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  1. I was asked this question in regards to 1984 & Bhindrawale by someone. "The main reason behind Dharam Yudh Morcha was Anandpur Resolution(1973). 1) What did Bhindrawale managed to achieve before 84 or what was achieved for the Panth after 84 carnage/genocides(Darbar Sahib/Delhi etc.) ? 2) What were the positive outcomes? " (negatives: attack on Darbar Sahib, genocide of Sikhs, Sikh discrimination before 1984 turned to outright oppression after 84) Can someone knowledgeable provide factual inputs? Thanks
  2. hez saying be a weasel in life. cause honest people are always at the receiving end from their from their foes/circumstances in life etc.
  3. Because we are not attached to NAAM. Anything devoid of NAAM is Maya. Simple.
  4. Ahmadiyya are not even considered Muslims among Sunni and Shia. Even in Pakistan, thy are banned from calling themselves as Muslims. Primarily, due to Ahmadiyyah's heretical belief that Muhhammad wasn't the last seal of Prophets & Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908) was the Mahdi. No muslim country in the world accepts this denomination to begin with.
  5. The above pangtee refer to "Hari Jan". Before you jump the gun in defending Santa Sio as "Hari Jan", understand who exactly SatGuroo has called a a "Hari Jan" : ਆਠ ਪਹਰ ਜਨੁ ਹਰਿ ਹਰਿ ਜਪੈ ॥ ਹਰਿ ਕਾ ਭਗਤੁ ਪ੍ਰਗਟ ਨਹੀ ਛਪੈ ॥ Hari Jan jaaps naam 24/7 Hari Jan never hides If Santa Sio (as Jatheydaar..and as what his followers call him as "panth patshah"- so called) was truly a Hari Jan with 24/7 naam kamae, its unlikely any force in the world could have made him bend to Indhira. Secondly, as Jathedaar of guru ki fauj, we don't know where he was during and after when Sri Darbar Sahib was under attack. Many Sikhs turned their back on the Panth in 1984, but Santa Sio as not only remained dormant. He betrayed panth by bowing to Indhira . What does Gurbani say of a person like this? ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਸੰਕਟਵੈ ਸੇਵਕੁ ਭਜੈ ॥ If the servant runs away when his master(Satguroo) is in trouble, ਚਿਰੰਕਾਲ ਨ ਜੀਵੈ ਦੋਊ ਕੁਲ ਲਜੈ ॥੧॥ he will not have a long life, and he brings shame to all his family. ||1|| Santa Sio's jivan in panth ended when Panth declared him as tankhaiya. There is no sin in his ninda , neither was a "Hari Jan" in anyway.
  6. Nothing you have to say above is unknown to soojhvaan Singhs in Punjab. GOI intel agencies systematically work to flare-up key differences among various jatheybandees, they know what issues to play to pit Sikhs against each other. The most easiest are actually sampardaic related factions in Punjab, given that how volatile their rationale is. (low level of tolerance for minor differences with others)ing Another thing is, when some one becomes a prominent figure in the Panthic scene in Punjab. GOI intel works to turn them into their agent, naturally offer loads of $$$ . Chanakya 101: know the difference among your enemies, exploit it & make them fight. Let them exhaust each other. A prominent politician Singh in Punjab who I know, himself was approached by GOI intel agents and told me the above strategies GOI intel has in place.
  7. Its not an over exaggeration to say Santa Sio was a GOI sold out. Taking money from Indira to rebuild Akal Takht was treachery with Khalsa Panth. Tainted his name forever. Panth went through immense tribulations during and after 84, role of Budha Dal as "fouj" of the panth was very much dormant.
  8. 1.None of the denominations you have mentioned have similar maryada or nitnem to start with. Let alone for us to even consider their lineage traces back to Guru Gobind Singh's time. 2. When people claim their lineage goes back to GUru Gobind Singh sahib himself starting them like how Taksal or Budha Dal does. To such extent that both claim "we" were trace back to Baba Deep Singh jee. Then conclusive historical evidence matters, because both lay claim authority & legitimacy in their narratives, maryada, interpretation of Gurmat in many key area. Evidence matters because in nihangs, what mainstream Sikh see as Kurehit(e.g. meat, intoxicants(marijuana)) have been normalized. Even interpretation of Gurbani is twisted to suit their narrative & bias. Problem definition/Conclusion: These lineage claims are merely oral claims without any substantive conclusive evidence.
  9. Is there any conclusive evidence of this claim?
  10. If you read Gurbani carefully, gurmat wants us to rise above dukh sukh of in all phases life. (practically only intense naam abhiyaas is what can make us numb to the ups and downs of life). If you have done sangat of soojvaan gursikhs. You will realize the shabads sung in keertan to SatGuroo are usually always related to the occasion. In sadness, praising vahiguroo and accepting his bhana and in happiness thanking him etc.
  11. Gurbani by atleast 3 of the Bhagats in bold and underlined above exist within Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee, from the time of Guru Arjan Dev when the 1st beerh was scribed. Meaning, these bhagat were already in sachkhand. Prove that Bhagats who were already in sachkhand by Dasmesh Jee's time, had to be reborn!
  12. i dont even know what you are talking about. The fact you too spew hate. Just proves what I said in earlier as a valid and proved hypothesis within this thread.
  13. Regarding your accusation on me as a 'missionary'. I am actually pro- Dasam Bani & consider missionaries as nindaks of Satguroo. Missionaries being nindaks of Naam & Gurbani have been cursed in various places in gurbani. Why hate people who whom SatGuroo himself has cursed due to their deeds? If anything, you just demonstrated how hate fueled viciously slanderous modern day taksalis are. Nor do you see any shame of accusing other Sikhs of heresy without evidence. When you release hate out to the world, you are unlikely receive any love from others either. Then Taksalis like you wonder in threads like this. "Why people dont like us?" Seriously
  14. Having seen it with my own eyes over the years. Taksalis in general, if not all are always occupied with maryada controversies. Then there is hate for other who do mool mantar till Gurparsad/'shorter rehraas' or those who follow a different maryada than theirs. What I find most disturbing is the "hate" modern day taksalis harbor in their heart for other Sikhs who maybe different from them in 1 way another. AND think there is nothing wrong with it. Just look at the way AJNALA(video) is spewing foul language on others in this thread. What is the point of fighting the whole panth about mool mantar? when even "NIRVAIR" from mool mantar doesnt even sink into your heart ? Being a Taksalan yourself. Just look at the language you used in the last sentence. You have the "US vs. them/the others mentality" . Just pause for a second. and >REFLECT< --------------------------- I wasnt born into a Gursikh family. When I learnt about sikhi, i was mostly around taksalis. Nothing fascinated me about Sikhi. If I look at the taksalis i have got to know in my life. Nothing in them, inspires me to be a better Sikh. Its when I left Taksali circles , its when I realized what Gurmat Naam was through dya of Satguroo. Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj became my reason to want to be a Sikh, not any group.
  15. 1.The question center of the discussion of this thread was the authenticity of the bir here in question.It was alleged to be from Guru Sahib's time. Presence of Kachi Bani proves it cannot be based on the content of the saroop itself. 2. You seem to make excuses that "its ok" to have kachi bani in saroop of SGGS or dropped into the middle of Gurbani since you view it as you call it "exegetical ". My honest opinion on this opinion, you need to re-examined your faith when it comes to Gurbani itself. If you have any confusion, then 24th pauree of Anand Sahib makes it clear: ਸਤਿਗੁਰੂ ਬਿਨਾ ਹੋਰ ਕਚੀ ਹੈ ਬਾਣੀ ॥ ਬਾਣੀ ਤ ਕਚੀ ਸਤਿਗੁਰੂ ਬਾਝਹੁ ਹੋਰ ਕਚੀ ਬਾਣੀ ॥ ਕਹਦੇ ਕਚੇ ਸੁਣਦੇ ਕਚੇ ਕਚੀ ਆਖਿ ਵਖਾਣੀ ॥ ਹਰਿ ਹਰਿ ਨਿਤ ਕਰਹਿ ਰਸਨਾ ਕਹਿਆ ਕਛੂ ਨ ਜਾਣੀ ॥ ਚਿਤੁ ਜਿਨ ਕਾ ਹਿਰਿ ਲਇਆ ਮਾਇਆ ਬੋਲਨਿ ਪਏ ਰਵਾਣੀ ॥ ਕਹੈ ਨਾਨਕੁ ਸਤਿਗੁਰੂ ਬਾਝਹੁ ਹੋਰ ਕਚੀ ਬਾਣੀ ॥੨੪॥ in the 3rd line, Guru Sahib tell us those who recite or listen kachi bani are ਕਚੇ . What to talk about those who advocate the acceptance of exegetical into Gurbani/SGGS itself? 4. Your whole post is devoid of any factual evidence in light of gurmat or crystallized evidence. Ones sikhi shouldnt be based on ones blind allegiance to ones group/leanings. Other than that, there isnt much credible substance to much of what you have said nor anything conclusive. Mostly periphery talk, am sorry to say. 5. If you are of opinion that there are no puratan saroops without Raagmala exist, I suggest you pick up the book called Mundhavani by Gyani Gurdit Singh and see the pictorial evidences he has documented.
  16. Veer jeo, I had a chance to read through the page you posted. Below is my observation: While this saroop is puratan, without a doubt.The question is, is it from Satguru's time? Sorry to burst your bubble on this. As marked above before Raagmala comes Kachi Bani Ratanmala(marked in black) & Hakikat Rah Mukaam Raje Shiv Nabh Ki(marked in red). If as per your claim this saroop was prepared by or during SatGuru Gobind Singh Jee's time. Why would Satguroo include kachi bani? Conclusion: Claims attached to this saroop are not authentic
  17. when i read such thread and read the type of mentality people have here along with the deravaad competition ongoing 1 thing is for sure, this generation has lost the plot.
  18. punjabis, they dislike gurmat & dont want to raise daughters to have gurmat asools , to have a firm character and honor, and avoid senseless free mixing with men that lead to flirtations when Pakistani boys pick their characterless daughters, they blame everything and everyone but themselves #Stupid
  19. 1.I didnt get your point in being snobish, phen jeo. Where I was coming from was give practical advice based on Gurbani & life experience. Gurbani is evidence. Its SatGuroo's voice to a Sikh. 2. I have seen good singhs who have careers and love Guru Sahib much. That they do not eat any food daily wihout doing darshan of SatGuroo Jee daily. I have seen these very same singhs, being tired and falling asleep during their 2 hour naam abhiyaas at amrit wela. Meaning surtee slacking from Naam. Can they be blamed? because their work lifestyle is taking a toll on them? Perhaps you have more keerpa. Do ardass for the likes of us then. Cause we are in need of it. For Naam to keep churning 24/7 one needs a proper amritwela(not affected by tiredness). Saying that "one can train their mind", is houmei.
  20. while your ideas sound very logical. I saw none of it supported by Gurbani. Do you work? Current modern day working lifestyle is genuinely incompatible with those who want to engage Naam Abhiyaas. I speak from experience. The norm of being over worked and underpaid in modern day capatalist enviroment is something you have yet to endure. Lets not even talk about the bad sangat vibe. 24/7 naam abhiyaas doesnt come easy to all either.
  21. Is there any evidence on this, or people are just getting excited on some fake rumor by a cheap tabloid for no reason?
  22. that is the most PECULIAR thing I have heard so far in year 2015
  23. When NEO cant provide straight answers on his deviant views, then he uses trickery of distraction to "other issues". You were the one advocating an Amrit Dhari marrying a 'sehajdhari'. You were asked to prove its permissibility as per Gurmat, but you couldn't. Period.
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