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  1. if this is the level of scientific understanding in the panth today then i'm just not going to bother anymore. and no, no one asked for a scientific answer.
  2. who cares what religion they were? they're all hindustanis, so just teach 'em a lesson.
  3. slander is when you say something untrue about someone.........which i didnt do. and lol, nice try at being a psychiatrist. shame it isnt true though, otherwise i might have thought you had some intelligence behind your logic and conclusions. oh well. toodle-do sweetheart! :happy: what!?! so now your saying Guru ji doesnt like tractors and wants us to use our hands?!?!?! dont tell the pendus or we'll have more riots in the punjab.
  4. yeah i'm also glad the british travelled all that way just to kill tens of thousands of our ancestors and make others have control of the panth's destiny. :rolleyes: before the first anglo-sikh war, a british commandeer (Harding, if i remember correctly), said: 'if we seperate the sikhs from their guru, they will be easily beaten and forever in our control'. now that phrase is as true today as it was back then. by keeping us away from our heritage, they are keeping us from our Guru ji. but at the same time, if they give the stuff back, what is to say they havent changed it? god knows what th
  5. No it doesnt. please show me where in gurbani it states that having an opinion and twisting worldly facts or using biased sources as reasons for it is the right thing to do. if not eating meat is part of Guru ji's rehat, then why are people like singstah creating threads like this? surely the fact that its part of Guru ji's rehat is justification enough, and doesnt need little 'pious' pets to try and give evidence for it. i think trying to justify Guru Ji with our own thoughts and ideas is beadbi - especially if the person doing it is a bit thick as they are trying to tarnish our Guru ji wit
  6. and their handler was a complete *******. 'leave your phone on', he said, so he could hear the fighting. what a loser.
  7. yeah i'm watching it on ch4+1 and it just gets more harrowing. what are they trying to achieve? for every act like this they make the rest of us less likely to understand what they fight for. what a waste of life.
  8. those terrorists were complete scum. that kid at the beginning lost half his family at the railway station, and then it turns out he was muslim just like the terrorists! punjabi musis are complete nutjobs. what the hell is wrong with them? i hope none of them get any ideas and try to do the same in britain.
  9. oh lol, i see what you did there. the admin cut the quote, and then you respond. what an asswhistle.
  10. someone who has a set of beliefs and uses any piece of rubbish evidence to support it. at the same time they ignore any evidence (no matter how good) that contradicts their beliefs. lack of argument? the fact you quoted a piece of junk science shows your level of scientific understanding. tell me, can you make clothes with just your hands? no? so we are meant to walk around naked now? get a brain. as far as i know its impossible for humans to fly without using materials or equipment that are not part of the human body. so well done for just contradicting yourself so quickly. lol,
  11. the whole world?!?!?!? the whole bloody world?!?!?!?!?!? is that it?!?!?! in an existence that consists of planets upon planets, solar sytem after solar system, galaxy upon galaxy, (and possibly universes upon universes) i think the khalsa will eventually rule all mortal existence. and true gursikhs will be part of the immortal! right, now i'm off to build a star destroyer. :cool:
  12. brat? lol, you are so funny. no one else on here is going on about what i said as they understand what i meant, but you're so stupid you keep chasing it like a dog after a stick. lol keep chasing. when are you going to stop threatening me and start explaining? FYI your comment: "some id1ots say the SGGS ji is all they need in life......... i imagine most of that life will be spent inside a bedroom then." I am waiting HSD. Please explain your slanderous comment about Sri Guru Granth sahib jee and those who have total faith in Gurbani. Inder singh - STOP being a BULLY. Gur maneo Sri
  13. explain what? my comment isnt exactly worthy of its own encyclopedia page, just a little sense or intelligence is needed to actually grasp what it means. unless of course you have spent most of your life locked up in a bedroom or basement, in which case i can completely understand why you are embarrassing yourself by asking stupid questions. its is pretty funny how you misinterpreted it in your posts earlier and made yourself look like a complete lunatic. well done.
  14. HSD*^


    i heard argentina is a great place to be at this time of year.
  15. That's only if they choose to be, you can't force them to and no one should be forced either. The only reason they wouldn't want to be Sikhs is if the Sikhs they meet act like 1diots. lol, we cant please everyone. there is no such thing as 'the only reason' in this: some people just dont like sikhi, and its pretty naive to think that anyone can be converted.
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