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  1. Journalist JARNAIL SIKH , whom I consider the one of the boldest Sikh present in India at this moment (he create a storm by throwing a shoe at the Home Minister) His better-half too wears a Keski Wahegurki ka Khalsa , Wahegurji ki Fateh
  2. thanks for the info , but I am yet to figure out the correct FONT NAME . . I do simple copy-paste method
  3. KDeepSingh ji , Wahegurji ka Khalsa ,Wahegurji ki Fateh thanks for the meaning of this Vaar. Where did you get the meaning from ? I spent 30 mins today morning searching for it ! Wahegurji ka Khalsa , Wahegurji ki Fateh
  4. I am just taking a guess , will some tool like Flash Maker work ? I have seen some super-cool Flash Files in our Gurdwara , I believe one veer had made them using some kind of Flash Maker.
  5. wahegurji ka khalsa , wahegurji ki fateh veerjio , you can check out this site http://www.gurukhoj.com ( formerly Sikh Nation ) I have order from Sikh Nation , book was delivered to me in a couple of weeks. They are located somewhere in UK I believe. They are doing great Sewa. BTW , they deliver all around the globe. wahegurji ka khalsa , wahegurji ki fateh
  6. no chance . . . and i believe it should remain this way .
  7. CONGRATS for the booking !
  8. do you have a Citi bank card ? or an American Express Card , I think either of these should work . . . If this does not work let me know , I will help you locally . wahegurji ka khalsa , wahegurji ki fateh
  9. LOL , u need to Google for TATA NANO , the Rs 1,00,000 ( 1 Lac) car On a serious note , really Punjab people & politicos need to pull their socks up and strive for development . . Punjab is years behind ( or probably even a generation behind) other states in India
  10. You can book train tickets online at Indian Railways official booking website http://www.irctc.co.in/ You need to register on this website and then proceed to payment via Credit Card , Credit Card needs to be verified by Visa / Master Card . Choose the option of "e-ticket" , after ticket conformation you can print the ticket . But keep in mind , trains in North India mostly travel late , so plan you schedule accordingly ! ! You may also book tickets from Local Travel Agents. They charge us ( Indians ) 2% extra for Card payments , they might make you'll (NRIs) shell out 5% more for Card Payment ! ! Wahegurji ka Khalsa ,Wahegurji ki Fateh
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