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  1. Nice forum skin...cheers. The orginal one was good ...the last one (before this) sucked big time...and the current one..rocks.
  2. why is my account under moderation..CANT POST??

  3. Thanks a lot veere. Naam Ghumari Nanaka ...chari rahe din raat. Waheguru jio.
  4. Can some Gursikhs mention some names/locations of other Brahmgyanis located in the Punjab area.
  5. people like Inder singh are best to be ignored Dal Singh. They are lost in their own implications and will actually have NOTHING the way they want....they can keep posting befaltu bakwaas on forums..as this should be this..that should be that .THE SANNTS know A TADD BIT MORE ABOUT SIKHI THAN YOU The Brahmgyanis, whenever approached ask you to go and do ardaas to the Guru ji, because all around them is the parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. They never tell you to go read charitropakhiyan or Dasam Granth ji. The loving bani of Jaap Sahib is well in everyones Nitnem and every Gursikh chants it with love....that is not even IN QUESTION....but to elevate your stupidity by saying ena da parkash ethe hone chahida uthe hona chahida....dont utter such blashphemy and weigh down your soul... .. The Guru's decided everything.... BEEE CLEAR...tere kaen nal the sannts are not gonna change their Guru. No wonder your/such dumb arguments are deleted/banned on all other sites except here.
  6. wow....Post no.6 ..and 7..wow wow...beant kirpa on you jio... Im sure some ppl wont post their nitnem because they ve heard from their mentors or from someONE else that if they mention their nitnem's they will have difficulty maintaining them..... ..Je sachi Maharaj di kirpa hoi aa...taan darna kis gal da ji? I have a hard time doing 2 Jap ji sahibs a day...I do them one after the other..but from the past few days have gone down to 1 .
  7. Kyon bai ji...are you a self proclaimed Guru that we would follow you....lol I Know who I have to follow. Now, you can go on following whom you want. ...Rofl..your choice of words is hillarious...As per normal understanding, that line was at the end of my post..stating whatever I had to say and ending with .."I am GOING to stay away"...samjheya???..chal rehnde The SANNTS say it, the Brahmgyani's say it. The Bhagats say it. Maharaj ji. Still...Main galat..tusin theek....Jaari Rakho...Jaari Rakho.
  8. Seriously speaking. I thought the admins of sikhsangat were much smarter....sigh....debating over the genuineness of Dasam Granth ji sahib over and over again...man. Finish understanding SGGS ji first...and just one lifetime isnt enough for it. If you wanna add your own philosophy and relate Khalsa with Dasam Granth Sahib ji in your own melody of twisted words....even after the Tenth Pita himself bowed down before SGGS ji and Sheikh Fareed ji and Bhagat Prahlad ji and Bahagat Namdev ji and Bhagat Kabir ji and gave Gurgaddi to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.....then you are still wandering. Dal Singh :thumbs up: put it across best...this is so not right what you all are doing. Accusations and accusations.....take a deep look withIN yourselves. I am going to stay away from these foolish arguments.
  9. All with their own views....and we are sure of nothing. Bottomline: Every question would be best answered by a Sant, Brahmgyaani, Saadhu. Rest all are unsure predicaments.
  10. Jap Har Har


    Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
  11. I dont know how Anurag Sagar is related to Sikhism, and I do not know how it helped you to understand SGGS ji, Valli veer. The main reason I requested the link to AS was because I liked how you described free will and everything being under the One Lord Gods hands. How our small human brain would perceive that it can do whatever it wants, when actually the whole play is being controlled by the creator. Kal, Alakh Niranjan, Dharam Rai, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma are all bad/evil as per AS...., but the Sants and Brahmgyanis respect all../..forms of vishnu..Krishna, Raam. Would they not treat them differently if their spiritual knowledge matched with whats written in AS. So...I think it would be better if AS is left aside and Gursikhs spend more time with SGGS ji. I read all the 3 parts of AS, except the Future one....around 250-300 pages....a lot of unanswered conflicting information. Also Kal, Dharam Rai, as you say is undergoing a fitting punishment by being cast out and still treating the souls so badly, by punishing them and looping them in re incarnation, however, does AKal Purkh not have control over everything. He is the creator of Kal and hence knows and controls Kal itself..."Keeri tul na hovni je tis manoo na veesrai"..then how can any thing at all be out of Maharaj's hukam. I think you agree with me on this. We just cant have the answers by merely reading some writings. True Love has to be formed with the Lord, like the Sants, Brahmgyanis. All the answers are found then, not before. The truth is revealed. He Himself is revealed by HIS own will. Whenever he chooses for that to happen. Its all Maharaj's Kirpa. He knows what each of his created soul deserves. Which is why we have our Guru Granth Sahib ji to guide us. Also in the bani it says, Dharam rai/raj also sits at your door and sings your praises. I have 100 other points that I can bring up from the bani which would not relate to whats written in AS. But I just dont want to get into that, we would be fools arguing, who actually no nothing at all. I think AS would confuse an average sikh even more, we have all that we need to know in SGGS ji itself, then why look outside.
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