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  1. Ya, lets just keep fighting amongst ourselves like a bunch of dogs <_< and ignore the bigger issue. Pathetic
  2. It's quite sad to read about the drug problem in Punjab. 10 years ago when I was there, drugs were not a big issue, it was just starting up at the time. Looks like problem has been more or less ignored by common people, resulting in today's situation.
  3. Just keep waiting for "them" to do something ...
  4. Hmm but the same thing can be said with Singh and Kaur
  5. How do you know for sure? In heat of the moment a lot of stuff can happen
  6. You guys need to go back to school. He is saying that why do some people who add the word 'khlasa' after their name think that they are superior than a baptised Sikh who put only Singh or Kaur after their name. I have never come across this myself. But clearly, the OP has. Why don't we take this a bit further. Why do some baptised Sikh's think they are superior than someone who is not baptized :rolleyes:
  7. Peacemaker and AvnitK, especially Peacemaker, Fun Section is here: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showforum=8 Since mods are seriously thinking of improving forum quality, what will be done for posters like the above who constantly hijack threads?
  8. Papi


    Please check a teeka for proper literal meaning. From what i know roim does not mean hair
  9. rwgu sUhI mhlw 5 CMq raag soohee mehalaa 5 shha(n)tha Raag Soohee, Fifth Mehla, Chhant: <> siqgur pRswid ] ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh || One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: imT bolVw jI hir sjxu suAwmI morw ] mit(h) bolarraa jee har sajan suaamee moraa || My Dear Lord and Master, my Friend, speaks so sweetly. hau sMmil QkI jI Ehu kdy n bolY kaurw ] ho sa(n)mal thhakee jee ouhu kadhae n bolai kouraa || I have grown weary of testing Him, but still, He never speaks harshly to me. kauVw boil n jwnY pUrn BgvwnY Aaugxu ko n icqwry ] kourraa bol n jaanai pooran bhagavaanai aougan ko n chithaarae || He does not know any bitter words; the Perfect Lord God does not even consider my faults and demerits. piqq pwvnu hir ibrdu sdwey ieku iqlu nhI BMnY Gwly ] pathith paavan har biradh sadhaaeae eik thil nehee bha(n)nai ghaalae || It is the Lord's natural way to purify sinners; He does not overlook even an iota of service. Gt Gt vwsI srb invwsI nyrY hI qy nyrw ] ghatt ghatt vaasee sarab nivaasee naerai hee thae naeraa || He dwells in each and every heart, pervading everywhere; He is the nearest of the near. nwnk dwsu sdw srxwgiq hir AMimRq sjxu myrw ]1] naanak dhaas sadhaa saranaagath har a(n)mrith sajan maeraa ||1|| Slave Nanak seeks His Sanctuary forever; the Lord is my Ambrosial Friend. ||1|| hy pRwx nwQ goibMdh ik®pw inDwn jgd guro ] hae praan naathh gobi(n)dheh kirapaa nidhhaan jagadh guro || O Lord of the Universe, Master of the Breath of life, Treasure of Mercy, Guru of the World. hy sMswr qwp hrxh kruxw mY sB duK hro ] hae sa(n)saar thaap haraneh karunaa mai sabh dhukh haro || O Destroyer of the fever of the world, Embodiment of Compassion, please take away all my pain. hy srix jog dXwlh dInw nwQ mXw kro ] hae saran jog dhayaaleh dheenaa naathh mayaa karo || O Merciful Lord, Potent to give Sanctuary, Master of the meek and humble, please be kind to me. srIr sÍsQ KIx smey ismrMiq nwnk rwm dwmodr mwDvh ]50] sareer svasathh kheen sameae simara(n)th naanak raam dhaamodhar maadhhaveh ||50|| Whether his body is healthy or sick, let Nanak meditate in remembrance on You, Lord. ||50||
  10. jg Aauru n Xwih mhw qm mY Avqwru aujwgru Awin kIAau ] jag aour n yaahi mehaa tham mai avathaar oujaagar aan keeao || In the great darkness of this world, the Lord revealed Himself, incarnated as Guru Arjun. iqn ky duK koitk dUir gey mQurw ijn@ AMimRq nwmu pIAau ] thin kae dhukh kottik dhoor geae mathhuraa jinh a(n)mrith naam peeao || Millions of pains are taken away, from those who drink in the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam, says Mat'huraa. ieh pDiq qy mq cUkih ry mn Bydu ibBydu n jwn bIAau ] eih padhhath thae math chookehi rae man bhaedh bibhaedh n jaan beeao || O mortal being, do not leave this path; do not think that there is any difference between God and Guru. prqiC irdY gur Arjun kY hir pUrn bRhim invwsu lIAau ]5] parathashh ridhai gur arajun kai har pooran breham nivaas leeao ||5|| The Perfect Lord God has manifested Himself; He dwells in the heart of Guru Arjun. ||5||
  11. Is there something we can do? Where are the western jatheydaar's of Taksaal and SGPC?
  12. Papi


    This video fits in very nicely in the whole concept. Start watching around 2:00 http://youtube.com/watch?v=0oWbxgGoMXo Of course, you need to know Hindi to understand what's being said
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