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  1. these guys running these gurdwaras need to be told to stop calling it jatt gurdwara or whatever or just smash their heads in
  2. you havn't understood one thing i said i asked a bunch of questions on how you guys plan on getting khalistan with problems like drug abuse amongst sikhs in india with mroe and more sikh boys dropping out of school with gender inequality and a whole host of other problems but the biggest once are these then i was told that all these problems exsist cause of the indian govt which made me laugh, i believe its our fault that these problems exsist thats why we as a community need to take accountability for it, but once again i was told the indian govt and the hindus of india and the media are
  3. Sikhs in Oldbury face attacks from Muslim youth WSN Network LONDON: Young Sikhs in Oldbury have been consistently facing violent attacks and threats from local Muslim youth and police is now trying to douse the imflamed passions after repeated clashes. The Oldbury Neighbourhood Policing Team is tackling and reducing tension after meeting worried residents at a neighbourhood meeting at Burntree Primary School. A police spokesman said: “Following recent disorders involving groups of young Muslim and Sikh males, community tension has been perceived to be rising in the Burntree and Temple Wa
  4. and to see sikhs on the front page of news papers for killing their wives and for developing a reputation in canada for domestic violence, i mean the indian govt has nothing to do with this so i don't know why khalistanis waste their time blaming the indian govt rather then focusing on the real cause of this problem which comes down to gender inequality and mama boys whose mothers get jealous of their daughter in laws then turn on their daughter in laws and get their drunk sons to beat down their wives
  5. for me as far as im concerned khalistan is a waste of time, and for the fact all these former and current members of babbar khalsa sikh youth federation and the other groups that live in canada didn't go fight when they had the chance to in the 80's and 90's shows that these guys will never go fight for it and instead are wasting the money time and energy while the problems in are community grow worste, and with so many problems how the heck do they think they'll get khalistan cause it kills to see my community go down hill, it pisses me off having to listen to story's of sikh girls running o
  6. i don't know if its pakistan providing the false information or if alot of these khalistani ppl running these websites and preaching in the gurdwaras arthat indira gandhi was an rss agent trying to destroy sikhism and congress and rss worked together along with other hindutva organisations its one of the two either pakistan provided this info and they were dumb enough to believe it or one <banned word filter activated> made up alot of this propaganda and rest of these guys were to dumb to not research for themselves and believe it blindly but i don't know what you mean last 500 years o
  7. dude i didn't miss any of your points if i did could you show me which one, i understand sikh and bramin history and i am very well educated so don't try insulting me cause you can't answer any of my questions, but i have answered all your questions and please show me which questions of your's i havn't answered, but if its about the indian govt destroying sikhs in punjab well i already proved to you its our paranting and not the indian govt and only a dumb brainwashed moran would blame the indian govt and cry victim rather then take an accountable approach, a victim is a coward who gets ki
  8. main point, i believe sikhs should stay in india and we should fix the problems from the ground up, once we fix the large problems i believe sikhs will be able to come together in the west and punjab and fight for justice for all the victims and be able to fight corruption in punjab and outside of punjab but how does getting khalistan help get justice for sikh victims?? you got your country but how do you get justice for the victims, one of the reasons i can't support khalistan it don't make sence as well sikhs had their own empire were we were the minority, sikhs can live in india and be p
  9. SPARK: A LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM FOR OUR CHILDREN (Extracts from a piece by Arvind Bubber. Kwantlen Board member and former SPARK president, and Derek Nanson, Dean, Qualifying Studies and Student Services, Kwantlen University College. Bubber has been the guiding light behind this wonderful program.) We read and hear a lot of stories in the media about our children being involved in drugs and fights. We know that many will drop out of school. In B.C., statistics are not favorable for Indo-Canadian children. For those that do graduate from high school, the graduates are 10% less likely to qu
  10. The only stupid person making stupid arguments is you not anyone else. Are as many youth hooked on drugs in Canada as in Punjab? No. Why? Because in Punjab drugs are easily available and the government allows its free market. Can a 13 year old kid buy drugs in Canada legally? No but in Punjab yes. Your argument has no grounds. Besides the topic is about Khalistan so what does all of this have to do with Khalistan? Khalistan is not causing these problems. You said Khalistan cannot survive with these problems then explain to me how India is surviving or Punjab in this case with the same problem?
  11. You are getting the point. There are many parents who teach their kids and raise them in Gurmat yet the kids fall victims to drugs and alcohol. Why? The fact is that the kids are most influenced by their company and the movies they watch. Why are so many girls running off with guy and get married? They think their lives will end up like in the movies and their "love" will win in the end. Do you know when Surjeet Bindarakhiya's song "Kuri Pagh De Paich Te Margayee" came out, every single guy started wearing a turban. Why did that happen? Bollywood movies whether in India or USA or Canada have m
  12. and while at it why not blame the pakistani mob leaders for drugging sikh youth since they push the drugs into india lol hahaha or are to many khalistanis to scared to blame pakistan for anything
  13. what i highlighted their is a weak and pathetic way of thinking, blame the govt what a stupid way to think, this is how victims who are cowards think, this thinking may explain why khalistan never happened, its about accountability, tell me this is it india's govt fault that sikh youth are getting hooked on drugs in the west to???? or does it have to do with how parants raise their kids in india and canada???? http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php/topic/46511-gang-war/page__p__428265__fromsearch__1entry428265 read this and tell me how the indian govt corrupts punjabi kids in canada to and h
  14. the importance of having the balls to stand your ground could of saved them the beating, those guys could of easily bin handled by the guys who got beat up, if his friends had some balls rather then trying to stop the fight if they took off their belts and went all out they would of saved their friends and saved themselves humilation
  15. Renu Bakshi’s infamous article that was published in MacLean’s Magazine on December 23rd, 2002. I believe this article was the catalyst to get the South Asian Community talking about the Gang Violence Issue. A lot of people took this article negatively, however, if it wasn’t for this article, who knows how long the ignorance and denial would have kept their darkness draped over a growing issue. —– THE ROOTS OF GANG WARFARE B.C.’s Sikhs must look hard at themselves MacLean’s Magazine Published: December 23, 2002 by Renu Bakshi HE LEFT THE nightclub in his usual fashion — the envy of th
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