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  1. Singhstah veerji dont mind please explain what were u saying? "ur retarded, seeing as u somehow missed the part of the book where bhai sahib randhir singh ji stated that within days of learnig alchemy he realised how bad it was, and how anythihng such as that which turns the mind away from simran is evil. He begged forgiveness from mahraj and chucked the peice of paper which had the formula into the fire" i mean what really happen can you tell the story?I dont know about this
  2. Waheguroo Ji Thanks alot veerji for the post, didnt know anything about this history. Anyways, is it written in Al-Quran what Muhammad Ji said??
  3. wjkk wjkf..when phenji? could we join? what needs to be done and wht not ? wjkk wjkf!
  4. waheguroo ji..sorry if i sound that keski is kakar..its just that..like what veerji said...Dastar is essential for every person(including womens and kids) :D ..waheguroo ji
  5. waheguroo ji..beautifull post brothers and sisters..i really hope maharaj listens to my ardas one day..PLZ share more! im geeting emotional:)
  6. waheguroo ji wjkk wjkf phenji..i would say..tell ur parents in SGGSJ its written that " Sabt Sur Dastar Sera" and guru ji aint sexist... and yea in on of the rehat nama..its written that Keski should be worn by anyone who is asking for amrit..cheak it out at akj.org the tukh..and yea..u can find article of y womens have to wear dastar..hope this helped..eventho i know im useless but well..maharaj keronda:)..wjkk wjkf jio..
  7. waheguroo ji our local gurdwara is also going to have an amritwela below is the poster...its almost the same..but sorry
  8. wjkk wjkf..sangat ji i downloaded the file instaled it but i cant open it cant some one plz enlighten me why is all this happening? wjkk wjkf..sangat ji i downloaded the file instaled it but i cant open it cant some one plz enlighten me why is all this happening?
  9. wjkk wjkf..yea but some ppl say its wrong the akj style cause they say they do wahguroo and not waheguru where in bhai gurdas vaara says waheguru gurmantar hey..anyone anything..on why and stuff?wjkk wjkf
  10. wjkk wjkf..sangat ji..i just want to know....why do akj or maybe thier group does simran very fast and stuff...cause some ppl says its wrong to do the akj style kirtan..which i think it isint...bhul chuk maaf..wjkk wjkf
  11. waheguroo ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh..veerji divine journey...well..you got the answer to the question..we are like lotus...as per Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj said..and may i ask you..you have sex...the whole time...well when ever you wan..then u think ur wiser than guru maharaj?cause guru maharaj said stay away from the 5 evil ones...and u here state that..its ok to have sex how many times u wan!...theres this sant ji..who said...if u wana have sex in 6 months time once..no prob...once a month...no prob...once a week..no prob..but if u still cant control...than ur not a sikh of the guru!y u think they said tht...n btw..y do u wan ahave so much sex ???sex is just to have for babaies...but if u cant control..well its ok...but u wana have sex like a lot of ttimes!...then whats the use!u cant concentrate on naam...can u?..bhul chuk maaaf..wjkk wjkf!
  12. wjkk wjkf..sorry but are u a muslim or is this a law???lolwjkk wjkf!
  13. palvinder88


    waheguroo ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh..i would ask sanagt for some proper answer for my questions: 1)my nana said sarbloh is pekhend? 2)he said there is no diffrent between sarbloh n steel 3)he said there is no use sitting pangat cause last time there were no chair n table? 4)he said whts the use of sarbloh karey if ur mind isnt pure? 5)some one told him to take amrit back but he said whts the use he didnt break it ? so im really confuse i need an artice y is sarbloh important ..wht to answer when ppl ask me this question..plz do help this morakh waheguroo ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh!
  14. wjkk wjkf..how can i save the kirtan??is tht possible??wjkk wjkf
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