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  1. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Sarb_Loh_Granth There is much scholarly work going into the authentication of the Sarbloh Granth, one recalls passage written in manuscripts kept by Damdami Taksal recording Banda Singh Bahadur having done seva (doing work for Sikhi without wanting any bargain) of writing Sarbloh Granth handwritten birs (this point is from a very biased and untrusted source someone should look into its authenticity). Can any Taksali singh give information about these manuscrips mentioning that Baba Banda Singh Bahadur did seva of writing Sri Sarbloh Granth birs.. Thanks Dhan Dhan Akali Nihang Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Dhan Dhan Akali Nihang Baba Mitt Singh Jee
  2. I personally feel that sehajdhari sikhs are VERY IMPORTANT and sehajdhari shud be respected and LOVED so that they become amritdhari rehitdhari sikhs. Baba Jarnail Singh Jee Bhindrawale used to treat sehajdhari sikhs with respect and as a result, loads of sehajdhari sikhs became amritdhari at that time. According to me a sikh= an amritdhari who keeps proper rehit( rehit binai na sikh akhavai, rehit binai dar chotan khavai) sehajdhar sikh = a person who a) has accepted the supremacy of the house of Guru Nanak Dev jee- Guru Gobind Singh Jee and does not bow his head in front of anyone else other than Guru Granth Sahib Jee b) does not take tobacco, does not commit adultery and does not eat halal(muslim) meat c) does mool mantarr or gurbani paath, does some jorian de seva at Guru Ghar. Whether a sehajdhari sikh keeps kesh or not is a non-issue. Kesh are to be kept only when sehajdhari sikh wants to chakk amrit.
  3. Very good topic. This is what I feel about raag kirtan. In gurbani, Satguru jee has told sikhs to SING gurbani with tukks like " charre divas gurbani GAAVai..." and "gurbani GAVAHU bhaii...). So, singing gurbani without raags is not wrong. If a rehitvaan sikh with loads of naam kamayee does kirtan without raags, that kirtan can change the life of people. At the same time, raag kirtan has a special place in sikhi as well. It takes lots of years to get trained in raags and good raagi singhs who keep good rehit should be respected and taken care off by the panth. Regarding shastar vidyaa, it is MUST for every sikh( bibis, young kids...) to have some basic knowedge of gatka, some desi karattee and ideally shud also know how to shoot a gun. SHASTARS ARE GOD. Without shastars, there is NO RAAJ(shastran ke adheen hai raaj) and without raaj, dharam(gursikhi) cannot prosper(raaj bina nahin dharam chalai hai, dharam bina sab dalai malai hain).
  4. I agree with Matheen. Kesh is the kakaaar and NOT keski. A bibi can be given gurmantar if she is willing to cover her head with a chunni ALL THE TIME. But if a bibi wants to get Naam drirsh, SHE HAS TO WEAR A KESKI. Khalsa AKAL PURAKH ke FAUJ. I agree with Matheen. Kesh is the kakaaar and NOT keski. A bibi can be given gurmantar if she is willing to cover her head with a chunni ALL THE TIME. But if a bibi wants to get Naam drirsh, SHE HAS TO WEAR A KESKI. Khalsa AKAL PURAKH ke FAUJ.
  5. Sevak ke orakk nib-he preet.... What a nice way to leave this world! I have a feeling that Bidhi Chand Dal will be doing some amazing seva in the near future for the Panth. They keep a very strong pehraa of rehit and japp naam by remaining within that pehraa, Satguru jee is going to give them power that the world would not have witnessed in the future. There is no match for rehitvaan nihang singhs.
  6. http://cbs2chicago.com/local/daley.city.la...s.2.863161.html Mayor Daley: Prepare For Mass Layoffs CEOs Tell Mayor They Plan Huge Layoffs In November, December
  7. http://www.indyweek.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A268887 Life after (peak) oil
  8. its actually not too bad, u can get train from delhi to punjab for about 2000 rupees return so what thats another 25 quid? U can get Shatabdi train. Its ticket about 500 rupess from delhi to ludhiana. Its a very good train. If u do not keep dietary bibek, u will be given food as well. It is also a very safe train, u wont have beggars etc. troubling you.
  9. Dashmesh Pita put the haramkhor masands in a karrahaa and burnt them alive. Same shud be done to the present day masands. Once 2 or 3 have been burnt, others will automatically run away.......... Sikhs need to become NIHANGS. By Nihang I mean any amritdhari who keeps good rehit, keeps strong pehraa of sarbloh bibek and wears a bana.
  10. I want to marry a white singhnee. I have this dream that a singhnee wearing a blue bana, carrying a 3 feet sword, riding a horse comes to my house and takes me with her, hahahahahahahahahahaha I feel the caste barrier has to be broken. The best way to break caste barrier is to marry out of caste. I would just like to add something here. I dont believe in caste, but I do have preference for PROFESSION. I wont like to marry into the house of a dukandaar, ideally I would like to marry into some farmer's family or some family which has army or warrior history. Kirt (profession) has a HUGE affect on ones KARMA, SPIRITUAL LIFE, and ones personality.Dunee Chand used to stay with Dashmesh Pita and must have been keeping some rehit and reading some gurbani as well. But he used to avoid kirt and used to eat haramkhori di roti. When Guru Sahib asked him to fight the elephant, he ran away and Bhai Bachittar Singh jee raised his hand up.
  11. http://www.voanews.com/english/AmericanLif...10-30-voa56.cfm Simpler, Greener Lifestyle Creates Wealth, Happiness
  12. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-loan...,0,275802.story Students forced to borrow more to finance college educations
  13. Veer 'Inder Singh' has written in one of his posts that birs of Sri Dasam Granth of 1696,97 are present in USA. These birs can be used to check the compositions. I have this STRONG BELIEF that Sri Dasam Granth was NOT compiled by Bhai Mani Singh. Sri Dasam Granth was compiled by Dashmesh Pita and existed before 1699(before the formation of Khalsa).
  14. I feel the muslim extremists will slow down their activities with Obama as President. I feel what the amercians need to currently think about is NOT Obama but the financial crisis. The automobile industry is going to go bankrupt in the next few months. Automobile industry drives north american economy. Large no. of jobs are linked with automobile industry and lots of people are going to loose jobs in the near future. Its not to stockpile FOOD. I feel the muslim extremists will slow down their activities with Obama as President. I feel what the amercians need to currently think about is NOT Obama but the financial crisis. The automobile industry is going to go bankrupt in the next few months. Automobile industry drives north american economy. Large no. of jobs are linked with automobile industry and lots of people are going to loose jobs in the near future. Its time to stockpile FOOD.
  15. There is no need to make this kind of open post. If you want only xharinder singh to answer then send him pm. I feel since it is posed as a topic, all members can give views. I am not a political analyst. I just like reading news and forums as a hobby. I am a harcore believer in the doom ideology i e. this civilization is going to be doomed sooner or later. Obama is a much better president than Bush, but still he cannot change the functioning of Pentagon and CIA. These agencies have been working for decades and perfoming dirty tricks. Having said that, Obama is going to lessen the hatred that middle east has for America, so that will be good for american citizens. Obama will also be good for american minorities like blacks and muslims. Regarding fighting global warming and famine, its all a time pass thing. The only way to fight global warming etc is to become a Nihang, have a horse and live lifestyle of 18th century. That lifestyle is so enjoyable. All sikhs shud become nihangs( if u dont wish to do jhatka or shaheedi degh, dont do it, its no compulsion). Nihangs are going to rule this world in the near future and who knows Obama might become a Nihang too. American citizens will need Nihangs to save them from Middle east. Taliban people are very kattar and pakke bande. Goraas are soo soft in front of Taliban. Only Nihangs can stop Taliban.
  16. According to some, only an amritdhari is a sikh. Well I am willing to accept this, but then there has to be some standard as to who can chakk amrit. I am not trying to mock the present situation, but seriously if an annoucement is made that any person who will chakk amrit will get american visa(assuming america's economy is strong like 90's), crores of people in India will become amritdhari. Then there are people who break the amrit and chakk it again without any repentance. There was a keski wearing bibi who used to sleep with a man whom she used to call "more than real brother". When she was caught, she was secretly taken to an amrit sanchar, forgiven and now she is amritdhari again. Now is this bibi a sikh ?????? Amrit chakk means ACTIVATION OF NAAM INSIDE THE BODY. It is in the hands of Satguru jee only. Just because somebody got "forgiven" by some "punj singhs" does not mean naam also got activated again.
  17. Automobile industry is going to go bankrupt in the next few months. THIS IS A TERRIBLE NEWS. Sikhs in America and Ontario shud get FOOD STORED FOR GOD'S SAKE! TRUST ME!
  18. From the starting of the 4 yuggs, the humans have been fighting for MAYA. The religion was just used as a tool to get people under ur control for Maya and for fighting ur enemies. All this was happening due to TRISHNA. Sikhi breaks this trishna via Gurmat Naam. Gurmat Naam brings SANTOKH which kills trishna. All the present enviromental degradation is happening due to TRISHNA. People have stopped doing hard word and have become dependent on machines, 25% of people living in developed countries use 75% of planet's resources. The fuel that is used by an Amercican to go for a picnic or a date has been achieved by ruining hundreds of families in middle east. Infact, large majority of "freedom struggles" are all supported by powerful governments to control resources of the planet. All this worldly tamasha is of MAYA(women, money, land, gold, OIL)
  19. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Pollut...how/3689486.cms China tells rich polluting nations to change lifestyle
  20. I listened to some his kathas sometime back, nice kathas. Baba Mitt Singh jee was a scholar of gurbani. Sri Sarbloh Granth is almost impossible to understand by mortals, but Baba jee posessed divine knowledge of Sri Sarbloh Granth as well. He would have got all his santhiyaa and meanings from Satguru jee. Puratan singhs lived through tough times, lived in jungles, dint have all these scholarly books available, but they knew the true meanings of Gurbani. How did they get to know the meanings ? The key is to get the daat of Livv, once that happens, Satguru jee can give us ANY VIDYA. One can even get shastar vidyaa in samadhi Then there is sakhi of that Guru Harkrishan Jee Maharaaj jee. He just kept his stick on a mortal and that mortal did arths of Gita. We modern day sikhs have started to follow the ways of the blind world. If Satguru jee wants, He can make a person without legs climb mount everest, meanings of words is a very very very small thing.
  21. I sometimes read Gurbani meanings from teeka by Prof. Sahib Singh jee. I am also planning to buy grammar book of Bhai Talwara Singh jee in the near future, but deep within my mind, I know that the true meanings and santhiya of Gurbani can only be received directly from Satguru jee. These books and teekas are just a guide and reading them for some time is good, but spending ur entire energy on these reseraches, then debating on these researches, I feel we are missing the real goal of this human life which is to meet Akal Purakh. Akal Purakh is BEANT, cant He tell us the meanings of His own words ???????????? If a small baby can learn a language and its complex grammar, cant the sikhs of Satguru do the same for Gurbani ????????
  22. very very good posting :goodpost: Sunny, u need to apologize for this post of yours. I never taunted shaheed singhs. I was trying to say that they understand gurbani just by listening to it and we mortals can do the same if we have Guru Kirpa. U seem to have a personal problem with me and trying to attack me at any chance available. Je bande da putt aaan ,tan computer piche kyon lukkdaa piyaan, send me a pm and I will contact u and answer all ur questions.
  23. Here we go? We have brand new online bramgyani? How do you know what they know or not? Opss.. everone pressing button to attack me. What I meant from this post was shaheed singhs understand Gurbani just by listening to it. Gurbani is Nirankaar and if a mortal listens to Gurbani and keeps full rehit and japps lots of gurmantar, that person can also understand gurbani just by listening. These days I feel we are spending way too much time on things like sanskit, grammar, meanings. etc...
  24. Thats a cute post, lol I feel using guns to kill animals is unfair, but using sword or khanda is a fair battle. There is a gurdwara Sahib near Paunta Sahib, where Dashmesh pita did udhaar of a lion with His sword. That lion used to kill the villagers.
  25. true said bai ji.. myself m passout of top engg institute of india.. my hindu profrs always harassed me .. until i wore a dumala ..lol and took ma gatra out of my jeans(earlier i used to keep it under ma clothes).. amd always unduely favoured a bhapa from ludhiana wearing a patki I wont use the word hindu profs. Some of my hindu profs were really nice people. But there were some who were affiliated with RSS and had their duties to perform. They were the trouble makers. I had a GREAT professor from Bengal. He was a gem of a person and respected sikhs more than he respected bengalis. Anyways, I hope u are doing well with ur career as the the financial crisis is ruining the career of young pass outs. People getting laid off every day. bai ji wat do u say if u top in a xam and teacher still gives u C grade and people gettin lower marks get A.. wen u make a complaint.. they say "Mr Singh u dont deserve any A" i wonder if gettin highest marks in a subject is not d way to get an A, den wat is it?? well definately all five fingers of u r hand r not equal.. all my frnds r hindus, and non punjabies.. and they r real gems.. Veer, these type of things happen everywhere. My mother is a professor in PAU, Ludhiana and some of the turbaned professors treat the hindu guys(from south india or bengal) in a pretty wrong manner as well.. apne bande ve ghat nahin hai.. I have heard from my colleagues that in Aligarh university, hindu students are treated badly by some of the muslim professors. But these type of things shud not happen in National institutes like Aiims, IIT, IIM, but sadly RSS is infiltrating here too.
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