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  1. wjkk wjkf can't wait it just gets better ever year and kirtan jathas like bhai harjinder singh, sant anoop singh, bhai gurpreet singh and bhai manpreet singh
  2. I believe that Bhai Sahib Ji has returened back to India but I am not 100% sure.
  3. Can't wait to go see Sant Ranjit Singh Ji, his diwans are always so packed have to go and get front row seats.
  4. Bhai Gurpreet Singh Ji (Shimla Wale) UK Tour 2009.
  5. This is such an amazing shabad. Do you have any videos of the smagam.
  6. This is the poster for Sant Anoop Singh Ji's Uk Tour 2009
  7. I am definetly going to see Bhai Sahib Ji, but does anyone know the exact timings when Bhai Sahib will be at Havelock Road Gurdwara, Southall in 2009?
  8. This event is going to be so brilliant I can't wait to go there next week. There are all my favourite jathas coming to Guru Nanak Sikh School. ))))
  9. This is also available on www.sikhsangeet.com
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