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  1. the shabad is Raam Rang Kaday Ootar Na Jaaey. http://sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=592 i dunno what raaj radio is, so i can't help you there.
  2. That's a very unique and innovative thought definitely something to think about for sure.
  3. Just a reminder that there's just one week left for donations.
  4. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh My brothers and sisters, I know I haven't been very active on the forums the past couple years, but I would like to share a cause I'm supporting. As you may know, for the past four years, I’ve been participating in the Stroll for Liver, an event by the Canadian Liver Foundation that began in Ottawa after the unexpected death of a close friend’s cousin in 2005. I will again be participating this year, on June 20th, 2010. At the time, Trisha Nagpal was 18 years old — not to mention, a popular youth leader and exceptional student — and had developed
  5. Vaheguru Ji A premi in Central london would love to have a vaja for their stay in London over the next 10 months. Nothing fancy or anything. Just something serviceable and working. This person is new to the city and would obviously like to pay as little as possible. If need be, the vaja can be returned after the 10 month period. If you have any ideas, please PM me or respond to this thread. Thank you, sangat!
  6. haha veer, i never said it's not an interesting topic, i just said it wasn't a particularly interesting topic to me. I just wanted to know why others found it so interesting. You even pointed it out in your first post that I said that other ppl may find this interesting. I accept that! I'm not even being aggressive or hating on anyone for having an interest in this. Why do you feel like you've been targeted? Can't we have different opinions and still have a reasonable discussion? When did that become a difficult thing to do? Why the hostility: "Deal With It!". Having a conversation is tough
  7. wakey wakey japman! its interesting for a number of reasons... least of all... like you say... were all different! there is huge public interest in the 7 7 bombings. this could have contributed to his actions leading to that day... for example, his community may ahve looked down on him cuz his sister married a sikh, he may have felt he needs to show the world he is a true muslim... he went to pakistan did the full shabang, and kablamo, the rest is history - literally! your cute little sarcastic comment aside; so how does this affect future policy on dealing with terrorism? Let's play alo
  8. Well, isn't the reason she turned away from Islam because of the fanaticism that she saw around her (even before the bombings)? The fanaticism took its logical course. hmm.. was there a history of fanaticism in the family? I don't know much about the family. It's not necessarily a fanatic response that the parents cut ties with her. Faithful parents tend to have that reaction when their offspring choose a differnent faith. According to bios online, he only became "more relgious" towards the end of 2003. She converted in the 90's, according to the veer above. There's a disconnect there, no?
  9. why is it an interesting story? I mean we're all different, I get that, so i'm sure some people might find this interesting. Personally I don't, so i'm curious. would it be just as interesting if her brother wasn't a 7/7 bomber? is there even a purposeful link between one fact and the other? or was it just included to sensationalize the post? Because if her family disowned her, then she's not his sister, and he's not her brother. Overall, i agree with West London Singh. While the Wembley example is an extreme case of "gloating", that's not the only definition of gloating. To me, gloating w
  10. Each soul is different, but one and the same.. a conundrum, but not really. Our souls are the piece of God that exist within us. Each one of us is a part of that Greater Power (so to speak), and that's a big reason why "united we stand" is true because the more of us united and working together, the more we act as a bigger part of the Divine. This is also why evil gains power in numbers, because as we know, God is the creator of everything both good and evil. Of course it's much more complicated than that when we add karma and paap/punn and haumai and all...Just my personal interpretation
  11. japmans

    Sehaj Path

    personally... it doesn't matter to me how terrible the person, the opportunity to read baani from saroop or from a sainchee can only bring positive and uplifting characteristics onto a person. I personally believe anyone can and should read bani, in any way that it is accessible to them. But i disagree with it being a task... if the ichha is more from the mind and less from the heart, there will still be benefit derived from it, cuz baani is that strong.. but every effort should be made for it to be heartfelt and every effort should be made to experience each word, vowel, and maatra, in order
  12. Beautiful realization, Papi! On an aside.. Jo Peh Hamna Paap Karanta, Aahay Ananta, Patit Paavan Naam Kaisay Huntaa? Killing over opposing beliefs. Where are we going with this mentality. One day we will be proud if our own people go to the extents of 9/11, it seems, over conflicting opinonis and belifs, and that scares the crap out of me. Or, as I'm sure will be pointed out, perhaps I'm just naive.
  13. let's not always believe everything we read without a bit of research first: http://www.hoax-slayer.com/melted-contact-lens-bbq.shtml
  14. honestly the only member anymore whose topics i will read irrespective of what the title is. Thank you for being an online example of how to Love my guru, and using common sense to tackle important problems. Happy Happy Birthday to you JustME Bhanji!
  15. In theory, all of the above in reality.... guru granth sahib ji is the entity i ignore, forget, and pretend doesn't exist when I've got *better* things to do The entity that I can go hang out with and feel more bliss and peace, and yet more often than not choose to hang out with other people instead The One i turn my back on each day whenever I treat someone poorly, commit what I feel is a misdeed or bad deed, and betray or wrong someone. And literally guru granth sahib ji is a collection of love letters from entities far greater than I to their Creator... the teacher of Love, Compassion
  16. I think you may find many opponents because you make it sound so simple and so straightforward! I`m still loving this!
  17. Expect Little.. and if possible, expect nothing... there can be no disappointment when you expect nothing Give lots.. give as much as you can.. probably nothing in the world creates more joy than being the enabler of joy for someone else. when you see your giving has resulted in tremendous joy, there's a part of your heart (it feels like) inaccessible by any other action that just swells up and causes unbelievable joy. beware, you might get totally high off this feeling
  18. How about: "Monthly Keertan Darbar" it has a nice ring to it!
  19. there was once a thread akj.org discussing exactly this... Even there it was agreed that there are appropriate places to do simran... it was agreed that if someone "plans" to do simran in a spot, and it is totally inappropriate, it is in its own way a beadbi to the shabad... it DOESN'T suggest that simran is ever wrong, but when doing it in a shabad, that there are appropriate places for it, and if there isn't, then do as was suggested, do simran at the end of the shabad... but one respected veer in the Jatha also made one very cruically important note (in my opinion)... if you're doing keer
  20. there's nothing "wrong" with Professor Sahib Singh's steek.. but do know that it too is quite literal.. for a more spiritual and deeper analysis of linguistics and context, Bhai Vir Singh's steek might be unmatched
  21. whoops, my bad on the point about detachment.. I didn't pick up on that in the translation I was reading from. I interpreted it using Sikhi philosophy in line with karoh jattan je hoey meharbaana.. make the effort but if guru blesses you, only then will you get the fruit of your labour.. i didn't realize it was a strictly self-effort philosophy. my apologies, ranj03.
  22. Vaheguru ji. As an aspiring Gursikh, you are "for everyone, and with noone"... the sacred book of the Taoists, the Tao Te Ching, has in one of its earliest passages the following message...(i paraphrase)... forced seperation is not detachment.. detachment is when you are naturally content with "less"... I know the Tao Te Ching isn't our first source of spiritual gyaan, but it's an amazing read. Alone, its teachings are really beautiful, but if you khoj gurbani, it feels like the Tao Te Ching stop short of completiong, because you can combine it with our teachings and make it something really
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