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  1. Hello Bir Ji, Below is a response from a previous post regarding Kiratpur, to a Brother who was curious as to the significance of the Holy place: Besides experiencing peace of mind upon witnessing beautiful gardens and heaven-like scenery, there is a sensation of ambrosial dew-drops that permeate the soul there. My Brother there is much historical significance related to the land of Kiratpur. At the location of Gurudwara Patal Puri, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, Sri Guru Har Rai Ji and the Mother of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Mata Nanaki were cremated there and their ashes were dispersed into the river as were Sri Guru Har Krishan Jis. The place in which the Gurudwara Charan Kanwal is today, used to be the home of a pandit named Peenju. He had heard from the villagers and from travelers that there is a Pir by the name of Nanak, who gives sight to the blind and speech to the dumb. In his heart the pandit had adopted Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as his Guru, and had practiced prema-bhakti for his darshan. During their travels, Guru Nanak had come upon the home of Peenju and had blessed their bhagat. At that very spot Guru Nanak had begun kirtan with Mardana and had remained immersed in it for three hours until Mardana had stopped playing his rabab, which caused Guru Nanak to open their lotus eyes and question Mardana as to why he had stopped. Mardana said "either make me as thyself or at least ask if I am hungry once in a while". Guru Ji were very pleased with his innocent answer and had blessed him with the sound of the unstruck melodies. After Mardana had remained immersed in the anhad shabad for hours, Guru ji lay their hand on top of Mardanas head and had brought his consciousness back to its normality. Mardana had praised His Guru and had tried to explain the overflow of bliss he had experienced. Mardana had then asked Guru Ji the significance of this land as he had had experienced such celestial fortune upon it. Guru Nanak being pleased with his question had said that "you are my sevak and I will not hide anything from you." Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went on explaining that "In the coming years when I assume my 6th form I will construct this land and name it Kiratpur. This place had been an oasis of penance in satjug where many Rishis and Munis had meditated. Also, underneath this sacred land flows the Ganges waters of the netherworld." Guru Ji went on saying "Vashisht, the master of Ramchander had spent many years meditating here and the kingdom of Bali, the Charitable King from Satjug was also located at this very spot." Upon hearing this Mardana was in wonderment and had praised his Guru. Gurudwara Patal Puri was constructed by Sant Darbara Singh Ji of Lopon. When Sant Ji had returned to India from England, many English folk were intrigued by his discourse on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and had decided to come with him and witness the sacred temples and Gurudwaras. Upon reaching Kiratpur Sahib the Englishmen were told of the significance of Kiratpur of how ashes of the deceased are poured into the river, but the English were astonished at the fact that why such a holy place had not been constructed and why it lays amidst jungle and forest. After hearing the disappointment in their voices Sant Ji had witnessed the parthak darshan of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. Understanding this vision as a sign to commence construction of the Gurudwara, Sant Ji had announced the plans to construct Gurudwara Patal Puri to the Sangat, in Ludhiana on the 18th of May, 1976. The Jathedar of the S.G.P.C.at that time was Mohan Singh Turh, who was called to Lopon to pass the regulatory provisions in order to begin construction. This Gurudwara was constructed and was given to the sangat and S.G.P.C. upon completion. I am aware of these facts as my grandfather who is still alive was one of the chief sevadars in construction of the Gurudwara. Inside the Gurudwara there is a list of some of the chief sevadars who were involved in the construction. The very first name on the list is my grandfather's, Karnail Singh.
  2. What are you going on about names for. You name is Big Sikh. We all know u want to be a "Big" sikh, but you're nothing but a small ignoramus. How are you certain that I shave, for all you know I might be amritdhari. Stick to the topic and post with a little maturity instead of rambling like an imbecile and making a fool out of yourself.
  3. This is the most idiotic post i've ever read. You want to pesh for drinking "holy" water?? Who cares if it's from another religion, it's considered sacred, it doesn't mean you're baptised, it's just a blessing. You guys seriously need to get a life.
  4. I think Uk Gupt Kaur is a bahman who believes too much bipran ki reet. You should focus more on gurmat and stop promoting bahmanism, shame on you.
  5. I already answered the first part of #1 previously. as for the second part I ask the same question. #2 Not acceptable, but as i said before people still do it, regardless of what the Sant/saadh says. and which rehat maryada are you referring to
  6. As I said before you're an imbecile, but we'll address that some other time. The tilak is a mark of sovereignty and doesn't have much spiritual significance, it was applied on Kings and Sants. Actually, there were statues of ganesh beside Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the Golden Temple (not that I support this), until the British came and removed them. So I think you should be matha teking to them. If applying some paste on your head drives you away from your Gurus pyar and satkar, you're a fool. Of course Sants don't allow matha teking, but what can you do if they're a mile away. As for the ramalla touching feet, I assume someone has done this, which I surely comdemn. That chinese whispers thing didn't fit, you just look like more of an i.d.i.o.t. now
  7. How does mentioning indian culture make you a sanatanist. Is Jathedar Kulwant Singh from Hazoor Sahib a sanatnist? Everything Sikhs do is from Indian culture, from bowing to taking our shoes off in the Gurudwara. that doesnt mean we're hindus. If you can't accpet that Sikhism is distinct from hinduisim while still retaining some aspects of indian culture, then you have a delusional guilt complex. (you must be filled with soo much closet self-loathing) As for the Baba Budha Ji comment i'm referring to the action of applying tilak not comparing the people. Also, I don't know what chandoya sahib you're referring to.
  8. The tilak is a mark of sovereignty in indian culture, unless you're completely hinduphobic. Does it mean that Baba Budha Ji was commiting beadbi by putting a tilak on the Gurus' Heads? In Udasi and Nirmalas cultures this has been occuring for centuries.
  9. Applying the tilak to Guru Granth Sahib ji doesn't do anything so to speak. It's just tradition and a symbol of how the Super-Power was passed on. Matha Teking should not be done in Hazoori and yes I know people who have seen women matha teking to Sant Isher Singh Ji as he walked into the divan. There's nothing against that mahapurash if a premi matha teks from a mile away. The love of the devotee cannot be concieved by the normal intellect. The sgpc part was mentioned because I've been told by a few people that that's all you're concerned with. and and and you're an i.d.i.o.t.
  10. Tony you're a blind ignoramous. No one cares what you think, you have no conception of who or what a saint is. Sant Balwant Singh is from Baba Biram Das, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's relative. You have no knowledge of sanatanism nor do you possess the ability to acquire it. I suggest you stick to your sgpc nonsense.
  11. I know of sant balwant singh, he is a pooran brahm gyanee. The only idiots here are the three who posted above me.
  12. Im glad it helped you. and i think its obvious youve never studied music. All m saying is that it was a lame attempt at rapping. nothing against you or what youve gone through. The point of writing down ur feelings with a beat as you put it, is to actually match the beat, which you didnt. anyways this is a waste of time,just wanted to say that you probably shouldnt post your "raps" unless you're willing to take a little criticsm.
  13. im not being critical of what hes going through,i was being critical of his rap. He asked us what we think, so let me tell him what i think. He's asking about his rap. He didnt post asking "what do you guys think of my life" he's asking what we think of the way he expressed it. As i said before, I feel for him. So if he asked me what I think, let me say what I want. I'm not being critical of your comments, so dont be of mine.
  14. first of all that was not rap, it was a lame attempt at it. It was also not a true art form as art requires some degree of skill which was not present. I feel for his troubles but this so -called rap did not get to me as it did to others. Please don't title it as rap as it insults the true artist. I've been to a few soul and jazz cafes in Toronto, and as they pour their heart and souls out they produce music which this is not.
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