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  1. Baba Wadbhag Singh Akali Nihang was born in Indonesia and now lives in Australia. 6 beautiful tracks can be found here: click here
  2. Photographs from the opening can be found here: http://g5sikhmedia.com/photographs.html Tomorrow's program info: click here
  3. The new G5 Sikh Media website is now back online! www.g5sikhmedia.co.uk :D :D
  4. Sorry ji, we have been having technical difficulties, hopefully will be sorted in the next day or 2 *Update: Due to a technical error, the website will be offline for alot longer until this problem has been fixed.
  5. new website www.g5sikhmedia.com

  6. Photos from Slough Nagar Kirtan can be found here: http://www.g5sikhmedia.com/photo.html
  7. All Photographs can be found here: http://g5sikhmedia.com/photo.html
  8. Latest Reply from George Galloway's office 07th April "Dear Baljinder, My name is Rob Hoveman, one of George Galloway's staff. I attended the briefing meeting last week. I will send you a longer email asap but I am having to rush off to a meeting about a serious local assault that recently took place. When I email later or tomorrow morning, I will give you all the information I am permitted to provide. Although this may not explain all of the lack of communication of which you complain, the police did make a very strong case that they could not divulge details of their enquiries for fear of compromising the investigation and thereby reducing the chances of catching anyculprit, and also of jeopardising any possible future prosecution.Defence barristers will be very quick to cite grounds for dismissal ifinformation which could compromise the court's impartiality were to get into the public domain. I appreciate this is extremely frustrating for the members of the Gurdwara and the wider Sikh Community but the case was made very powerfully that limiting public information was an absolute necessity for both reasons. It was also clear to me that the police had giventhe investigation a very high priority and the briefing itself was conducted by the most senior police officer in Tower Hamlets, the borough commander. This would not have been the case were the case not being given the highest priority. I will email later or tomorrow morning as time permits. With best wishes, Rob" http://www.neverforgetbow09.co.uk
  9. Pass on this link: Official Website http://neverforgetbow09.co.uk New photographs of INSIDE the Gurdwara!
  10. Excellent! Look forward to the iPhone release
  11. All 4 excellent talks from this event can be found here: http://g5sikhmedia.com/audio.html
  12. Audio from this event can be found here: http://g5sikhmedia.com/audio.html
  13. Gurfateh! There are a quite few AKJ tracks on here: http://g5sikhmedia.com/audio.html also the Simran Programme At Bebe Nanaki Gurdwara - Smethwick 08
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