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  1. He has not apologised for the Jaap Sahib video. And his saying that its not him in the video doesnt acquit him of his crime. The fact is that it was not someone who put the video online. That relevant portion, where Dhunda is disrespecting Jaap Sahib, was taken from the original long video posted on YouTube by 'SinghSabhaCanada'. How many preachers from Gurmat Gian Missionary College does SinghSabhaCanada have in its pocket who sound like Dhunda? It is very much Dhunda disrespecting Jaap Sahib. His only luck is that it was his hand and not the face which was recorded by 'SinghSabhaCanada'.
  2. Senior Punjab Journalist HS Bawa levels serious allegations of fraud against Joginder http://yespunjab.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/exposed-rozana-spokesman-exposed-h-s-bawa-poses-51-questions-to-joginder-singh/
  3. He is a homeopath... He is another turn coat...he used to be critical of Kala Afghana and his followers...but now he openly associates with them...all the neo-Kala Afghanis, Darshan Mallis and missionaries contribute on his online newspaper....one of them is 'kirpal singh bathinda' a hardcore Darshan Malli.. Udoke's affair with that woman in Canada was a big news some years ago.... Interestingly he has published a book with a title, 'Tabe Ros Jageyo'......and this is from Bachittar Natak which he is now condemning... A sell out!
  4. Do you think the sitting arrangement is arbitrary. Its clearly strategic. Those who are sitting around him are there to protect him in case something happens. Remember the case of Ghagga when he was surrounded like that. Look at that bibi with the camera sitting among the men.
  5. the current dal khalsa is a corrupt and phony organisation....its leaders are openly supporting those who are excommunicated from the panth....in a picture taken yesterday kanwarpal bittu was seen meeting darshan lal in amritsar... such organisations that serve no good for the panth should be shunned....
  6. what a joker he has no coherency in his speech...cant even properly articulate one single sentence.
  7. here: http://patshahi10.or...glish&Itemid=63 another one: http://www.scribd.com/doc/27021923/Descriptions-of-the-Dasam-Granth-From-the-Sketch-of-the-Sikhs-in-View-of-Sikh-History
  8. Sarna gave Delhi Gurdwara stage to Prof Darshan Lal - He spew venom against Dasam Patshah and his banee and got excommunicated Sarna gave Delhi Gurdwara stage to Dhunda - He spew venom against Jaap Sahib, Dasam Patshah banee, Sikh traditions - He is now summoned at Akal Takhat Sarna continues to invite Dhunda's missionary cohorts to Delhi and gives them Delhi Gurdwara stage. One of them is Sabhra who is openly seen accompanying Prof Darshan Lal and hence defying Akal Takhat Hukamnama Sarna has appointed Tarsem Singh as the Chairman of his Dharam Prachar Committee. He has repeatedly defied A
  9. A simple logic would be more than enough to implicate Dhunda. What are the odds that Dhunda's financier, Jeonwala's Singh Sabha Canada (which made that video) has another anti-Sikh pracharak in its pocket, who sounds exactly like Dhunda but has never appeared anywhere else apart from that video! Yes but if one wants to file a court case against Dhunda for blasphemy then a more technical proof could be gathered.
  10. This Adesh should be disseminated among the Sangat....especially in the B.C. area. Recently Jeonwala (who himself uttered blasphemous remarks against Jaap Sahib) wrote an article in favor of Dhunda with the title 'dhunda dhunda sundi ni main aap dhunda hoyee' (listening to dhunda i myself have become a dhunda) Just imagine the height of their nonsense and the level of their intellect!
  11. http://panthic.org/articles/5402#feedback2187 click and scroll down to watch the video
  12. In that video Dhunda said... Jehri mere veshvavaan nu vi maat pandiyan ne, oh rachnavaan tuhade darbar sahib vich parhiyan jandiyan ne. (those compositions that put to shame my prostitutes are read in your darbar sahib) nutty 'professor'!
  13. Great! It was inevitable, even though his biggest sin was criticism of Jaap Sahib....his missionary friends defended that by saying that the CD was doctored (looks like thats the only excuse these nuts come up with on every occasion) There are other parts of that video where Dhunda is criticising every bani of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. And interestingly those series of videos were produced and sponsored by none other than Singh Sabha Canada. And the same fuzzy organisation has been providing monetary help to Dhunda's Missionary College in Ludhiana. The dots get connected so well. And now al
  14. ...and i always thought the missionary clan were atheists..never knew they had a hidden islamic agenda :stupidinternet:
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