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  1. If you answer back, during an argument, this means you've given in to your ego substance. It is your ego that is dealt with then. How? Well, because 'I' exist that's why all the other things exist, ie. the five evils and all. If 'I' didn't exist then how will the other things exist? Understand? If the person is arguing with you, this is because they 'think' that 'they' exist. Nothing but God really exists. Nothing at all. If we believe the false existence of this 'I'-ness to be true then we suffer. So if you know that you don't exist then what inside is left to be provoked? Nothing. You'll be neutral to everything be it compliments, or slander. You just won't care. This is the sehaj state; we discussed before. God will help you by giving you 'inner peace'. Pray to God that yours and the other person's ego be diminished. This happens through Gurbani. Only Gurbani. Pray for both. Never for anyone's harm. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  2. sorath mehlaa 1 dutukay. Sorat'h, First Mehl, Du-Tukas: purh Dhartee purh paanee aasan chaar kunt cha-ubaaraa. In the realm of land, and in the realm of water, Your seat is the chamber of the four directions. sagal bhavan kee moorat aykaa mukh tayrai taksaalaa. ||1|| Yours is the one and only form of the entire universe; Your mouth is the mint to fashion all. ||1|| mayray saahibaa tayray choj vidaanaa. O my Lord Master, Your play is so wonderful! jal thal mahee-al bharipur leenaa aapay sarab samaanaa. rahaa-o. You are pervading and permeating the water, the land and the sky; You Yourself are contained in all. ||Pause|| jah jah daykhaa tah jot tumaaree tayraa roop kinayhaa. Wherever I look, there I see Your Light, but what is Your form? ikat roop fireh parchhannaa ko-ay na kis hee jayhaa. ||2|| You have one form, but it is unseen; there is none like any other. ||2|| andaj jayraj ut-bhuj saytaj tayray keetay jantaa. The beings born of eggs, born of the womb, born of the earth and born of sweat, all are created by You. ayk purab mai tayraa daykhi-aa too sabhnaa maahi ravantaa. ||3|| I have seen one glory of Yours, that You are pervading and permeating in all. ||3|| tayray gun bahutay mai ayk na jaani-aa mai moorakh kichh deejai. Your Glories are so numerous, and I do not know even one of them; I am such a fool - please, give me some of them! paranvat naanak sun mayray saahibaa dubdaa pathar leejai. ||4||4|| Prays Nanak, listen, O my Lord Master: I am sinking like a stone - please, save me! ||4||4|| I pray this becomes a prayer for all of us. A lot of love to all. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  3. Waheguru... Ji, I really admire your love for Maharaj Ji. But why limit such great wisdom, you are gifted with, behind the walls of extremism? The saroops may remind a jeev(soul) of Maharaj Ji, who is presently sitting on the takht. This way the jeev is actually meditating on Maharaj Ji. Remembering someone is actually doing Simran on them. It is like when you see a Gursikh, he reminds you of the his Guru. Same with the saroops, they remind you of your Guru sitting on the takht. How beautiful is that? Isn't it pretty? =)
  4. mandaa kisai na aakh jhagrhaa paavnaa. Do not speak ill of others, or get involved in arguments. nah paa-ay jhagrhaa su-aam saytee aap aap vanjaavanaa. Do not get into arguments with the Lord, or you shall ruin yourself. Most of this is related to your previous lives. That person is just returning to you, what you've done to them previously. Previous karma. Let them do whatever they want. You shouldn't get involved in any sort of arguments with them. When they try to ignite arguments, start asking for help from your inside, from Akaal Purkh. He shall help you. He will help you, if you really ask for it. However, if you choose to get involved in the argument, you will loose the Supreme's support. Since you now chose to defend yourself so he'll let you. He won't interfere then. He lets us do what we want to do. It's that simple. And never shall you ask him to harm someone else to help you. He doesn't do that. For him everyone is equal, he loves everything unconditionally. Ask for peace for yourself and the other being. Ask for forgiveness. He likes humility. Ji, you shouldn't tell people about your spirituality. It's not good for your soul. How much paath you do, or how much simran you do, shouldn't be 'discussed' with anyone. It is not a matter of discussion at all. You should inspire them to recite Gurbani but not by telling them about how 'much' paath you do. It will boost up your ego body, and the other being's as well. Be careful. Spirituality is a gift he gives. It's his grace. You have nothing to do with it. As you say that when you 'discuss' about the 'amount' of paath you do, you feel restless all day. It's because you are letting your ego body take the most of you. If you hadn't said anything at all, then with whom will that person argue with? Think about it. And why should anyone try to weigh the amount of paath they do? God doesn't count the amount of love he showers on you. He just showers it unconditionally without weighing it. Why should you NOT do the same? Love him so much that you forget counts. Mool Mantra, it helps. Most times, try to stay connected to it. Maharaj Ji has given it to us for a great purpose. Do it and find out.
  5. You cannot stop thinking. It won't happen. 'Unless' you get re-connected to the Shabad---Waheguru. When you start reciting Gurbani, it plays in your head again and again. Some line keeps coming up in between thoughts, they keep you connected to the truth. This is a way for God to help you get over thoughts. Gurbani prepares you for meditation. It gives you a stronger will power. This is why the more recitation of Gurbani with an understanding which develops, the better. One thing we must understand is that we are not our minds. The mind substance is the one that makes you do all the 'regretful' things. Then there is that inner voice which says, "Be careful, this may not be good for you." Turns out this inner voice was correct afterall. This is your 'higher self' which directs you away from the mind. Try listening to it more often. It's his voice... Pain and suffering are two different things. Pain is felt throughout our lives, when external injuries occur or when we reap the fruits for listening to our minds. The prior is inevitable but latter is avoidable. On the other hand, suffering is when we 'listen' to our minds, do these so called 'regretful' things and harm our innocent souls. Suffering is felt by the soul. Pain is felt by the body. There are four states of being. Tamas, Rajas, Sativa, and Sehaj. Tamas is the lowest of all. These beings are purely evil types. Eat rubbish like meat and other junk which makes their minds even worse. Rajas beings are keenly active in the world. They are the ones that enjoy going to the parties and think that life is a party and, therefore, loose the game. Sativa state is the highest of the other two. This is a state when the being starts coming into senses. The being becomes more compassionate, and peaceful, compared to the other two states. It is in this state that you can even think about 'trying' to re-connect with God. Follows the fourth, and the highest state of being, this must be earned by Gurbani and Simran. It cannot happen without them. This is a state is of pure divine bliss without any interference of the mind. You become carefree. It takes practice. You will fall again and again. The thing is to get up and walk past the mistakes and make the most out of them, ie. learn the lessons. When you start your walk towards him 'again', you will feel the pangs of separation. This is all about love. You cannot make this happen. You cannot well up love for God by your mind and thoughts. Sohche Sohch Na Hovayee Je Sohchi Lakh Vaar You need to recite Gurbani to have his grace. He's forever merciful, just take that step towards him. Make the effort.
  6. Nehmat


    Henna, that prepared as a dye for the hair, has many chemicals in it. So, you can guess it may not be so healthy. Pure Henna, however, is hard to find. Unless you have a Henna shrub at home. Massaging 'lukewarm' almond oil before taking a bath strengths your hair, even repairs split ends. As for the healthy part, comb your hair twice, keep them untangled, and love them. They are living...alive. This is why you feel pain when sometimes your hair get pulled by something. Nourish them; give them a healthy 'diet'.
  7. You've mentioned the words 'my mind' four times. You see what's happening to you? You are letting your mind feed on your soul's spiritual energy. It is converting this energy to the lowest form of energy possible. All the words that are bold above show a direct relation to the mind. They are all negative thoughts that you let this mind feed on. Go to the Guru Ghar more often. Do seva. Maharaj Ji's grace knows no bounds whatsoever when he starts showering it. My Daataar Ji only knows how to give. Why wouldn't he help you? Ask him for help. Do Saadh Sangat's seva. He resides in their positive attributes. But remember Ji, that Saadh Sangat is done of the souls not bodies. So make it a rule to not look at 'faces' too much. Dhan Guru Naanak...
  8. Ji, don't say that again. Matha is placed on the holy feet of my Beloved, my Maharaj Ji. Not people like me. I'm nothing. My Beloved is everything. Merciful, compassionate and full of love. The Creator itself. So, no, don't look at the fingers pointing towards him, look at HIM. Look at the 'Daataar' himself. Maharaj Ji. Don't embrass me in front of him again by saying that, I won't be able to look at him. I request you. Waheguru. And Ji, everything is Akaal Purkh himself. Everything. You are too. Yes, you are too. Not your mind but the real you. Be more determined. More determined and 'focus' on your high aim. Your aim to meet him. Merge into him. More eagerly. Devote more time to him. You will be able to do it. He's more eager to meet us than we are. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  9. Odd that we get annoyed if we have to say that more than a few times... Ji, sometimes the 'taunting' can be a blessing in disguise. Understand? It may do some great good to the other. So sometimes, just let things be. And you just try to 'BE'. Just BE.
  10. Awww, you sound like a cute kid. Very innocent. Rub it in the face? I don't see faces. I can see a monitor. That's it! Nice to be called a kid ... I see the 30's coming in 9 more years :0..... I'm to good to be 30 years + old lol Your 'physical' age has nothing to do with your soul's current state of being. Compare both your physical and your mental age, you shall get your answers yourself. You will know whether you've been led by your mind or your soul so far, whether you've been sleeping or awake. Then you'll be asking yourself: 'Am I really my age?' I hope you aren't getting angry. I truly would like to see each and everyone of you happy. Truly happy. For this we must look beyond the ego substance. The infinite is beyond any time limits and since the soul is a part of this 'Whole', in urgency to be 'Whole' again, this entity is also beyond time limits. It is only the physical body that these things called age and time are set for on this planet, ie. Earth. Our soul's age, however, is defined by his grace. We know nothing about it. Meet him and find out. You are very innocent, indeed. It's a god-like quality. =)
  11. Awww, you sound like a cute kid. Very innocent. Rub it in the face? I don't see faces. I can see a monitor. That's it!
  12. Give your mum a hug and tell her that you are always there for her. That's all you can do for her. As for you dad, you can't do anything about it. Gurbani can. But this solution you already knew about, yet you still posted a topic. Odd that we always know the solution is Gurbani and yet we seek other so called easy answers. Sigh... tayray gun bahutay mai ayk na jaani-aa mai moorakh kichh deejai. paranvat naanak sun mayray saahibaa dubdaa pathar leejai. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Gurbani stops this so called suffering. You can only 'experience' it.
  13. Any activity that includes the presence of materialistic people/minds with negative worldly thoughts/energy, yes, that is a waste of time. It is the worst type of torture for the soul to go through having to be present with these materalistic minds. Any activity that includes the presence of Saadh Sangat, and Maharaj Ji, giving you high spiritual energy, no, that is not a waste of time. It's just love... And your soul celebrates these moments. I hope that made sense. =)
  14. Nehmat


    Ji, Maha is a Sanskrit word. It means 'Great'. Power in English would also mean energy, force, omnipotence. In Sanskrit, Power is referred to as 'Shakti'. 'Maha'raj Ji is the Greatest Power present on this very Earth because it is the Supreme Lord, itself. gur parmaysar ayko jaan. Know that the Guru and the Transcendent Lord are One. This Great Power doesn't need to say or do anything for anyone but still does, he came into this world ten times in his physical form and now present in his shabad form, just for us. This Great Power can destory us in seconds for doing harm to his creation but still he gives us chances after chances to improve our state of being. Why? Because he loves us unconditionally. It's his nature to forgive. This Great Power is a directional map to live our lives. We should often try to follow these directions. I hope this clears up everything... Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  15. Nehmat


    I don't understand the part in bold. I do sort of get it, but at the same time it's not 100% in my head, like the rest of your post was. I would be grateful if you could maybe expand Jee. If we were to take a look back at Maharaj Sahib Shri Guru Naanak Dev Ji's life, the message he spread across to humanity, he, himself, had 'first' followed that very same message. He became the change that he wanted to see in us, to encourage us. He simply didn't just 'preach'. Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is this very same Naanak Ji himself. Hana Ji? Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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