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  1. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sikhi-Events/570050406339988 to keep up to date about sikhi related events in the uk please join that page and please share on ur fb - safe - wjkk wjkf
  2. we had to stop the sikh unit and all projects we were involved with, we have a fb were we are curently posting memories of the movement and summarising everything we stood for other then that we are done bro , we done our part , we all have familes and are old now , too much repsonsibility so had to close down all our projects, but we try and do abit of awareness, as education of our community is the best way forward, knowledge is power, prevention is better then cure bro. sorry - rab rakka waheguru. Sikhs are reactive while all the enemies of sikhs are proactive, thsi is the main reason we a
  3. singhrow was set up to bridge the gap between street youth and gursikhi with guru jis kirpa, we have had a real busy year - doing street outreach work, camps and 70 plus talks last year. so our music project has been neglected for a while - however the sikh unit team have been really busy and working hard for that real talk ....... they have a new album out 25th july and have recorded another album already which will launch soon after. the sikh unit website willl have a new look in a few days. they have dealt with overseas rappers tryna diss dem lol funny epidsode (minor tingz) oversea rappe
  4. the tune this singh did about dehli 1984 is tooo sick that was on repeat in my car for days man, really gets u emotional and dat! - i think his album shud be out soon, so make sure u get that
  5. well sikhsangat aint got marketing people hear about it from word of mouth, maybe poster etc in gurdwaras etc need to marketed
  6. We have updated our blog, with a new look lol but more important have have added a pack section with numerous packs, covering a range of topics. check them out and if you are interested in any just email us http://singhrowproductions.blogspot.com/2008/12/singrow-products-list-they-are-all-free.html
  7. u normally share with sumone, sumtimes u do get single cells, u can get veg food infact u get vegan food, no u cant have ur kirpan.
  8. Jail is a nasty place, and unfortunately some Sikhs do end up in jail, the Sikh services at prison are not that good. Jail is not an ideal place from a Gootka (Holy Scriptures). People smoke in prison, this in turn clings on to the Pages of the Gootka. In a prison war, enemies tend to target a persons religious beliefs to hurt them, the tearing up of Korans and bibles is a very common thing in prison. When you are moved from prison to prison you only get one massive plastic bag in which all your belongings have to go, this will include the gootka mixing with sock etc. Most of our youngsters w
  9. www.shaheedkhalsa.com is the best site for 84 shaheeds alot of deatil and nice pics
  10. Khalsa Warrior Way Of Life Pack - Gives a legitimate code of conduct that Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave his Sikhs (This pack is really useful and informative) this is ideal for those who are confused about certain issues. so please download, Khalsa Lifestyle.doc email us for our free dvd
  11. wjkk wjkf guys we have attached a word format , so download and use as you wish , safe wjkk wjkf Singhrow Productions Sikh Soc Guidelines.doc
  12. Singhrow Productions Sikh Soc Guidelines With the Kirpa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the help of the Sadhsangat, Singhrow managed to do 70 talks across the UK in Sikh societies. On our journey all our talkers gave us feedback on what made a successful society. We have talked to the more successful societies and the students to provide these guidelines. Before we start we will start with the reason some of the students did not attend their Sikh societies: They found them really boring - Long boring talks They found them too militant , i.e. they felt people looked down on them The
  13. wjkk wjkf singhrow sevadars have spent all this year talking to kids at camps and uni, colleges and schools and explained to them why guru ji told us to avoid the sins of mean and alcohol, things like this will just confuse them badly, they will start saying that the gurdwara allows it, so why u telling us the opposite, obviously we can use gurbani to win any argument or debate, but for the little childern growing up in a gurdwara which has a party hall the bad habits they get from that sangat will be hard to break at these type of halls associated with a gurdwara legitimise these sinful corr
  14. Introduction In today's fast moving society, in a country away from the origin of our roots; our youth are growing up with an identity crisis, most refer to the current generation as "the lost generation". One of the main factors is the acceptance of drugs as a part of their life. The Sikh Gurus have always condemned drugs for intoxication and pleasure as they mess up ones intellect and heath. We ran a survey across UK asking many children from the ages of 13 to 18 from a wide range of schools and colleges if they have ever experimented with any intoxicating substances. Our survey showed us t
  15. in search of the true guru by bhai rama singh deffo,
  16. you taking it totally out of context and to another level, shaheed bhai sukha and jinda had hair cuts they knew they could not penetrate tyrannical forces with kesh, so they didnt keep kesh until jail. in dehli roits mothers cut their childern hair to save them, dressed em up as girls, some of the kids are now men and have grown up to get justice. alot of sikhs did cut their hair in the movement as a disguise they used to say that if we can sacrifice our whole body for the panth, then kesh is apart of that body. Again it aint right but they took paap on themself for the protection of the panth
  17. thats the bit im confused about, is it ryt to do something against sikhi for sikhi? lol if u get me? and yh i myt aswell b lol its never justified to do paap in a perfect world, but sometimes you have to, if sukha and jinda didnt do the bank robbery which supplied money for defensive startergies, alot more sikh women wud have been raped and killed, but due to the money they bought protection for famillies. sometimes u just got to take paap on urself to help others, if a singhs killed a rapist and he was hiding in ur house, would u not lie to cover him up? or when the police came would you t
  18. lol u acting like they said swearing is right lol have u heard the intro, they taking the paap on themselves so it between them and dharam raaj, lol relax man, it dont effect ur jeevan. so no need to be busting out shabads, only needed to do that if they said it was right. not every sikh has a high jeevan, to not feel hunger, how many singhs in baba deep singh ji battle fought without a head. how many poeple apart from bahi mani singh got cut up pieces to pieces. we have to be practical, not in fantasy world. real gursikhs do have power, the guru is here now, how many sikhs would be able to g
  19. i knw sikh unit , they are against chatka (for taste of tounge and eating of meat) etc too, but in survival times when leaves ran out, sikhs did do chatka and eat the animals that were dead to survive to defend gurdwaras and save sikh women, this is a fact , the singhs took the paap on themselves to save thier sisters honour etc, You cant diss them gursikhs. the album dont say chatka etc is right it uses it as an example on how people take paap on themselves for greater good, listen properly b4 u comment. Sri guru gobind singh ji was god on earth, they can do what they want to do they have pow
  20. thanks for your opinion, sikh unit go to brixton, hackney , newham etc and chat to panjabi boys who drug deal, rob , and are violent criminals etc, alot of them youth have stopped living them lives due these cd,z etc. If you got ideas etc feel free paji go to these areas and do some parchaar, on the streets the softy softy approach dont work, you will get laughed at even abused depending on the group of people u come across. the normal sikhi scence is very naieve and there is a big gap between mona and monis and practising sikhs, singhrow has the aim to build these brigdes what ever it takes.
  21. Poetically Explains the Harsh realities of life for alot of urban sikh-panjabi youth living in the uK. Papus stay away might have an heart attack lol download it for free at , www.sikhunit.co.uk to obtain a free cd for ur car please email us at singhrowproductions@hotmail.com from our feedback, these mixtapes have inspired alot of poeple to read up on sikhi etc, so please forward to ur drug dealing or gang banging cousins. as the tunes are done by x gang members and drug dealers the production , flow everyting is very tight on this album
  22. Press Release by Killa I am not going to talk much, because I am going to let the album do the talking and entertain the Fans. In the past albums I have held back on some dark secrets from my life, but in this album I have opened my heart a bit more. I have spent a lot of years of my life on the streets and I share my experience of what I have seen and describe the harsh realities of today’s world in a poetic form. As the world heads for destruction and doom, the light of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji eases the pain of many Sikhs of the world. But there is so much disrespect of Sri Guru Granth
  23. omg soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo deeeeeepppppppp burn on cd and give out to local sangat the mans says it stright to the point wid logic
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