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  1. Many people follow what anyone says if they are famous or on tv. They need to read Guru Granth Sahib and know what is and what isnt. If a katha is against gurubani then ignore it, because it is a twist of truth. People are prone to falsehood while Shabad guru can never be wrong. People need to stop idolizing foolish people/jathas, they need to stop and think of what they are doing and listening to. If it doesnt fit the bill then throw it out(very simple) if it contradicts Gurbani then it isnt real(very simple) If some stooge can talk and blab about anything and one Shabad proves it worng then
  2. They want to cut down everything just so some guy can hit a golfball??????????????????? india loves to cover up Sikh historical places so they dont feel so guilty of them not doing anything but letting Sikhs do the grunt work and years later covering it up so they dont feel so bad about how they treat Sikhs in modern history. How many people in india even play golf??? or are they trying to endorse it only in this region to cover up a historic battleground??? You dont see golf courses being built in Gettysberg USA.
  3. hahhahahaha :D Now you are scared of Gurbani????? The farther from Gurubani one gets the more they find it compulsive to separate from it. :lol: I open my eyes to Guru Sahibs teachings not to some manmat view of life as you do. And I guess you are saying if you read Gurbani and apply it to your life means your not a man????? :rolleyes: wow how far backwards can you get. You justify kaam as natural and ok???? It is something you teach yourself and once caught up in it is very difficult to shed off the mind. Now since you are entrapped in it you try to cleverly justify that its ok and
  4. I think it would be kewl if you sold stickers of indira gandi that you put on the bottoms of your shoes :lol:
  5. One guy did that, so he personally is stupid for that not all Amritdharis. I say Gurfateh to everyone nonAmritdhari or Amritdhari, to me they think since they arent Amritdhari they think Sat Sri Akal is good enough, to me it is an insult to say Sat Sri Akal because GurFateh is what a Sikh should say regardless of Amritchauk or not etc. I think monaey just dont like saying the word KHALSA maybe it makes them feel insecure about their Sikhi???? Ive seen ignorant people on all sides, remember you must keep Gurmat vibe to be a true Amritdhari, meaning no bad attitudes etc or your just as bad as
  6. You are very full of kaam from how you look at females. I am married so I follow Gurmat as I am not looking at females the way you do. Hypocritical is a Sikh full of ego and any other of the panj doots. people can trick themselves all they like it doesnt matter to me if your blind and happy
  7. India has lots and lots of western culture. Bollywood tries its very hardest to be 'hollywood" which hollywood is very selfcentered and so bollywood tries to follw trends as western culture and bring it with an indian twist but just because its on india doesnt mean its far from western culture, yes its far from western country but not actual western culture. If you arent influenced by western culture for cutting your hair then you are under hindu/muslim culture to cut your hair???? basically any culture that says its ok to cut your hair is wat you follow????????? Sikhs are not taliban to go a
  8. No need to get upset. People say my name wrong all the time, they call me preetam singh. I say ummm no its pritham singh, they again say preetam singh, I again say ummm no it is p-r-i-t-a-m sing after the fourth or fifth time I just say "oh well" it is no big deal. I even have people try to make fun of my name and what does it prove??? nothing it only show how stupid people can be to try to make fun of your name. Some people act stupider than kids, most people I see that look at me stupid do worse things than we teach our kids not to do. Dont jusdge a book by its cover, but parents do. Dont po
  9. I think a good way to shine some light on this issue, is to organize protests here in the United States/Canada/UK talking about how the sgpc and badal associates need to be thrown out of power. Doing this, video tape all the different protest rallies held at many Gurdwarey, compile them and send the video tape to indian media outlets. They cant do nothing to us here and it will all have to start with a voice and then action, if we storm it now then they wont know why or what we are doing. You know the second badal knows that hundreds of thousands of Sikhs in the west talk about badal corrupti
  10. I hope that movie isnt promoting to cut your hair??????????????????? in order to "compromise"????????? Its funny how he cut his hair and then fell into the kaam jal???????? This movie trailer has its suspicions with me :huh:
  11. Satkar of Shabad Guru Sahib needs to be promoted to all the people/committees/Granthis that claim to be Sikhs.
  12. So I take it what bhai Sahib said in his speech isnt agreeing with what you believe??????? You dont like pr from anything/anybody that is upfront?????? Speeches can also be promoted by anyone too :lol:
  13. I wonder why after this long they see they divided themselves from SIkhs and want to act as a part of us while still considering BHAGAT RAvidas as a Guru and still claim to be a Sikh. A Sikh owes no allegiance to no other as a leader and only look at Guru Granth Sahib as Guru. They break very basic fundametal concepts to be considered "Sikhs". They must go around and condemn all the idiots who were protesting to ban Kirpans from actual Practicing SIKHS. They need to promote shame on all those who protested against Kakars that are a requirement of Sikhs. They protest for a ban on Kirpans but
  14. There is no hukam outside of Gods command etc. If he cut his hair to fit in then its going to be difficult to have him care about that of which he will do only to not get nagged at by his family(Sikhi) Some people care about what everyone says. Society will try to buy you and chop you up and make a stew out of you and eventually give your chopped up pieces away for free, and what are you left with?(nothing) Some people cut their hair for friends but it doesnt mean they will get good friends. I used to have lots of friends and now I look back they always were trying to figure a way to get
  15. You have the lamest excuse to ramble on about your stupid actions. Are you a hindu??????????????? Can a woman jump in a skirt???? Can a woman run in a skirt???? Can a woman ride a horse bike????? You are stupid and childish I would advise never to represent yourself in court cause the judge would just sent you to time out. :rolleyes: We all know that wind can interrupt a girl in a skirt But a little kid will dwell on the fact and try to twist it I know you are a moorukh so anyone that is foolish like you is a termed FOOL-moorukh. If the whole species thinks like you then yes they ar
  16. I got a sticker from an insurance company that said "Dont get into a wreck with me Im not too sure if I have insurance" HAHAHA :lol: put that bumper sticker on and it will look like you pull a cop car around as a trailer.
  17. Some peoples manmat moorakh views of Sikhi I consider homosexual now :lol: the supposed statement of "you can be gay and be a "Sikh" is gayer than gay :6 :lol:
  18. Insurance is a scam. I had full coverage on my truck and a drunk mexican ran a stop sign and t-boned me and they made me pay $500 for the damage. Then a week later the drunk mexicans insurance paid the city to make the intersection a 4 way stop and then pretended that I ran the stop sign too. :rolleyes: Insurance is a really expensive receipt. Unless you are in a bodily injury case its a basic scam which people sell you a receipt and then try their hardest to make you look like you are at fault so they dont have to pay for your service you paid for before a wreck etc. Get cheap insuranc
  19. :wacko: If that guy is a "sikh" and drinks alcohol and cuts his hair, then I am too :rolleyes: Ridiculous claims of what a Sikh is from the foolish monaey. Go get drunk and wonder why you are lost and have no faith to follow Guru Sahib. As a GurSikh you are supposed be an exact replica of Guru Sahib which brings two questions: WOuld Guru Sahib drink Alcohol???? (NO) WOuld Guru Sahib cut his hair???(NO) A GuruSikh tries their hardest to do exactly what Guru Sahib would do and monaey do what Guru Sahib would never do. Maharaja Ramjit wasnt a Sikh after his first sharaab he was ju
  20. Tell this to the GuruPanth????? You say your brand new made up way is the right way while people that live the tradition since Guru Gobind Singh are wrong???????? People like you follow trends that ever change so your style now will be completely different in five or ten years then you have to rewrite your manmat rehat etc. Not all Sikhs lived in the Jungle, you read or was told like 13 seconds of history and claim to now an iota of Sikhi. Its not required for any moorakh claimed Sikh to wear a kirpan a turban anything. Are Turbans outdated because ya got yer brand new hat on. Back wen I
  21. That is sad but things could be worse. WHat if he was slaughtered and never able to be talked to, seen again etc???? Some people fall by Gods will, some might learn the hard way, some never learn. Maya is deceptive. Maybe dont associate with him unless you have to. My parents shunned me for becoming a Sikh so I know what it feels like to have family hate you, but what can you do???wish upon a star??? pray his hair back??? ehhh I dont think that will work. Just pray for your strength that you never give up your Sikhi. Sikhi kesan suasan naal nibahi tinhan dey kammaee da dian dar key Khals
  22. THen they are stupid yes I said it "stupid". What does Gurbani say about kirtan????? ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਚਾਲ ਜਿਤੁ ਪਾਰਬ੍ਰਹਮੁ ਧਿਆਏ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਕੀਰਤਨੁ ਗਾਏ ਜੀਉ ॥ To live as Gurmukh is the lifestyle by which we come to meditate on the Supreme Lord. The Gurmukh sings the keertan of His Praises. ----------------------------------- ਕਲਿ ਕੀਰਤਿ ਪਰਗਟੁ ਚਾਨਣੁ ਸੰਸਾਰਿ ॥ In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the kirtan of the Lord's Praise has appeared as a Light in the world. ----------------------------------- ਰਾਮ ਹਰਿ ਕੀਰਤਨੁ ਗੁਰ ਲਿਵ ਮੀਠਾ ॥ Lovingly focused upon the Guru, the kirtan of the Lord's Praise has becom
  23. There is two ways around this, 1) be the volunteer to bring your laptop and post on the projector the hukamnama on STTM or a similar program and do the seva so others can read the interpritation of the Shabad 2) Do what I do when someone isnt there to do the projector Seva and either ask for the Granthi to tell you the Ang number(Or I stand up and look so I can go home a read from my pothis with english that Ang 702 stating at the memory of the Shabad etc) ONe step a Sikh takes is the steps towards understanding, some Granthis are lazy but then how much lazier is the Sangat????? Go out of you
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