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  1. Ah the god old comeback "in puratan times everyone tied dastaar, everyone was a very chardikala sikh..." Let's be realistic here, we only hear about the good ones, as we should. Rest assured, there's good and bad apples everywhere. asi apna itihaas aap hi kharaab kari jaaney aa, doojea nu ki kehna... PS. The poll does not make sense, everyone is suppose to cover their head everywhere in the Gurudwara, not just the langar hall.
  2. Ah this thread proves that there is an extremely fine line between equality and being labelled as sexist :rolleyes: "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal" - Aristotle
  3. I have always been confused about this. We tend to equate sucham to taking a shower, cleaning the body. But as per Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib Jee, mÚ 1 ] ma 1 || First Mehla: ijau jorU isrnwvxI AwvY vwro vwr ] jio joroo siranaavanee aavai vaaro vaar || As a woman has her periods, month after month, jUTy jUTw muiK vsY inq inq hoie KuAwru ] joot(h)ae joot(h)aa mukh vasai nith nith hoe khuaar || so does falsehood dwell in the mouth of the false; they suffer forever, again and again. sUcy eyih n AwKIAih bhin ij ipMfw Doie ] soochae eaehi n aakheeahi behan j pi(n)ddaa dhhoe || They are not called pure, who sit down after merely washing their bodies. sUcy syeI nwnkw ijn min visAw soie ]2] soochae saeee naanakaa jin man vasiaa soe ||2|| Only they are pure, O Nanak, within whose minds the Lord abides. ||2|| Please don't take the example of periods given by Guru Sahib here to conclude that periods somehow makes a woman unclean. It's being used as an example where it happens in a cycle, there is no break. Similarly, a "jootha" person does false deeds in a cycle and is unable to break out of it.
  4. If you put the competition in context of Indian society, it's actually doing a lot of good. Of course nothing in this world is perfect. It's easy for us to sit on a forum and bad mouth it, but we need to look inside ourselves, what have we done to promote anything related to Sikhi on a mass scale as this? I'm sure most of us will have no answer to this question, I know I don't.
  5. Don't take hukam as an excuse to not do the work. For example, if you fail in school, then likely you didn't study hard enough.
  6. Not always. Fair enough. If your parents don't agree, I'm sure you can find someone from the "same caste" who will be a suitable match for you (and your parents).
  7. ^ Finally someone that has their feet in reality :D
  8. The latest consensus is provided by the M-Theory - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-theoryI'm paraphrasing, "you have a number of 'branes' that are flowing like waves in an ocean. At some point, the peak of a wave from brane a will collide with the peak of an adjacent brane b, and this collision is believed to be the 'big bang' which gives rise to a new universe. I'm not a physicist, so I'm not sure how true/valid the theory is, but it certainly seems to be the most promising theory we have. I just find this stuff extremely fascinating! PS. If two branes colliding produces a universe then then question becomes where did those 2 branes come from?
  9. ^ I completely agree with you. I was saying more in terms of friendship I suppose, nothing more. But I guess girls get attached easier than boys (generally speaking). I'm not sure really, this is unchartered territory for me so I will make blunders here :rolleyes: Just trying to learn, I don't think it'll be too long before my time comes as well. One point that is big for me is that I feel kids should never be put in a day care. Someone older should be with them through their child hood. That means that one parent will possibly have to give up their career. Women are blessed with having intuition about raising kids much more than men do. Thus mothers will be much better at taking care of the kids than fathers will be. This may sound like I'm being sexist, and I'm sure the feminist amongst us will attack me for this, but this is what I feel. Now, if there are grand parents living in the same house then the problem doesn't arise. Also bibi ji, I understand you spent your childhood in India, so your may very well differ from a girl born in a Western society where getting to know the person before marriage is highly encouraged.
  10. ^ Also, spend some time with her, for at least a few months before taking the big step. Take her out of the house, go out for a coffee or something.
  11. Old age scares me! :sad: PrIdw ienI inkI jMGIAY Ql fUMgr BivEim@ ] fareedhaa einee nikee ja(n)gheeai thhal ddoo(n)gar bhavioumih || Fareed, with these small legs, I crossed deserts and mountains. Aju PrIdY kUjVw sY kohW QIEim ]20] aj fareedhai koojarraa sai kohaa(n) thheeoum ||20|| But today, Fareed, my water jug seems hundreds of miles away. ||20|| My dadaji in India got badly sick last year; the doctors in India said he had TB and started giving medicine accordingly. He didn't really have TB so his health deteriorated very fast. At this point my dad took off a few weeks off work and went to India. Dada ji, while in hospital one day heard the doctors saying "eh canada da mareej aa, enu jaan ni dena' (this patient is from canada, let's not let him leave). Once the TB medicine was given, my dadaji's kidneys gave away and he was going to hospital every 2 days to get them flushed. One morning, he felt okay, and my dad was feeding him some food before leaving for the hospital thats when he died. I guess the point I'm trying to get across is, if you do hire a nurse in India, make sure she's legit. Good luck with whatever decision you make. One thing is for sure, we must do everything that we can to take care of the elderly. After all, we owe our life to them.
  12. ^^ sherlsurj, calm your horses kiddo. From your initial post it seems that you would like to remain a Sikh. So then, try this litmus test: Tell her that you are not willing to adapt Islam at any cost and see what she says after that.
  13. Great, Sikh Channel has not gotten back to you so let's open a thread on SS and argue it to death :rolleyes:
  14. There is no such thing a unbiased news.
  15. :o As Keerpa said, this kind of stuff has been happening for ages, just that now as technology has advanced, news travels to every corner of the world. Much much stiffer penalties should be put in place for such heinous crimes. But I guess what else can we expect from a society (the world) where naked bodies are paraded in front of us everywhere we go, and we are encouraged to run after kaam. iesu kiljug mih krm Drmu n koeI ] eis kalijug mehi karam dhharam n koee || In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, no one is interested in good karma, or Dharmic faith. klI kw jnmu cMfwl kY Gir hoeI ] kalee kaa janam cha(n)ddaal kai ghar hoee || This Dark Age was born in the house of evil. nwnk nwm ibnw ko mukiq n hoeI ]4]10]30] naanak naam binaa ko mukath n hoee ||4||10||30|| O Nanak, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, no one is liberated. ||4||10||30|| As Dhan Bhai Gurdaas Jee says, I bow down to Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib Jee repeatedly who have given the knowledge of bibek to humanity, so we could differentiate right from wrong.
  16. ^^ LOL :lol: EDIT: I think more of a concern should be what the kid is going to see on TV. SS will not do nearly as much damage as TV.
  17. ^ I think you missed his point
  18. Also, by the theory of contradiction if we could just one person in the world who has same raashi as yours and has done well in school, then we can conclude the raashi stuff is a load of crap. I'm sure it won't be hard to find one individual if we tried. I'm a Scorpio and apparently they are meant to be all fiesty, get jealous all the time, get angry easily etc...I have noticed that when I'm feeling closer to Gurbani, no one of these attributes exist in me. In fact their opposites exist, I get rather soft and calm inside. It's only when I start going toward maya do the negatives manifest. My point is, don't believe in that stuff. Gurbani is the above all and most powerful, let's stick to believing Gurbani instead
  19. Papi

    Need Ardas

    Sikh panth does ardaas for the entire world multiple times a day Sarbat da bhala
  20. ^ which enforces my second point, that he was an extremely gifted individual. Oh the symmetry is just mind boggling! :huh:
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