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  1. The site is back online with the exception of the events section and a few other bits n bobs. Someone attempted to crash the server after hacking into it (2nd time in a month) - but now we are hoping its securer and better. Its not new for the site and other well known Gurbani and veechaar sites to be hacked into so its just something we cant stop but do our best to defend against. On a side note, you may have noticed in the past few months, Harmeet Singh who is active on the forum as well, has been helping out with the website as much as he can. From this moment, he has agreed to fully take
  2. http://www.expressandstar.co.uk/2007/06/13...t-dies-aged-86/ Just wanted a thread opened for a man who will be sorely missed. To fight in WWII he lied about his age to sign up and actively do something in WWII which just shows the passion this Singh had to fight injustice. He was known around Wolverhampton a lot and was often seen. I was there at the end of the special programme today at GNG Sedgley St in Wolverhampton. Amongst tears and tissues was laughter and celebration for a guy who done so much and led an amazing life. He was a great grandfather and there was family n friends from arou
  3. ANJAAAAAAN beat me to it Someone block her lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA _K_ and MILITANT KAUR !!!! Have the bestest day and Guroo raakhaa :HP: Nama Singh :cool:
  4. I dont think its meant to be comical - more factual
  5. Im sure i have heard Bhai Manjeet Singh Glasgow Wale do this at a rehansbhai in England but i cant remember when... I know i have the recording but cant track down which rehansbhai it was at. Sorry i cant help more at the moment...
  6. Erm... hold up. I dont rememba backin up dancin, tigerstyle and i dont remember cussing them either. Send me the link to where i have done that and i know for a fact Bass is against the whole dancing thing. Self edit : Actually i will include the link for you http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=225026
  7. lol amankaur jee i wasnt referring to neone in specific :D Bass, sort it out!
  8. thats not even funny thou man they a bunch of them Hari Kirshnas innit. sad to see people wearing Sikh turbans dancing around like that..
  9. http://www.ektaone.com/audio/index.php?q=f...h+%28Prayers%29
  10. http://www.ektaone.com/audio/index.php?q=f...h+%28Prayers%29 Loads of different versions of Nitnem audio, recited in different styles and moods
  11. Sorry about the delay and everything - its back online and some updates will be coming this weekend. Please be aware that it will go down for a very short while in a couple of weeks - all will be revealed soon :D www.ektaone.com
  12. You doing marathon as well Nama Singh ? If you do can you do it in full Nihang gear carrying some weapons. I wish. But i think Sharans got the right idea and i would love to experience it, even if i only make it half a mile :D Good luck to ya Sharan :D
  13. heres the links againnnnnnnn London Marathon – A Brummie Punjaban doing the London Marathon New York Marathon – A Brummie Punjaban doing the New York Marathon
  14. NO JOKE > one of the most unique Sikh websites ive seen in a longggggggggg time!! I like the way his mind works lol proper gadget man! Wickeddddddd
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