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  1. I want to give it a try but need to make sure if such things are not just hype to make some money. Any suggestions? http://maateeusa.com/
  2. Can you please go in more detail for us to understand the contents of your work? Thanks
  3. True ! They got additional funding from 'Sikh Spirit Foundation' to work on Gurbani Center ($25K) and another funding from 'Avtar Singh' for the mobile app (Undisclosed). The SikhNet Gurbani Media Center app is now available for FREE thanks to the generous support of Avtar Singh Dhamija, of Akal Engineers and Consultants Ltd, Canada. http://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/mobile We've done it! Because of your generosity, along with the wonderful offer from the Sikh Spirit Foundation to match your donations Dollar-for-Dollar, we have now raised enough to get the new Gurbani Media Center online! Thank you for supporting this project! http://www.sikhnet.com/GurbaniMediaCenter
  4. My intentions are not to attack anyone but to raise the awareness. http://report.sikhnet.com/ According to their annual report they did this in 2015: 1. #PrayforPunjab 2. Gurbani Media Center and SikhNet Radio 3. 4th Annual Siri Guru Granth Sahib Conference 4. Parliament of the World’s Religions 5. Camp Miri Piri 6. Sikh Naujawan Academy 7. Teaching in Amritsar, India 8. Yuba City Guru Gaddi Divas Celebrations 9. Sikh Camps in Canada and the UK 10. Inspiration - Kaur Movie 11. Katha App 12. SikhNet Inspirations Videos 13. SikhNet Daily News 14. SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival 15. SikhNet Children’s Audio Stories INCOME EXPENSES -------- Being in computer related job, i can tell you that it does not take more than half a millon dollar to run something like sikhnet. The reason i am saying this is that out of 15 accomplishment they listed, MAJORITY of them are NOT arranged or organized by Sikhnet. For example, the world parliament in utah was not organised by sikhnet. The camps in uk, canada and other countries are not organised by sikhnet and i am 100% sure that the travel expense are taken care by organizers by itself. Just because "ONE" is attending the event such as Nagar Kirtan, does not make you eligible to gather funds on that. Is the program expense with price tag of $365K is their payroll? i believe that there are only three main employees. $20,000 rent is the room space inside Gurdwara Sahib in the middle of desert is also raising concern. They are even hiring outside company to build their website. The only expense that i personally can justify is their full server hosting cost, programming cost for the website, and maximum of $500/month office rent cost, Not more than 50K payroll cost.
  5. Make sure who fund and make such movies. In this world regardless of outer appearance, you can't trust anyone.
  6. Is it really jaswinder Singh? If he is the one giving Europa then this guy is 100% toxic.
  7. Dr. IJ Singh got no gian and yet he portray himself as savior of our community. His only good capability is that he writes good but always on the wrong side. Gurkha singh is just another hippie whose own ideology or way of life contradicts with gurus given path everyday.
  8. Nikki Hailey was born in sikh family and her Fufar used to be a very well known and highly respectable jatha singh from amritsar area. She 'was' sikh however she still would do much better for sikh community than other political figures. Jindal has its own identity crisis. He does not want to think of himself as indian lol. He got the phobia that goray are superiors than other colors. Clinton only link with sikhs via : 1. Sant Chatwal & 2. Dr. Rajwant Singh (SCORE or ecosikh). Both are indian government chapal lickers. Sant Chawla was just quoted by indian media of his highly anti-stand against sikh referendum 2020. Trump is nothing but a joke ! The most egoist and failed person i have ever seen. First it was her mad passion about obama birther issue and then his racist standpoint against hispanic americans. Bernie sanders is another good candidate but i don't think people are ready for him. Jeb bush only problem is his last name lol Rand paul - too much conservative. Totally different than his dad ron paul.
  9. I thibk sometime people do not realize that it can something else other than what they think. Sadly, instead of realizing that its actually their nature and attitude but not sikhi. Due to their manmat they dont find fault in themself but instead throw anything related to sikhi under the bus.
  10. Wow!! Such a welcoming temple. How can they bar certain types of people from entering such places and that too a religuous place. Our gurus never did that even we hold such a high importance of hair and other kakaars but we dont close doirs to anyone.
  11. Yes Sikhs are in west because the west (except US) messed up our homeland pretty badly and posted illegitimate rulers over our land more than 150 years ago. The same west who caused panic and chaos and murders of more than a million punjabis. They resulted world's largest every mass human migration of our people 68 years ago.. We were very well settled, highly educated and running a country where death penalty was banned and this was during early 1800's. West messed up our land and we had no choice but to move out of our homeland. West (may it be uk, france etc) also created problems in mostly whole middle east. They were the one who started the idea to throw out ottoman empire and post outsiders as their rulers. They are also the one who created the current Israel/Palestine problem. Yes some muslim rulers are bad criminals (just like mughals in india during our gurus time) but that should not give any excuse to anyone to start attacking other religion. If muslims think that drawing a figure of their god is haram and biggest crime ever then why some fudus of the west are creating unnecessary provoking events. If they are really concerned then maybe they should join armed forces and go fight. These same people are no different than nazis of KKK and other weird racist outfits. Regarding this biker gangs, they are nothing but a hype of certain race people who can't digest seeing black president in white house. They been jumping around for the past almost 8 years. Glad to see that you remember Sikhs safety when you hear such news You are a good guy !
  12. Darbar sahib inside matha taek flow stops for a while whenever VIP goes to take Matha from side shortcut. I saw it when badal was there. On top of that now they are restricting daily morning ppl to sit on the prime spot inside - those spots are now is reserved by SPGC sewadars for prominent politicians during live telecast program.
  13. There is no such limits in our dharam to recite certain paat (prayer) for this or that many days. Sikhi encourage you to understand the meaning of gurbani (guru's word) and apply that in our life in practical form. Sukhmani sahib bani brings sukh in your life... certain bani sets your mood according to that.. When i am very tensed, i prefer to listen to sukhmani sahib. Also, I don't ask for anything from god. However, I ask (pray/ardas) from him to give me power to accept whatever god gives to me - dukh and/or sukh.
  14. --------------He is a native British Sikh who has spent many years learning in India from some of the best renowned traditional school.-------------- Which school in India?
  15. i stopped soda drinks after watching this documentary. All packaged foods should also be strictly avoided - I stopped cereals, pastas etc. Watch this video and share your views. It's on Netflix.
  16. If Sikh men wear turban then why not Sikh women?
  17. I noticed that too.. This is how missionary works.. Which forces or jatha or anyone ever suggested that sant ji is hiding near hemkund sahib?
  18. Too much advertisement.
  19. fateh sangat ji, I am posting this here on behalf of my relative who is looking for a singh for their anritdhari daughter. Based in gurdaspur, punjab and she is doing nursing. She is very good in studies. Anyone interested or knows someone who will be compatible, please email me s1ngh@me.com. Any nationality is ok. Thanks
  20. The purpose of sikhi in my viewpoint is to reach the stage level where we will find Anand of guru shabad. That stage level is so high that it can't be compared with any other Worldly desires. That stage is also the reason how one Sikh can't feel the pain of being sawed in half or burned alive. Naturally, desires should stay between husband and wife and it's fine by my view. But if outside of home, a random girl/lady/boy passing by and a person take a look at her 'check it out' NOW I consider that as the lust and a sin.
  21. I found above picture online where it says that kp gill celebrates heavily after he accomplished one of his mission - we all knows what were his work missions. I can't find the source but found this lying on my computer. Kuldeep manak was the main guy to liven up the party as seen in this picture. Published in papers.
  22. ਪੈਸੇ ਦੇਨੇ ਬੰਦ ਹੋਣ ਤਾਂ ਸਾਰੇ ਪੰਗੇ ਤੇ ਕੋ੍ਟ ਕੇਸ ਵੀ ਸਾਰੇ ਬੰਦ ਹੋ ਜਾਨ ਗੇ.
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