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  1. hey you!! ahhh first day of school!!! it was so boring!!! :) sorry that i am replying late!! :)

  2. why didnt u come online then I thought u jst left

  3. lol at least the games were fun...i havent posted on ss in a long time...got me writing again haha

  4. did u make a new account or no?? :(

  5. just make a new account dont post games lol

  6. hey i'm thinking of posting some more games n then this account wud be claosed n i will make a new one......what do u say.....it will hav great fun

  7. its ok u still have discover sikhi and facebook hey tatkhalsa.com is more friendly lol

  8. yes....i can't do anything else...even my comments r getting checked before getting posted

  9. keep sending me comments i approve them and thats how I see them lol

  10. its ok lol dont post another game ok ull be ok keep tlaking to me on somments tho ok lol

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