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  1. http://www.tribuneindia.com/mobi/news/punjab/politics/akali-dera-pact-irks-sikh-leaders/358793.html Arun Sharma Tribune News Service Ropar, February 2 The support of Dera Sacha Sauda to the SAD-BJP alliance followed by several SAD leaders’ decision to facilitate ‘satsangs’ of controversial dera head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in the state seems to have boomeranged for the government. People across party lines, including those in the ruling party and various religious leaders, have condemned it and said that Sikhs were feeling hurt and Akal Takht must summon SAD leaders
  2. http://www.tribuneindia.com/mobi/news/punjab/sacha-sauda-backs-sad-bjp/358336.html Parvesh Sharma Tribune News Service Sangrur, Febraury 1 Sirsa-based Dera Sacha Sauda has decided to support the SAD-BJP ruling alliance in the state Assembly elections. The decision was announced late last night. The dera had openly supported the Congress in 2007. Ram Karn Insan, member, political wing of the dera, said: “We never impose our will on devotees and always go by their wish. This time, the sangat wants to support the SAD-BJP.” “The dera followers have unanimously decided
  3. Check the link below, there are 22 days left to listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07v7z30 - Deepa Singh (about mixed marriage protests and his new song - 'Nashe') from 01:34:05 - Sunny Hundal phones in later on at 01:44:15 with his usual anti-Sikh nonsense. Says that Gay Marriages (between Amritdharis) should be allowed in a gurdwara !!!
  4. No Sikh/Punjabi parent is ever happy that their treacherous, selfish offspring do these mixed marriages but they have no choice. They are bullied and emotionally blackmailed......they know that these bigoted liberals are so intolerant that they will not stop until they force their views on their parents. In effect what happens is that the parents are forcibly converted to this way of thinking. The reason they want an anand karaj is to regain some respect and legitimise this shameful alliance.
  5. You've hit the nail on the head. The arguments made about the sanctity of the Anand Karaj are totally valid, but the crux of the argument is whether our community wants to survive or not. If Sikhs want to survive then mixed marriages must be stopped. It is ironic that the pro mixed-marriage brigade claim to be tolerant but are so full of self-hate/loathing that they can't tolerate their OWN community surviving !!!!
  6. Where did they learn this depraved logic from ? That is exactly the response a western feminist would give......if men can do something stupid then why can't I ?....just to prove a point. If some sikh boys dated (which is absolutely wrong), then why not look at those who didn't date and copy them ? In the past not one Sikh bibi said "my husband drinks, so I am going to drink as-well", because they realised that even though it is wrong for a man to do it is even worse for the woman because of the responsibility they have as the mother and pillar of the household. The reason we are getting the
  7. Pehlvan


    Maybe, although is the shop still there ? If true, then he might have passed it on to his son.
  8. Obviously the type of feminism I am talking about is western feminism which has caused the destruction of family values....what Guru Sahib taught is very different to this. Absolutely, women have been honoured in Sikhi as mothers......it is due to them that we are all here today. Sikh women in the past were selfless, responsible, dedicated to their families, loyal and of high character. Unfortunately by following western feminism many Sikh girls have created problems such as dating (something that would have been considered totally disgraceful in the past), marrying out of religion, caring mo
  9. Exactly, Sikhs today fail to realise that Guru Sahib did not advocate this western form of so-called "equality". Feminism is evil; it has destroyed family values and is responsible for a lot of the problems we are having today.
  10. Pehlvan


    Gurdial Singh and sons in Jallandhar produce excellent instruments. Dr Gurnam Singh and many Namdharis get their instruments from them. A forum poster talked about his experience of ordering a dilruba through Dr Gurnam Singh: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/70049-getting-a-dilruba-or-taus-of-tundhun-wood-from-india/ An article about Gurdial Singh: http://sikhchic.com/columnists/the_melody_maker_of_jalandhar_gurdial_singh
  11. Giving this traitor red-carpet treatment shows how much our community have fallen. This is truly a sad day for us. Dr Amarjit Singh makes some good points about this in the following video. He talks about Bobby Jindal who converted to Christianity and how Hindus don't generally acknowledge him because he is a bad role model for them...but we have fallen even lower than them. The treacherous Badals invited her to their house for a cultural program and called her a daughter of Punjab and her husband a son-in-law of Punjab ! If having a relationship outside of marriage, dragging her father's
  12. Re-read my posts and try and understand the bigger picture. I've given you proof time and time and again but you don't want to accept because you are an apologist for EDL chavs. I have watched SIKH AWARENESS SOCIETY, good work by Bhai Mohan Singh Ji....who is not a supporter of the EDL by the way. Again, I expect you to ignore this. My solution is to make our community strong by instilling family values and bring back some of the culture/values that we have lost. Make ourselves strong enough so that we don't get so desperate that we beg chavs to protect us or (in India) feel we have to align
  13. My faith is not weak, and nor was that of my forefathers....who never tolerated insults to their religion. This, unfortunately, is a recent thing which started with the insulting of Christianity in this country which has cause a lot of problems for the British people. Sad to see that you support it. The only crybaby is you. You can't take it when someone points the facts about EDL. It's not about being afraid....you asked how the EDL are racist I showed you, and now you can't take it. I'm not worried about anything. How terribly sad that you tolerate insults to your faith....maybe because
  14. Sounds like a weak response to me.........a recipe to invite someone to insult you. Sikhism is unaffected but if we are not willing to defend it, then that does not inspire confidence in others of our faith. I think most civilised people can see when the intent is to insult. Insulting a religion in order to provoke a response is VERY extreme. Not terrified at all, but aware of what is happening and who the sort of people are who support the EDL. I'm not saying them disagreeing with Sikhs is worse than grooming; you are not understanding the context of my posts or the point I am making, I
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