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  1. do you know that posture, that yoga people do? i think its called the lotus pose. Where they cross their legs like over one another. Well when you sit like that, its much more comfortable, and there is less strain on your legs. But there is more starin on your gluteus maximus lol. But that pain is easier to handle. The only thing you have get more flexible to do it first, but its worth it than the conventional way of sitting down crossed legged.
  2. cool theres a singh in mma now? thats pretty cool. And he won by RNC too? Thats super cool. lol imagine him in the UFC against GSP or someone. Then the whole world would know who Sikhs are.
  3. No, i am saying that signing this petition will make things worse. Because Gordon Brown works for the New World Order, their mission is to take over the entire world. Any problems you give them, they will pretend to help, but really they will make things worse. I did offer an alternative, i said to ask God. Since you are supposed to be his servant, im sure you can talk to him. Why would he not want to help? after all the things he does for us? Besides if people are put off listening to me, well God gave you consciousness. You have the ability to decide for yourselves, weigh up the choices. Don't be a slave to any one person. Think for yourselves. Will signing a petition do any good? Because it is easy for anyone to start a petition and to sign it. But real power to help comes from God. And you will just know intuitivly what to do. But that kind of power takes real dedication, that is why i cannot help. The people of the world don't need wordly help. They need spiritual help. Not many people are able to give this support. Just think anyway how could our government, help to resolve all those issues mentioned in the original post? How can they cure drug addicts? Banning the substances won't help, look at the rest of the world. People still do drugs. Guruji can cure the drug addict. And how can they cure HIV? there is no medicine for it. But the naam is a true medicine .How can they stop people being depressed? When true happiness comes from God? And how can you give people freedom of speech? when we don't even have it over here? They arrest us when we talk to the truth, and they don't like it. But it is God who frees us from all bonds. You are under the illusion that the government is here to serve the people. Do you actually beleive this? Do you really think they care? They want to own us. Signing this petition just makes more people slaves to the new world order. I don't know what else you can do to help. But God is here for us, he has blessed us with anxiety, now this will just make us stronger, and strive for good, and eliminate all evil. This is beyond worldly matters. The government know nothing of spirituality, find another way.
  4. your topic probably got locked, cus this guy has been discussed before. You can search previous threads. Yeah we all know, he is a weirdo, with dodgy stuff. Just ignore him, he is just confused.
  5. Our true reality is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. NOT a human trying to have a spiritual experience. We are a spirit first, the human body is our vehicle. Therefore all individuality is all in the mind. That is religions, culture and the rest of it. The human is what we are in now, however we all have an atma that is who we really are. But Guruji knows that in reality, there are no differences between us. Guruji tells us we are all one, the human race is one. That is why the Gurughars are open to everyone, because in reality we are all still apart of God. There are no differences. Religion doesn't matter to God, that is just our own individuality. But the truth is only 1. Sikhi is not a religion, it is when you are following the truth. e.g. You may call yourself a Christian, but if you happen to jap nam, read Gurbani which people from many other religions do, you are following sikhi. You may not call yourself a sikh, but you are still following sikhi. Sikhi is beyond religion. That is why anybody can go to a "sikh place of worship" Because Siri Guru Granth Sahib was made for for all of existance. Not just for one particular brand. That is why i beleive we cannot call sikhi a religion. The koraan was made for muslims, the bible made for christians. But Guruji is for our soul. That is why there are not many sikhs on the planet. As you can't endoctrinate it upon people. You have to decide for yourself in your conscience if you want to follow the way. If Gurudwaras were only for the "sikh religion" that would be hypocrisy as that would be labelling ourselves as a separate type of people. But we are all made from the same 1 God. We are all his creation. Therefore multiculturalism does not in reality exist. There is only 1 true dharam. maya is an illusion. Our differences are just all in the mind. That is why some people are racist, while others are not, there are many opinions but the truth only remains One. We are all a part of Waheguru, that is our true reality. It is the sense of individuality that keeps us seperated from God. It is like the saying "if you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all" Because if you are seeing individuality, that is just the human experience of maya. But in essence we need to be spiritual, experiencing God. the point is does multiculturalism work? well multiculturalism doesn't exist
  6. no offence to anybody. But i don't think they are going to care, signing the petition or not. Gordon Brown will most likely be pleased upon hearing whats happening. His goal is global governence after all. And you can hear him talking about this all the time. Just have to type on on youtube gordon brown calls for global governence, and you can see him whining on about. When hearing this news, he will take advantage of this situation, and act like our saviours but really they will just enslave us. They will claim they are here to help us, but they will then after say we are indebted to them. We got to sort out our own problems by ourselves. Unfortunetly i am not a sikh, so i can't help. But still how can manmukh help manmukhs(i.e gordon brown). We should call upon God to see what he tells us. Im sure he is not going to say, "oh you need to go to Gordon Brown, he has the power to save the world"
  7. we should have multi cultural society, that way they can all see sikhs, sikhi can spread. Then everybody will become sikhs eventually. If nobody saw a sikh, they would not even know sikhi existed perhaps. Waheguru has made everyone differently, it is impossible to be the same as everybody else even if you tried.
  8. life will be much more fun, when you are living on the edge. And when it is much more simple. People in World wars 1 and 2 said they enjoyed it living with rations and stuff. They said it was much more healthier lifestyle. And that they enjoyed working. That was the people who stayed at home anyway. You feel so free, when you do not have to worry about checking emails, catching your favourite tv show. You just don't care, live for the moment. Everyone all of a sudden becomes so nice and generous, people put aside their stupid egos and differences and everyone helps everyone. Your "survival mode" turns on. And this is when people jap nam the most. People always say, oh you have got it easy. You have mobile phones, you can go to the tap for water. But this sucks compared to working hard for a living. When you actually have to go out and get your own food. Rather than buying it from the shops and supermarket. You look at tribes and clans who live in the jungles. They have no electronics, yet they enjoy life as much if not more than the rest of us. Scientists even been saying, we don't use our brains are shrinking compared to our ancestors, simply because we do not use it as much. WE just live as robots, controlled by our technology. But Guruji already gave us the perfect technology. If electricity fails i will be so happy. Our bodies become so pathetic now, we can get so cold easily. Humans in the past had no central heating, we are just destroying ourselves. I hope there is a world war 3, then only those under God's protection will survive.
  9. lol Al Gore claims he invented the internet. He is just part of the NWO, and he has been exposed. They use to call it global warming, now they call it "climate change" They are hyppocrites. There is climate change happening, but man isn't causing it. They just want to tax you. They put taxes on CO2. But remember, what do we breathe out? They are charging us for breathing. They create a problem, then they act as your saviours, but it is all a load of bullcrap. Earth's temperature has been known to fluctuate, it never did remain the same. While im not saying, we shouldn't try to be more green. WE should help the environment and stuff. Save the trees, recycle and things, however the reason some parts of the world are warming up and not all of it, some parts are actually cooling, is because it is all natural to do with the sun. Man hardly has any impact on Earth's climate. They are using it as fraud. How is taxes even gonna save the planet anyway? They don't care. In 2012 there are going to be some violent solar storms. Do you really think God would let humans mess up his creation anyway. He will destroy it when he so wills. We can't do jack. Here is what they like to do to people at copenhagen, they don't care about world peace, or saving the planet.
  10. why do Sikhs need a secret service? when the Sikh's master The Guru, knows everything.
  11. so what can we do to make sure we stay alive? i can't die yet, i haven't lived yet.
  12. probably best this doesn't come out. Why pretend to play as a pretend sikh, when you can be a real one?
  13. i never heard of babbu man, he can't be that great. Is he a politician? Or is he a famous chef?
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