As per protections.. you are afforded full public service and trust me you utilize it and if you are so sure about yourself, thn why not renounce being a brit or whatever citizen you may hold... and move back to punjab (I love punjab, nothing wrong with it... i spent 8yrs of life there in pind).
  11. Well said After serving Active duty in both wars and having army pay for harvard tution and much more... only good things came out for me... I always recommend it to those capable, instead of being a burden in US on ed.gov, how about we capable hand earn it... It can help you go to grad school/law/med etc and even bump you up for a govt job Rest is between you, your family... are you willing to do hard work, wake up early, and put your life on the line for your nation??
  12. Keyword: indirectly You are here for the "protections" this nation provides to you... least you can do is take part... don't forget your own (sikh) history Each state has right to it's domestic affairs and no democracy will directly take part in anothers unless dare needs cal for such.. ie. libya Cultural relativism This very issue has been discussed here many times... Sorry Veer ji, for "hijacking" your topic... i hope someone will answer you soon or perhaps PM or you could contact gurghar directly
  13. Please JOIN You want equality, you want rights, you want govt/electorate to be fair with you, show them who you are... As always my catch phrase "break the bubble and live life" Ref: Served Active Duty Tours, US Army
  14. Correct me if am wrong but personally i think Sikhs should check "Block 16 C - Indian" and if you really want to be specific "Block 16 C - Other, Sikh/or/Punjabi", as the Census data is used to allocate and determine grants and programs for the public and us alienating ourselves from rest of the Indians will be doing a disservice to our community and retroactively other Indians, as honestly we won't be able to muster enough responders as Sikhs to qualify for grants/programs for our public and or non-profits. Thank you. Ref: Experience, Census Consultant For Recent Immigrant Groups (2010), US-NY Greater Region
  15. CORRECTION: We don't live in pure democracy, there hasn't been one in existence ever... A majority rule or direct democracy will give birth to what in politics is known as "Tyranny of Majority" thus all governments recognize this thus the bicameral system of representative government we see around the developed world.. If one change that is long overdue in general old English common law countries is the system of "Checks and Balances" Jews in US recognized this thus becoming more active in politics... Sikhs need more public policy and political scholars and activists not fundamentalists or doctors or engineers for that matter...
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