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  1. maharaj is basically sayin that the mughals came in 1521 and will leave in 1540, but then another force will rise up. I guess its kinda like...this is what happens. Armies of warriors come and fight and then leave and then others come and fight and leave etc, and to basically just accept that this is what happens and continue to do your paath regardless?
  2. The shabad in question is asa ki vaar neel basathr lae kaparrae pehirae thurak pat(h)aanee amal keeaa Men began to wear blue robes and garments; Turks and Pat'haans assumed power. The Muslim National Colour is GREEN! All Islamic States have the colour green, all arabs. Yeah ofcourse muslim royalty and suicide squads wore blue, because blue was a sign of royalty, but the Islamic Flags and Army clothing was GREEN When Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Mecca, the muslims gave him a GREEN chola aswell, and look the shabad in asa ki vaar is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji neel vasathr pehir hovehi paravaan || Wearing blue(GREEN) robes, they seek the approval of the Muslim rulers. Why would you wear the colour of royalty and go to a Muslim Emporer, thats just gna get you in trouble.
  3. I havnt started anything yet, but I cant see it being too difficuilt to write an app. I primarily specialise in .net c# 3.5 asp.net on the windows platforms, but i have experience using javaand c++ aswell. its all the same really, just different syntax to do the same thing. I was just saying, if i had access to the sikhitothemax database or even the solution files for the existing version, i could easily create a version for the iphone. All the hardwork has been done in creating the original version, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. ive been looking into this. what i really need is access to the sikhitothemax database. then i could really get to work on developing something for the iphone!
  5. Ustad Harkirat Singh Ji. visit www.chakardar.com and www.youtube.com/chakardar to check out videos of students and performances!!! (and class venues and times)
  6. last of the mohican's soundtrack in the background!!!!!!! the fight scenes!!!!! my fav film!!
  7. cream cheese on bagels mmmmmmmm lol
  8. "wheres your chairji??" haha :D

  9. je gur chirkey taa meetha lagey - i guess ur first guru(s) are ur parents
  10. kabeer jee's guru was not one of the 10. and pheena doesnt have a muslim background
  11. tableji


    even if we cannot find justification as to why it is necessary, if we really believe in guru gobind singh ji, we will remember that guruji begged the panj pyarey for amrit, and said that he would give his own life and the life of his family - surely its gotta be worth something then !
  12. tableji


    if when u leave this earth u leave behind ur body and ur name and everything, why would u see darshan of a specific guru? wouldnt it just be the ocean that is vaheguru that u "see" ?
  13. i think most of us live in the 2nd world
  14. Don't know about it being just for show... I was told by a gurmukh that when you're meditating (or in my case, trying to meditate) then it's extremely easy for the mind to wander. Therefore, using some sort of basis for your senses helps the mind to settle down. TOUCH: When you use a mala to do simran, your mind focuses (through your nerves) on the mala. SMELL: Some Gursikhs use incense to stop the nose from wandering (esp if you have the smell of hot pizza right outside your room) SIGHT: Most Gursikhs close their eyes but you can focus our eyes on a stationary object, and I've found that it helps (and it helps from falling asleep!) SOUND: If you repeat the mantr aloud then your ears will adjust to that one sound and not be distracted as easily. And once again about the tuks, people have different interpretations. For example, the second one, I would take that as Bhagat Kabeer trying to highlight his pyaas for Akaal, and in that statement, he's saying, "I want Darshan of Akall so badly that I can't even sit still and do my bhagti." I don't take it to mean that he's actually denouncing the mala, just that he's so in love with Akaal that it's all he can think about. Yeah but this raises the question is simran only reciting vaheguru, or is it thinking about vaheguru aswell as reciting? - is it simran when its from your mouth alone? or is it when you are doing vaheguru from within constantly. In that case - if Bhagat Kabeer Jee is sooo in love with maharaj, surely then the simran is happening internally?
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