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  1. Please i beg the sangat, literally beg for any pictures videos audios stories anything regarding or related to Dr Pritam Singh Anjaan Jee, Dr Jis kirtan revitalizes me everytime i am feeling down or even low in my sikhi life.. sometimes i dont even feel like listening to kirtan or reading bani but listen to Dr Jis Kirtan always bring my heart back to the highest of highs! Please Please Please if you have ANY photos or Videos or Audios of Dr Ji PLEASE i beg that u share, if they are for sale i am willing to pay. I am quite sad Dr Jis kirtan is not more widely listened too..But im sure it is apa
  2. Bhai sahib Bhai randhir singh ji Bhai sahib Bhai Raama Singh Ji Bhai Sahib Bhai Jeevan singh ji. And biggest of all GURU JEE! Do proper vayakaran of gurbani and also Baba Deep Singh Ji and Bhai Mani Singh Ji both did mool manter up to Gur Prasad, if you believe differently please state your evidence, and also (they started taksaal, and taksaals maryada is puratan is not a valid answer because taksaals maryada has changed many times in the past)eg. Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Mahapursh said Jhatak is ok. Baba Takhur Singh Ji said all meat is bad... and changed the maryada when he was at position of
  3. vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru
  4. are you serious??? that's like saying its hypocritical to tell a kid to stop running around breaking this because were not perfect either.... I think that people are getting WAY to loose on there kids...my dad luvvers me but he gave me the occational 1 2 now and then lol
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHVawdNxQVU...re=channel_page -a good watch
  6. And Singhs that say he is shaheed arent doing parchaar? Sant Ji May be coming back but not as in the same saroop. it doesnt make scense, sant ji is no giddar, he makes lions. He would have come back by know, look at the situation in punjab know, if he couldnt stand keeping silent pre 84 how could he know, that is if he WAS alive. Anyways i still dont see a problem with what Ranjjit Singh Ji said...people have to much ego attached with there jathebandi, and from what iv seen, taksaalis cant bear to hear anything but pro samprada. Also instead of always runnin from discussions and gettin scared
  7. I dont undertsand the problem...Its not like he did nindya of a gursikh or anything...In His Personal Views Taksaal hasnt done anything, that doesnt mean he doesnt think that taksaalis are bad...I dun no about Dadrianwale but i mean jus lookin at the situation doesnt seem like a big deal...its like saying AKJ has done nothing for the panth or Nanaksar has done nothing for the panth, esentially the jatha bani hasnt but ppl who associated with it have (Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, Bhai Fauja Singh Ji, Baba Manochahal, Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar, Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji, and mannnnny ma
  8. Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, is everything, he turns the world, lights the sun, makes me breathe, makes me cry, makes me lauph, makes me eat, makes me go to the loo...without My Guru who am i? notttaaa! I gave my head to dhan dhan sri guru granth sahib ji, and i wish that before i ever abondon my guru that i be killed
  9. The Problem is we treat sikhi as a relegion...sikhi is not a relegion but yet a way of life, when you take amrit your head is guru sahibs, meaning that what guru sahib says is what goes...if we treated it like that we wouldnt get divisions....also 3rd parties have always been distorting maryada and this also causes tention....i think it was 15 jathedar of akaal takht that changed maryada from keski to kes, so know today there is so much confusion about it.
  10. I know this might sound stupid. but why do we sleep?? i mean why cant we jus do abyaas all night?? What factor is it that makes our bodies want to rest...I mean it seems so pointless and iv tried to stay up at night and do abyaas but my body jus gets sooo tired
  11. http://akj.org/skins/one/mr.php?shabadId=574 Wont work on my nokia n95...making me realy sad lol its workin on my frnds iphone but not my n95...i even tried using opera mini but still no luck...the blue screen shows up which lets me choose the letters but when i press search i can only see like 1 or 2 words of the results on the left side of the screen...its almost like my screens not in the right direction? I tried changing the zoom and everything but still no luck..anyone else having this problem or any ideas how to fix it??
  12. EVERY single person that has said anything about the movement not being done by singhs of ANY jathebandi..go look at your self in a mirror and then slap yourself and then say why dont i go do it? and if you dont do it shut up:)
  13. JAN NANAK DHOORR MANGAI THIS GURSIKH KEE JO AAP JAPAI AVAREH NAAM JAPAAVAI |2| waheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguru waheguruwaheguruwaheguru waheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguruwaheguru waheguruwaheguruwaheguru
  14. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=zwP-VI5fbxU&...feature=related We Shud Try To Enjoy Simran This Much Too LOL
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